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z the one the only ® a 7,500 rpm heartbeat the downshift perfected as long as there has been a z there has been a soulful 6-cylinder leading the way in this case the 4th generation of the vq v6 engine this 332-hp dynamo features advanced variable valve event and lift vvel technology that continuously tunes valve lift and timing for quicker response and a broader torque curve while optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions and while all this engineering may sound intriguing on paper the exhilaration is pure pulse-pounding magic a world’s first included on the sport models synchrorev match® technology – the first in any production car – monitors the 6-speed manual’s clutch pedal shift lever and vehicle speed as you shift to a lower gear the system will “blip” the throttle to the ideal engine rpm for a supremely smooth downshift as you let out the clutch the system also works when upshifting to give you a smooth flow of power when accelerating the driver first and foremost a perfect balance of confidence and control in a sports car every detail has to be right that’s why you’ll find the main gauges adjust with the steering column to help make sure you have a clear view the center console controls are located within easy reach and are easily identifiable by touch there’s even a uniquely bolstered driver’s seat for enhanced support featuring anti-slip material on the seat cushion to help hold you in place designed to conquer every corner the nissan 370z® starts with a low center of gravity and a short wheelbase for quick response bring it all together with an enthusiast’s wish list of high-performance componentry and you’ll find pure joy as the 370z elevates handling science into pure performance art inspiration comes standard.