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play video fear no parking space with pathfinder®’s amazing aroundview® monitor!1 click the button to see more at bit.ly/pathfinderavm15 right on the nose in drive the display gives you both a front and overhead view so you know just how far to pull up ­– without going too far complete the picture spare your wheels located under your driver’s side mirror this camera helps round out your virtual 360° bird’seye view whether you’re in drive or reverse.3 in drive or reverse you can push the camera button to switch out the overhead for a side view a great help for seeing how close you are to the curb nissan around view® monitor1 it’s got your back and the rest of you too what if parallel parking was easier a rearview monitor is great when backing up – but when it comes to parking it’s nice to see more than just what’s directly behind you that’s why pathfinder® offers a class-exclusive around view® monitor.1 2 four cameras give you a virtual 360º bird’s-eye view of your vehicle with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front rear and curbside views so you can get a better look.3 and new for 2015 rear cross traffic alert helps keep an eye around the rear of your pathfinder® and can warn you about moving vehicles detected in your vicinity.4  parking aid/convenience feature cannot completely eliminate blind spots may not detect every object and does not warn of moving objects always check surroundings and turn to look behind you before moving vehicle  ward’s large cross/utility market segmentation 2015 pathfinder ® vs 2015 and 2014 large cross utility class 3 v irtual composite 360º view 4 n ot a substitute for proper backing procedures may not detect all moving vehicles speed and other limitations apply see owner’s manual for details 1 2 no more bumper cars in reverse the display helps you see what’s directly behind you while the overhead view helps with shorter objects otherwise hidden below your window.