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right on the nose in drive the display gives you both a front and overhead view so you know just how far to pull up – without going too far complete the picture spare your wheels located under your driver’s side mirror this camera helps round out your virtual 360° bird’s-eye view whether you’re in drive or reverse in drive or reverse you can push the camera button to switch out the overhead for a side view a great help for seeing how close you are to the curb see more around you background savvy a whole new perspective in reverse the display helps you see what’s directly behind you while the overhead view helps with smaller objects that might be hidden below your window parking and manoeuvring is a breeze when you’ve got an extra pair of eyes the nissan intelligent around-view monitor uses four cameras to give you a virtual bird’s-eye view of your qashqai with selectable split-scene close-ups of the front rear and kerbside to give you an even better look you’ll be sure to fit into your chosen spot and every move you make will be simpler and more precise exterior design interior design technology performance interior space nissan intelligent mobility style accessories page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 print close