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pick your player the nissan nv400 is the ideal workmate strong capable resourceful and reliable the nv400 is built to suit your business need available in several different versions and offering numerous options to meet the needs of your trade it promises a long and fruitful partnership at low running costs choose a panel van dropside tipper box or crew van and benefit from a large and practical load space a comfortable and spacious cab a highly efficient engine and lots of helpful technology sturdy and resistant with multiple capacities nv400 will drive you to

create the perfect match unbeatable potential nv400 offers one of the widest ranges in the lcv market a choice of wheelbase length and height payload engines front or rear wheel drive plus body conversions provides all the possibilities you need to create your perfect

7 8 5 1 assistant dashboard compartment 2 large refrigerated glove compartment with capacity for two 2-litre bottles 3 clipboard holder for a4 pads 4 bottles up to 2 litres are within easy reach in the door pockets 5 double overhead parcel shelf 6 coins phone and credit card holder 6 7 dual split underseat storage compartment 8 cup and can holder additional lower storage requires air

front or rear wheel drive best for your business nv400 gives you the choice of front or rear wheel drivetrains across a variety of body styles front wheel drive front wheel drive nv400 has a low chassis height making loading especially easy and liberating more space for improved efficiency low kerb weight contributes to better fuel economy

comprehensive safety features active and passive nv400 has many active safety features built in to help you stay fully in control predictable handling and road holding have been designed in from the outset and there’s the additional support of abs ebd electronic brake distribution and brake assist the advanced electronic stability program includes hill start assist trailer swing assist and traction control to ensure the driver is always in control tyre pressure monitoring system is standard on nv400 combi versions in addition to the strong and rigid cab with steel bulkhead you’re protected by the effective passive safety features of a driver’s airbag and optional passenger and side airbags esp electronic stability program helps detect and automatically correct skids by sensitively braking individual wheels a load detection system compensates for the weight of your cargo abs anti-lock brakes help you retain steering control in emergency braking driver and passenger

1 2 3 5 4 6 1 locking differential 6 driver’s side meshed bulkhead 2 power take-off from engine and gearbox 7 full steel bulkhead with glazed panel 3 towbar with ball and socket joint 8 digital tachograph 4 rear step 9 270° opening rear doors 5 full steel bulkhead 8

dropside based on a robust chassis the nv400 dropside combines a low loading height with fold-down side panels to make light work of even its maximum 4.5 ton gross vehicle weight easy all-round access to the load space makes it easier to handle large heavy loads while a choice of single or double cab 2/3 seats or 6/7 seats further extends its versatility payload and dimensions front wheel drive fwd single cab l2 srt double cab l3 srt l2 srt l3 srt 3.5t max payload kg 1419 1348 max weight on front rear axle kg 1262 1850 2100 braked unbraked trailer capacity kg l3 2500 750 3230 3170 cargo length ext int mm 3900 3840 2480 2420 cargo width mm 2100 cargo height mm 400 1225 l2 1191 1244 3.5t max payload kg 1219 1185 max weight on front rear axle kg 1850 2300 braked unbraked trailer capacity kg 2500 750 cargo length ext int mm 3230 3170 3900 3840 l2 drt 1225 l2 l3 drt l4 drt 3.5t 4.5t 3.5t 4.5t 3.5t 4.5t 1129 2129 1085 2080 1000 1995 1850 2620 1850 3200 1850 2620 1850

1 protection grill 2 rear view camera 3 flanged towbar with tek 7 or 13 pins and with hook and ball also available with coupling hook or coupling jaw pin ball 4 seat covers in leatherette also available in fabric 5 mudguards 6 textile or rubber mats 7 cross bars 1 8 roof rack and walkway 9 ladder 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

front wheel drive panel van front wheel drive nv400 delivers what your business needs greater efficiency a lower kerb weight helps improve fuel economy reducing your running costs the low frame height makes loading easier and means there’s more space inside for a bigger payload it’s the van that gives you more but demands less weights and loads h3 h2 max payload kg 3.5t 948 1443 1638 l1h2 8.6 max weight on front rear axle 920 1415 1610 1850 1650 1850 2100 1850 2100 braked unbraked trailer capacity h1 l1h1 2307 3.3t 7.8 l1h2 2500 l2h2 2499 l3h2 2488 2.8t l1h1 l2h2 2749 l3h3 2744 max cargo volume m3 2500 750 max payload kg max cargo volume m3 3.3t 3.5t l1 l2h2 10.3 1371 1566 l2h3 11.7 1335 1525 1850 2100 1850 2100 max weight on front rear axle braked unbraked trailer capacity l2 2500 750 max cargo volume m3 max payload kg l3h2 12.5 1485 l3h3 14.1 l3 1024 3182 1024 1024 3682 5548 4332 6198 3.5t 1445 max weight on front rear axle 1850 2100 braked unbraked

colours ice white s z09 lemon yellow s z53 orange s z48 cherry red s z52 deep blue s z51 myosotis blue s z39 volga blue s rnq star grey m knh blue grey m j47 black m z11 s solid m metallic trims dark grey standard and entry grades wheels large wheel covers blue grey standard with convenience

visit our website at www.nissan.ie/vehicle/nv400 follow nissan lcv on dealer stamp 5 year 100,000 miles whatever comes first manufacturer warranty every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this publication is correct at the time of going to press april 2017 this brochure has been produced featuring prototype vehicles exhibited at motor shows in accordance with the company’s policy of continuously improving its products nissan international reserves the right to change at any time the specification and the vehicles described and shown in this publication nissan dealers will be informed of any such modifications as quickly as possible please check with your local nissan dealer to receive the most up-to-date information because of the limitations of the printing processes used the colours shown in this brochure may differ slightly from the actual colours of the paint and interior trim materials used all rights reserved reproduction in whole or part of this