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column strength machine screw jacks reference number system machine screw jacks machine screw jacks to use this chart find a point at which the maximum length “l” intersects the maximum load be sure the jack selected is above and to the right of that point if the lift shaft is in tension only the screw jack travel is limited by the available screw material or by the critical speed of the screw refer to the acme screw technical section for critical speed limitations if there is any possibility for the lift shaft to go into compression the application should be sized for sufficient column strength caution chart does not include a design factor mounting conditions 1,000,000 a 500,000 300,000 200,000 100.0–ton 75.0–ton 100,000 50.0–ton one end fixed one end free load lbs 30,000 20.0–ton 15.0–ton 20,000 10.0–ton 10,000 5.0–ton both ends supported by clevis ends one end by clevis end one by trunnion mount 2.5–ton 2.0–ton 3,000 2,000 1.0–ton 1,000 one end fixed one end supported clevis attached to guide structure 500 300 200 100 a 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 25 35 50 100 250 b 2 4 6 8 10 20 30 50 70 100 200 500 c 3 6 9 12 15 30 45 75 105 150 300 750 d 4 8 12 16 20 40 60 100 140 200 400 1000 “l” inches inch machine screw jack available lift screw lengths as a major manufacturer of industrial lead screws nook industries stocks a wide selection of acme screws nook industries has the capacity to make long acme screws for special applications rotating 68 l one end fixed one end supported radial bearing u upright i inverted ur upright rotating ir inverted rotating model 20-msj 20ab-msj 30-msj 30ab-msj 35-msj 35ab-msj 50-msj 50ab-msj 75-msj 75ab-msj 100-msj dc double clevis uk upright keyed ik inverted keyed f standard flange base c clevis base screw configuration translating u and i models t standard threaded end c clevis end p top plate rotating ur and ir models a travel nut position a b travel nut position b ur upright rotating l ir inverted rotating travel nuts shown in position a l gear ratio l shaft order code travel 10bt 1 l ccw position 1 3 5 7 cw position 2 4 6 8 ccw shaft l for translating screw models u and i use actual travel in inches for rotating screw models ur and ir use l dimension in inches modifier list order codes must include a position note both shaft extensions must be specified cw shaft e and/or b optional e in-line encoder motor or motor mount required b bellows boots see page 204-205 must calculate extend and retract length p nook tube sensor system pnp n nook tube sensor system npn s or m required s standard no additional description required m modified additional description required no accessory sse standard shaft extension position 1 or 2 000 delete shaft extension position 1 or 2 spc special modified shaft extension position 1 or 2 l motor mounts without motor position 1 or 2 used on 2.5 to 20 ton jacks see pages 180-181 motor mounts with motors position 1 or 2 used on 2.5 to 20 ton jacks see pages 180-181 184 d both ends fixed top plate attached to guided structure model 2ab-msj 2r-msj 2rab-msj 2.5-msj 2.5ab-msj 5-msj 5ab-msj 10-msj 10ab-msj 15-msj 15ab-msj refer to product pages for available ratios c mini jacks model mj-20 mj-25 mj-40 mj-50 mj-80 mj-100 mj-160 mj-200 1-msj 1ab-msj 2-msj configuration b 35.0–ton 30.0–ton housing configuration machine screw model the chart assumes proper jack alignment with no bending loads on the screw effects from side loading are not included in this chart jacks operating horizontally with long lift shafts can experience bending from the weight of the screw the chart below is used to determine the required jack size in applications where the lift shaft is loaded in compression 2.5-msj u 6:1 sse-1 2ca-4c ft 24.5 bs machine screw jacks column strength is the ability of the lift shaft to hold compressive loads without buckling with longer screw lengths column strength may be substantially lower than nominal jack capacity right angle reducers position 1 through 8 l screw jacks can be built with a larger diameter lift screw for greater column strength or a different lead to change the jack operating speed used on 2.5 to 20 ton jacks see pages 182-183 limit switches position 1 c or e through 8 c or e used on 2 to 100 ton jacks see pages 192-197 hand wheels used on mj to 20 ton jacks see page 185 counters used on mj to 20 ton jacks see page 199 online nook precision actuators the specifications and data in this publication are believed to be accurate and reliable however it is the responsibility of the product user to determine the suitability of nook industries products for a specific application while defective products will be replaced without charge if promptly returned no liability is assumed beyond such replacement 69