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low cost of ownership nv200 makes good business sense designed for low total cost of ownership from the outset nv200’s robust construction durable reliable materials and minimal everyday running costs make it a long-term asset and it comes with a 5 year  160,000 km warranty to prove it gear change indicator when the engine reaches the ideal revs to change up an indicator shows the ideal timing to change gear in the multifunctional display this helps you drive more economically keeping you informed nv200 is equipped with a multifunctional display with onboard trip computer that provides all the information you need to help you drive economically it shows you engine revs average and real time fuel consumption and your remaining range with the rear view camera the display switches to a full colour picture of what’s behind you the moment you select reverse gear hard to break simpler to repair nv200 is tough to handle the demands of hard work and to keep you well protected outside its rigid central structure are effective energy absorbing zones that dissipate impact forces though strong they’re also easy to repair.