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nv200 fridge depending on local market availability satisfy your appetite with the new nv200 refrigerated conversion tailor-made for the rigorous demands of the catering business its two types of cooling units meet the highest standards of technical excellence and can refrigerate to 0°c or to ‑10°c – and still leave you 2.2m3 of pure load space it can be equipped with modulable shelves aluminium baseboards and intermediate reinforced or waterproof flooring with its compact silhouette and unbeatable agility nv200 makes cool work out of all fresh deliveries insulated cell specifications data value weight of cell 149 kg insulated cell volume 2.2 m3 max interior height 1152 mm max interior width 1239 mm max interior length 1736 mm wheel arch 1078 mm sliding door 1013 mm x 686 mm rear door h x l 1061 mm x 1069 mm