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what if your car knew when you were cornering and how to react to your commands that’s the kind of intuitive response we’ve engineered into every x-trail so you can enter any situation with more confidence and exit with a big grin intuitive 4wd with x-trail’s all-mode 4x4-i you’ve got a system that’s capable on-road and off you can choose full-time 2wd for maximum efficiency auto mode constantly monitors conditions and adjusts the balance of power between front and rear wheels for best traction challenging conditions 4wd lock mode is your choice active engine braking whether you’re slowing for a corner or coming to a stop this system uses the xtronic transmission to apply engine braking – much like shifting to a lower gear in traditional transmissions – to help give smoother deceleration and a more confident feel when braking active trace control a turn for the better this innovative technology helps improve control when you take a corner it reads the cornering situation and if needed can brake each wheel individually to help you steer through the turn with confidence active ride control fear no bump with active ride control x-trail can automatically apply braking and adjust engine torque after you hit a bump to smooth out your ride hill start assist up up and away hill start assist helps prevent rollback when starting and driving away on an incline.