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shape your own storage we all have different baggage that’s why nissan has come up with a full range of parts to personalize your load space get equipped with nets liners partitions and mats for quick convenient packing and make life easier 2 1 led by nissan’s forward-thinking colour designers and parts modellers nissan design studio is the place to build the car of your dreams discover the karakuri board create separate compartments within seconds split the trunk in two for a small space behind the seats and a taller one at the tailgate or turn it into a shelf with hidden space below flexible practical clever 3 6 once you’ve selected your body shade the world is your oyster from accents and inserts to finishers and trims you’re invited to mix match combine and contrast an endless palette of possibilities to make note your own down to the very last stitch 4 1_karakuri board 155 2_hard trunk liner with partitioner 152 3_soft trunk liner 152 153 4_trunk net storage horizontal 154 5_tonneau cover storage 150 6_trunk mat black 160 7_hatch partitioner 151 1 5 7