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nissan note genuine

4 3 5 6 2 1_front lip finisher oppama orange 89 2_16” alloy wheel arrow diamond cut oppama orange 80 3_mirror caps oppama orange 86 4_roof spoiler oppama orange 87 5_door handle covers oppama orange 83 84 6_trunk lower finisher oppama orange 90 on the cover note in pearl white accessorised with tokyo black mirror caps with turn lamps 39 front and rear tokyo black door handle covers 36 37 tokyo black roof spoiler 40 tokyo black front lip finisher 42 16” alloy wheel arrow tokyo black 33

1 7_16” alloy wheel arrow tokyo black 33 2 3 center caps alloy wheels 4 1_15” standard alloy 5 1_tokyo black34 2_16” standard alloy 122 6 2_beijing chrome49 121 3_lockable wheel nuts 125 3_oppama orange81 4_15” alloy wheel track tokyo black 32 4_yokohama purple 5_15” alloy wheel track diamond cut atsugi grey 106 65 5_detroit red01 6_15” alloy wheel track silver 123 6_london white17 1 2 8_16” alloy wheel arrow diamond cut atsugi grey 107 9_16” alloy wheel arrow silver 124 10_16” alloy wheel arrow diamond cut london white 16 11_16” alloy wheel arrow diamond cut oppama orange 80 12_16” alloy wheel arrow diamond cut yokohama purple 64 4 3 standard wheels 7 8 6 track wheels 9 arrow wheels 5 10 11 12 arrow

1 1 1 2 5 design your own colour scheme for note with nissan design studio show your style with a creative base shade or express your unique personality with an exclusive shade available only through your nissan dealership 3 6 7 imag e 4 m issin g 8 1 interior inserts oppama orange 92 5_interior inserts speaker rings london white 28 29 2_speaker rings oppama orange 6_interior inserts speaker rings yokohama purple 76 77 3_gear knob tokyo black 93 47 7_interior inserts speaker rings tokyo black 45 46 4_velours mats with colored logo 8_interior inserts speaker rings nashville carbon 104 105 and stitching set of 4 9_interior inserts speaker rings detroit red 12 13 15 31 48 79 94 120

creative line detroit red london white 3 4 tokyo black 5 exclusive line beijing chrome 1 1_front lip finisher beijing chrome 58 yokohama purple 2 2_15” alloy wheel track diamond cut atsugi grey 106 3_mirror caps beijing chrome 54 4_door handle covers beijing chrome 51 52 oppama orange 5_trunk handle finisher beijing chrome 56 in addition to your chrome touch shine with the brilliant accessories in the sport pack 6_bumper upper protection 131 7_sport pedals kit 141 8_entry guards brushed aluminium 137 6 7 8 nashville carbon astugi

shape your own storage we all have different baggage that’s why nissan has come up with a full range of parts to personalize your load space get equipped with nets liners partitions and mats for quick convenient packing and make life easier 2 1 led by nissan’s forward-thinking colour designers and parts modellers nissan design studio is the place to build the car of your dreams discover the karakuri board create separate compartments within seconds split the trunk in two for a small space behind the seats and a taller one at the tailgate or turn it into a shelf with hidden space below flexible practical clever 3 6 once you’ve selected your body shade the world is your oyster from accents and inserts to finishers and trims you’re invited to mix match combine and contrast an endless palette of possibilities to make note your own down to the very last stitch 4 1_karakuri board 155 2_hard trunk liner with partitioner 152 3_soft trunk liner 152 153 4_trunk net

boost your capacities are you a skier a snowboarder a cycling fanatic an actionloving family get note in shape for all your adventures with custom-designed load carriers and rise to every opportunity 1_load carrier steel black also available in aluminium and bike carrier x1 161 168 2_bike carrier towbar mounted available in 7 and 13 pins 177 1 2 1_load carrier steel black also available in aluminium and bike carrier x1 161 168 2 bike carrier towbar mounted available in 7 and 13 pins 177 3_load carrier steel black also available in aluminium and medium roof box also available in small and ranger sizes 161 172 4_load carrier steel black also available in aluminium and ski/snowboard carrier 3 pairs also available in 4 pairs for steel and aluminium load carrier and sliding 6 pairs for aluminium load carrier only 161 165 5 towbar available as fixed or removable with technical electrical kit available in 7 and 13 pins 174 176 3 4

customise your drive accessorise your cabin for maximum comfort and convenience and protect your extremities with practical options to suit all road and weather conditions at nissan nothing has been forgotten 1_illuminated ashtray 142 2_armrest with blue stitching 136 3_universal tablet holder 148 4_smartphone holder 360 grip white 145 5_textile standard mats black 157 6_textile velours mats black 159 7_rubber mats 156 1 8_first aid kit 183 2 4 2 1 3 1_wind deflectors front and rear 132 2_body side mouldings 130 3_foglamp set 127 4_15” alloy wheel track silver 123 5_front parking system 181 6_rear parking system 183 4 3 7_mudguards front and rear 133 134 6 5 7 6 8 5

ordering information ordering information detroit red yokohama purple 32 15’’ alloy wheel track and center cap ke409-3v000bz 64 16” alloy wheel arrow diamond cut and center cap ke605-1k051rd 33 16” alloy wheel arrow and center cap ke409-3v100bz 65 center cap 03 door handle cover with i-key front ke605-1k052rd 34 center cap 04 door handle cover rear ke605-1k053rd 35 door handle cover without i-key front 05 mirror caps without turn lamp ke960-3v010rd 36 06 mirror caps with turn lamp ke960-3v000rd 37 07 roof spoiler ke615-3v000rd 08 premium pack front lip finisher and trunk lower finisher ke600-3v008rd 09 front lip finisher ke540-3v020rd 10 trunk lower finisher ke791-3v020rd 13 red speaker rings 14 gear knob 15 velours mats set of 4 red logo with red stitching ke600-3v100rd ke600-3v101rd ke340-1h00rsp ke745-3vvre 17 center cap 18 door handle cover without i-key front ke605-1k051wh 19 door handle cover with i-key front ke605-1k052wh 20 door handle cover rear

other wheels and accessories loadcarriers and accessories 121 15” standard alloy wheel d0300-3vu1a 161 122 16” standard alloy wheel d0300-3vu1b 162 load carrier aluminium t-track 123 15’’ alloy wheel track silver and center cap ke409-3v000 163 ski/snowboard carrier slidable up to 6 pairs only with load carrier aluminium t-track ke738-99996 124 16” alloy wheel arrow silver and center cap ke409-3v100 164 ski/snowboard carrier up to 4 pairs ke738-50002 125 lockable wheel nuts ke409-89951 165 ke738-50001 exterior styling 126 roof spoiler paintable ke615-3v000 127 ke622-3v000 fog lamp set 128 chromed fog lamp rings ke600-3v300 exterior utility 129 door handle protection 3/5 dr 2 pcs ke537-1ka00 130 body side mouldings ke760-3v020 131 bumper upper protection ke967-3vv30 132 wind deflectors set of 4 ke800-3v010 133 mudguards front set ke788-3v085 134 mudguards rear set ke788-3v086 135 armrest ke877-3v100 136 armrest with blue stitching ke877-3v1eb 137 entry

visit our website at follow nissan note on nissan ireland cedar house parkwest business park nangor road dublin 12 every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this publication is correct at the time of going to press january 2015 this brochure has been produced featuring prototype vehicles exhibited at motor shows in accordance with the company’s policy of continuously improving its products nissan international reserves the right to change at any time the specification and the vehicles described and shown in this publication nissan dealers will be informed of any such modifications as quickly as possible please check with your local nissan dealer to receive the most up-to-date information because of the limitations of the printing processes used the colours shown in this brochure may differ slightly from the actual colours of the paint and interior trim materials used all rights reserved reproduction in whole or part of this