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step up to more range than ever leaf® is all about progress now you can enjoy a larger standard battery with a longer range than ever before 107 up to mile range1 30 kwh battery your home dock will be your primary charging station but you’ve got options normal charge – 240-volt charging dock leaf s with quick charge package sv and sl charge in as little as 6 hours — perfect for an overnight charge that leaves you energized.2 quick charge – dc fast-charge station available quick charge port lets you reach 80 charge in about 30 minutes.2 do your shopping come back out and you’re good to go opportunity charge – 110/120-v cable every leaf comes with an opportunity-charge cable the slowest way to go but works in a pinch.3 public charge availability with approximately 30,000 public charging stations currently available we’re constantly working with government and private companies to expand private charging networks.4 download the free leaf ez-charge sm app to find a station near you.4 available in the itunes® and android® app stores 1 targeted 2017 epa range of 107 miles estimate for 2017 nissan leaf® based on nissan internal testing results subject to epa confirmation epa data of fuel economy estimates not available at time of publication actual mileage may vary with driving conditions — use for comparison only 2 approximate time charge times may vary depending on temperature age of battery quick charger used and other conditions quick charge charging networks are third party owned not within nissan’s control availability of charging stations not guaranteed 3 use only a 110–120 volt 15-amp dedicated outlet for charging 4 public charging networks are third party owned not within nissan’s control availability/accessibility of charging stations is not guaranteed ez-charge sm is a service mark of nrg ev services llc android® is a registered trademark of google inc itunes® is a registered trademark of apple inc all rights reserved quick charge normal charge