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Nissan Sentra Brochure

ONE BODY. TWO SOULS. Apparently, superheroes arenft the only ones blessed with an alter ego. Consider the 2006 Sentra. A model of style and decorum, it engages the driver with agile handling, a smooth ride, and a list of features and amenities that would appear to contradict its surprisingly modest price tag. But the contradictions donft end there. Because when in the form of the exhilarating Sentra SE-R, an entirely different personality emerges. One defined by a rev-hungry 165-hp engine, a fun-loving spirit and a feel thatfs aftermarket without the gafterh part. In fact, all itfs missing is a red cape. NISSAN SENTRA Sentra SE-R Spec V shown in Code Red. SHIFT_originality PRINTED EXCLUSIVELY FOR Mark

SENTRA FEATURES FOUR EXCEPTIONAL NISSAN SENTRAS TO CHOOSE FROM. 1.8 1.8 S SE-R SE-R SPEC V n Standard Optional AC Accessory SP Part of 1.8 S Sport Appearance Package SE Part of 1.8 S Special Edition Package SR Part of 1.8 S/SE-R/SE-R Spec V Sunroof Package C Part of 1.8 Convenience Package A1 Part of 1.8 S Audio Package A2 Part of SE-R/SE-R Spec V Audio Fanatic Package SA Part of Side-impact Air Bags and ABS Option 1 No satellite radio reception is available unless optional satellite receiver and antenna were purchased and installed and an XM R or SIRIUS TM satellite radio service subscription is active. Satellite radio option can only be installed in vehicles that were factory pre-wired for satellite radio. Satellite radio not available in Hawaii and Alaska. 2 Side-impact Air Bags and ABS option requires Audio Fanatic and Sunroof Packages. Not available with SE-R Spec V Brake Package. SE-R: SHADES OF ATTITUDE SE-R SPEC V: NO HOLDING BACK 1.8: A

C 1.8 CONVENIENCE PACKAGE Air conditioning AM/FM/CD audio system with auxiliary input jack Four speakers A1 1.8 S AUDIO PACKAGE 300-watt Rockford Fosgate-powered AM/FM/CD audio system and in-dash 6-CD changer Nine speakers (seven locations), including subwoofer Partial fold-down rear seat Automatic transmission models only. SP 1.8 S SPORT APPEARANCE PACKAGE 16" Aluminum-alloy wheels SE-R-style grille Fog lights and rear spoiler Sport seat cloth Leather-wrapped steering wheel Automatic transmission models only. SE 1.8 S SPECIAL EDITION PACKAGE This package includes 1.8 S Audio and 1.8 S Sport Appearance Packages contents plus Special Edition emblems. Automatic transmission models only. SR 1.8 S/SE-R/SE-R SPEC V SUNROOF PACKAGE Power sliding glass sunroof with tilt feature Dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors This package requires automatic transmission, Special Edition Package and Side-impact Air Bags and ABS option on 1.8 S. A2