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300 261 30 hp when you aim for the stars you build a rocket power courtesy of a 3.5-l v6 engine. under the maxima®’s lb-ft torque mpg hwy1 hood beats the heart of nissan’s vq v6 engine this year the legendary v6 has been extensively refined and optimized even employing sodium-filled exhaust valves – technology borrowed from our gt-r® supercar from its microfinished forged crankshaft and anodized pistons to its high-flow tuned induction system this 300-hp powerhouse is designed to exhilarate from idle to redline response brought to you by the next-generation xtronic cvt.® completely re-engineered for both enthusiast and economist maxima®’s all-new cvt features dynamic step shifting wider gear ratio coverage and an adaptive shift controller the result more distinctive shift points a more connected spirited driving experience and increased fuel economy – up to 30 mpg highway.1 adrenaline on tap via sport mode. put the drive mode selector into sport and you’ll sharpen throttle response steering feel and transmission tuning for a pulse-raising ride the system even adjusts maxima®’s available active sound enhancement ase bringing in a more purposeful engine note into the cabin – music to any enthusiast’s ears nissan maxima® platinum shown in coulis red  2016 epa fuel economy estimate 30 mpg highway for 2016 nissan maxima.® actual mileage may vary with driving conditions – use for comparison only 1