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p recisionscrewjackactu at o r s technical introduction 6-21 jack models 6-7 jack configurations 8-12 definitions and technical data 13-14 design considerations 15-17 application examples 18-21 ball screw jacks 22-61 ball screw jack technical information.24-31 technical data 32-61 machine screw jacks 62-97 technical information 64-69 technical data 70-97 stainless steel jacks 98-117 technical information 100-103 technical data 104-117 metric ball screw jacks 118-135 technical information 120-123 technical data 124-135 metric trapezoidal screw jacks 136-153 technical information 138-141 technical data 142-153 nook worm gear screw jacks are used in many military applications worm gear screw jacks cubic jacks 154-177 technical information 156-161 technical data 162-177 accessories 178-207 installation maintenance 208 4 nook precision actuators the specifications and data in this publication are believed to be accurate and reliable however it is the responsibility of the product user to determine the suitability of nook industries products for a specific application while defective products will be replaced without charge if promptly returned no liability is assumed beyond such replacement 5