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mastery at every touchpoint handcrafted performance each gt-r® engine is assembled by a single craftsman – called “takumi” – renowned for their dedication and mastery and with only five takumi in the world entrusted with the honor the plaque on the engine bearing their name has true significance as one of the takumi says “we put our souls into each engine hoping to deliver that excitement to customers.” the gt-r’s interior is a masterful blend of premium materials from hand-stitching in the cabin to a dashboard pad created from a single hand-selected nappa leather hide subtle etching on the aluminum bezels enhance their feel while sport seats provide comfort and support creating an ideal place to take it all in 565 carbon-fiber interior accents apple carplay™ 1 .26cd rather than being confined by the demands of aero­dynamics the nissan gt-r sculpts the air to its needs – becoming a force of nature as much as a force to be reckoned with every aerodynamic detail was considered a 1 energy loss around the c-pillar was enough for the gt-r’s fanatical engineers to redesign the pillar to create a cleaner design machined aluminum interior accents staying connected is easy in the gt-r apple carplay™ and nissanconnect® put everything important to you on the 8 touch-screen display.1 horsepower aerodynamic alchemy hand-stitched leather-appointed interior trims a sharper focus on driving taking advantage of the capabilities of nissan gt-r requires your attention but it should never feel like information overload the gt-r’s intuitive dashboard design makes access and use simpler giving you more time to focus on what’s important – the pure enjoyment of the drive 5 customizable performance screens display commander media controller steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters