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play video 3.5 v6 260 240 5,000 click the button to see how does nissan’s cvt transmission keep you in the sweet spot go to bit.ly/smoothcvt15 liter outstanding fuel economy with bestin-class standard towing – that’s one great catch.1 2 efficiency brought to you by the next-generation xtronic cvt.® with pathfinder®’s class-exclusive xtronic cvt® transmission,1 you have a virtually gearless wonder it can hold the engine at the ideal rpm for the job giving you a wave of power when you need it and running low rpm for quiet efficient cruising when you don’t proof how about an impressive 20 mpg city 23 mpg combined and 27 mpg highway.3 power courtesy of a 3.5-l v6 engine. seven on board a big beautiful boat in tow this is the stuff that tests what an suv is made of pathfinder® takes it on with 260 hp of 3.5-l v6 muscle and a cvt that knows the engine’s sweet spot for the power you need letting you tow up to 5,000 lbs.2 – the highest standard towing rating in its class.1 and if you tow frequently consider the available towing package see specifications ward’s large cross/utility market segmentation 2015 pathfinder® vs 2015 and 2014 large cross/utility class 2 see nissan towing guide and owner’s manual for proper use may require additional equipment 3 2015 epa fuel economy estimate of 20 city 27 highway and 23 combined mpg for 2015 pathfinder® 2wd actual mileage may vary with driving conditions – use for comparison purposes only cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution always secure all cargo heavy loading of the vehicle with cargo especially on the roof will affect the handling and stability of the vehicle 1  hp lb-ft torque lbs maximum towing 2