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nissan pulsar genuine accessories 1sjou

combine define refine…invent your own look for pulsar with the nissan design studio creative line simply choose your base colour and then add accents inserts and finishers in a strong-but-subtle creative shade or an eye-catching exclusive shade like new oppama orange be inspired by nissan’s ingenious colour designers and parts modellers and create the car of your dreams exclusive line london white tokyo black for pulsar beijing chrome oppama orange 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 5 1_mirror caps oppama orange 42 2_door handle covers oppama orange 43 3_side sills oppama orange 41 4_front lip finisher oppama orange 46 5_18 alloy wheel himalaya diamond cut oppama orange 39 6_trunk handle oppama orange 45 7_trunk lower finisher oppama orange 47 8_rear bumper insert oppama orange 48 on the cover pulsar in red accessorised with beijing chrome mirror caps 30 beijing chrome door handle covers 31 beijing chrome side sills 29 beijing chrome front lip finishers 34 and 17 alloy wheel bold silver

style pack strike a contrast with a stylish pack of mirror caps and side sills in smart london white sophisticated tokyo black brilliant oppama orange or shiny beijing chrome – and boldly highlight with 17 silver alloy wheels for pulsar premium pack give your pulsar a premium edge with deluxe finishers for the front lip lower trunk and rear bumper in tokyo black london white oppama orange or beijing chrome and underline with diamond cut alloy wheels in atsugi grey 1 1 2 2 3 creative line 3 london white creative line london white tokyo black beijing chrome oppama orange tokyo black exclusive line exclusive line beijing chrome oppama orange 1_trunk lower finisher beijing chrome 35 2_rear bumper insert beijing chrome 36 3_17 alloy wheel bold diamond cut atsugi grey 57 4_front lip finisher beijing chrome 34 5_rear bumper insert beijing chrome 36 6_trunk lower finisher beijing chrome 35 1_mirror caps london white 19 2_side sills london white 18 3_17 alloy wheel bold silver 56

alloy wheels 1_16 standard alloy 52 2_17 standard alloy 53 3_16 alloy wheel sharp silver 54 4_16 alloy wheel niseko silver 55 5_17 alloy wheel bold silver 56 6_17 alloy wheel bold diamond cut atsugi grey 57 7_17 alloy wheel bold diamond cut tokyo black 01 1 centre caps 2 3 1_oppama orange 40 2_tokyo black 04 3_london white 17 alloy wheels roll out your designer finish on bespoke alloy wheels with matching or contrasting centre caps choose between 3  different sizes 5 different designs and a wealth of colour combinations 1 2 standard wheels 3 sharp wheel 8_18 alloy wheel himalaya diamond cut london white 16 9_18 alloy wheel himalaya diamond cut tokyo black 03 10_18 alloy wheel himalaya diamond cut oppama orange 39 11_18 alloy wheel himalaya tokyo black 02 12_lockable wheel nuts 58 4 niseko for pulsar 5 wheel 6 7 bold wheels 12 8 himalaya wheels 9 10 11 himalaya wheels 1sjou

protection boost your resistance and prevent wear and tear with nissan genuine accessories opt for colour-coordinated body side mouldings and matching mats and keep out the dirt with mudguards entry guards and even a dog guard for ultimate comfort and protection add an auto-folding mirror and front rear parking sensors too 1_wind deflectors front and rear set 75 2_auto folding mirror 76 3_body side mouldings white silver grey black also available in paintable version 68 71 4_16 alloy wheel sharp silver 54 5_mud guards front and rear 74 6_exhaust finisher 59 7_sport pedals kit 79 1 8_trunk mat 104 9_dog guard 85 10_soft trunk liner and rear bumper upper protection 96 72 11_entry guard 78 12_textile mats velour oppama orange set of 4 49 tokyo black set of 4 13 london white set of 4 26 standard black set of 4 102 rubber set of 4 101 13_front and rear parking sensors 83 84 2 3 8 9 10 11 4 5 12 13 5 6 7 1sjou

take off enjoy the great outdoors with nissan genuine bike ski and load carriers pulsar is your ticket shark antenna 61 loadcarrier aluminium 105 bike carrier luxury 106 towbar mounted bicycle carrier available for 2 bikes 13 and 7 pins and for 3 bikes 7 pins 110 5 roof box medium size also available in small size 132 6 ski/snowboard carrier up to 6 pairs slidable also available up to 4 pairs and up to 3 pairs versions 109 1 2 3 4 1 4 2 3 5 6 1sjou

pulsar personalised kit out your car to suit your needs and lifestyle from a smartphone or tablet holder to a cool box position as well as all your basic safety equipment there’s something for every occasion 1 3 1_smartphone holder 88 2_cool box 95 3_illuminated ashtray 94 4_universal tablet holder 92 5_coat hanger 86 6_safety pack 136 6 2 4 5 1sjou

ordering information ordering information wheels forpu lsar tokyo black 01 17 alloy wheel bold tokyo black and center cap ke409-3z200bz 29 side sills set of 4 02 18 alloy himalaya tokyo black and center cap ke409-3z300bz 30 mirror caps set of 2 ke960-3z000cr 03 18 alloy wheel himalaya diamond cut tokyo black and center cap 31 door handle covers front w/o i-key set of 2 ke605-4e254cr center cap x1 ke409-3z300b1 05 side sills set of 4 ke605-3z020bk 06 mirror caps set of 2 ke960-3z030bk 07 08 09 door handle covers front w/o i-key set of 2 door handle covers front w i-key set of 2 trunk handle 10 front lip finisher ke610-3z52d trunk lower finisher ke791-3z52d 12 rear bumper insert ke545-3z57d velours mats set of 4 single black stitching rhd 14 style pack side sills mirror caps 15 premium pack front lip finisher rear bumper insert trunk lower finisher ke755-3z02b ke600-3z005bk ke600-3z40d london white 16 18 alloy wheel himalaya diamond cut london white and center cap 17

towing 121 tek 13 pins ke505-3z213 122 tek 7 pins ke505-3z207 123 tek additional power supply ke505-3z999 124 towbar fixed ke500-3z500 125 towbar removable ke500-3z510 126 tek adapter 7pin to 13pin ke505-89941 127 tek adapter 13pin to 7pin ke505-89951 128 tek adapter long 13pin to 7pin 12s ke505-89961 129 ttrack adaptor for bike carrier ke737-99931 130 ttrack alu adaptor for ski carrier 3 4 pairs ke737-99932 roof boxes capacity length width height weight max load 131 roof box small black 380l/1600800400mm/13kg/75kg 132 roof box medium black 480l/1900800400mm/15kg/75kg 133 roof box ranger black 340l/1100800400mm/15kg/75kg ke734-380bk ke734-480bk ke734-ran90 safety/security 134 first aid kit hard plastic box ke930-00021 135 first aid kit soft bag ke930-00026 136 safety pack ke930-00028 137 safety pack triangle x2 ke930-00029 138 safety jacket x1 ke930-00111 139 warning triangle ke930-00017 140 warning triangle x2 ke930-00018 service plan nissan service plan is the easiest way to