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Nook Industries provides a complete line of linear motion products, serving a wide range of industries.

f type lead to f type lead 250 inch to 3 inch 5 inch to 4 inch stainless steel ball screw linear motion systems rack and pinion linear motion linear motion components systems precision linear bearings precision ball screws rack and pinion actuater self align ball bearing self aligning ball bearings self aligning ball bearing stainless steel balls anti backlash inch stainless steel ball 300 stainless steel balls finite element analysis stainless steel ball bearings self aligning ball bearings specifications stainless steel ball bearing 24 vdc to 110 vac miniature screws and nuts 800 rack and pinion 12 to 5 vdc dc dc applications of screw drives in lb to ft lb linear motion linear motion bearing motorized linear motion linear motion catalog linear motion mechanism flange linear motion ball bearing products with linear motion question of linear motion uses of linear motion activity in linear motion linear actuator linears actuator linear actuators linear shaft linear shafting linear cage ball linear slide linear slides linear bearings linear bearing linear ball spline pillow block linear ball bearings linear rail assembly linear guide 2 rollers motion control motion controller linear roller bearings linear guide rails

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screw products ball screw products nook precision ball screws are available in hundreds of different designs to meet virtually any performance criteria ball screws are cataloged by screw thread accuracy standard rolled precision rolled and ground ball nuts are offered in standard and preloaded designs metric ball screws type pmbs lead accuracy lead mm µm class max load kn diameter max length mm m dynamic static screw thread material precision rolled alloy 2 to 40 ±23 t5 t7 10 to 40 6 62.3 153 precision ground alloy 2 to 40 ±12 t3 10 to 40 3 62.3 153 4 m with lead documentation available inch ball screws type screw thread material lead in lead accuracy in/ft max load lb diameter in max length ft dynamic static srt standard rolled alloy or stainless 0.125 to 1.875 ±0.004 0.375 to 6.000 24 115,507 443,548 xpr precision rolled alloy 0.125 to 0.500 ±0.001 0.631 to 2.250 12 20,106 108,325 sgt ground alloy 0.125 to 0.500 ±0.0005 0.631 to 2.250 10 20,106 108,325 available in

screw jacks worm gear screw jacks nook offers a complete line of standard and custom engineered ball screw and machine screw actuators for applications from 1/4 ton up to 100 tons actuators can be used individually or in multiple jack arrangements for a larger mechanical system there are no standard travel lengths — each worm gear screw jack is built to specification configurations available include linear or rotary motion output upright or inverted double clevis keyed anti-rotation and anti-backlash inch worm gear screw jacks screw jack type gear ratio screw diameter in lead in max input hp capacity tons bsj ball screw 5:1 to 32:1 5/8 to 4 0.200 to 1.00 1/6 to 32 0.5 to 100 msj machine screw 5:1 to 32:1 3/4 to 6 0.100 to 0.667 1/8 to 32 1 to 100 ss-msj stainless steel 6:1 to 32:1 1 to 3-3/4 0.250 to 0.667 1/2 to 11 0.66 to 11.66 c-bsj cubic 5:1 to 20:1 5/8 to 3/4 0.100 to 0.500 1/6 to 1/2 0.66 to 11.66 c-msj cubic 5:1 to 20:1 5/8 to 3/4 0.100 to 0.500 1/6 to 1/2 0.66 to

rod style actuator products electric cylinders electric cylinders are ruggedly designed and produced in standard models with thrust capacities from 500 lbs to 40,000 lbs they are supplied in a single reduction double reduction or an in-line configurations electric cylinders are driven by acme screw and ball screws electric cylinders can be supplied for outdoor applications ila series rad series dd series type motor-cylinder configuration screw motor duty cycle thrust capacity lb dd right angle direct drive worm gear driven acme or ball screw ac dc stepper servo 25 500 to 11,000 rad reverse parallel with secondary worm gear reduction acme or ball screw ac dc stepper servo 25 1,000 to 40,000 ila direct coupling in-line motor ball screw ac dc stepper servo continuous 500 to 21,000 800.321.7800 7

rod style actuator products commercial series actuators nook offers a comprehensive line-up of actuator products to meet the diverse range of performance power and package requirements whether you need a parallel or in-line configuration ac or dc operation intermittent or continuous duty nook industries has the right actuation configuration to meet your design requirements pa ccâ„¢ rsa actuator series performance class duty cycle max stroke in max load lbs n cc high-performance ball or acme 12 90 vdc or 110 vac stepper 25 36 1,500 6,675 pa high-performance ball or acme stepper or servo continuous 24 1,000 4,450 rsa high-performance roller servo continuous 60 8,000 35,600 vmd3 general purpose acme 12/24 vdc 25 24 270 1,200 nd8 dc general purpose ball or acme 12/24 vdc 25 24 1,573 7,000 nia5 ac general purpose ball or acme 115 vac/60 hz or 230 vac/50 hz 25 24 1,573 7,000 screw vmd3â„¢ 800.321.7800 motor nd8 dc nia5 ac 8

modular actuator products modular actuators nook modular linear actuators are flexible positioning systems made of self-supporting and wear resistant aluminum profiles modular linear actuators can be used as a single axis solution or assembled for a multitude of gantry xy and xyz positioning duties including inspection pick-and-place assembly or dispensing applications nook modular linear actuators are fully assembled with either roller bearing profile rail or v-groove guidance and are driven by a belt ball screw acme screw or rack and pinion matched non-driven models are available for system guidance requirements over 35 models each with several available sizes meet the requirements of guidance load and speed for precision and commercial linear motion applications belt screw drive system guidance max thrust load n repeatability mm max length m screw v-guides rollers profile rail 12000 ±0.1 3 belt v-guides rollers profile rail 10400 ±0.1 unlimited rollers 2500 ±0.2 unlimited

linear motion systems automation technology and control nook automation technology and control atc products include stepper and optional servo motors drives controls and power supplies nook atc helps you size and select these components to suit your design requirements we can also match them with your nook screw assembly or actuator and deliver you a complete integrated motion control solution that meets your application’s size performance and control objectives nook atc saves time and effort with turnkey mechatronic solutions let us help you early in the design phase of your application put our experience and expertise to work for you our mechanical and electrical engineers can help you create the motion control solution that is right for your application your budget and your development time line nook atc provides your company with the level of value-added support that is right for you and your motion control system • assist with sizing and selection of required

guidance products profile rails and guides precision profile rail linear guide systems provide stable and efficient linear motion guidance under variable speeds and high load conditions the profile rail is offered in many sizes as well as caged ball technology profile size max speed mm m/sec preload opt m non-caged 15 to 65 2 yes 4 caged 15 to 55 10 yes 4 miniature 3 to 15 5 yes 1 drive system max length cross roller/ball rails and cross roller rail assemblies roller/ball diameter max stroke length mm mm cross roller rails 3 to 12 492 cross ball rails 3 to 12 496 block width mm max stroke length 30 to 100 335 drive system cross roller rail assembly ball splines ball splines are convenient and efficient devices that allow friction free linear motion while transmitting torque because of their reliability and high efficiency they are utilized to replace conventional splines in a ball spline assembly recirculating bearing balls carry the load between the rotating member inner race and the

guidance products round rail linear slide systems nook slide systems employ matched components that produce better system performance are easier to specify and order and reduce set-up and alignment time shaft diameter max length max load common features include 1/4” to 1-1/2” 6 ft 5,504 lb • unsupported end supported or fully supported • excel™ self-aligning pillow blocks • hrc 60 ground linear shafting • carriage plates select models • with or without acme or ball screw imperial or metric • motor mounts for driven units round rail linear shafting supports bearings and pillow blocks hardened and ground shafting is manufactured for use with precision linear bearings and other applications requiring an accurate round hardened shaft or guide rod all linear shafting can be machined by nook to any configuration shaft diameter max length 1/4 to 2” 20 ft 10 to 50 mm 6m common features include • solid shell lbb linear bearings

your resource for quality linear motion when you select nook industries as your supplier you are assured that your product will be designed built and tested to perform to your expectation pre-production activity includes understanding your performance price and delivery requirements from this engineering calculations predictive modeling prototype development and form fit and function testing verify we meet your design criteria once in production the following inspection and testing procedures insure quality is maintained throughout the process inspection capability validation and verification roundness measurement through many years of rigorous development nook industries has proven its designs and manufacturing processes against the most stringent standards and specifications design and process verification and validation tools are employed throughout the product life cycle laser lead measurement precise lead error gauging is utilized to validate processes to conform to nook internal

testing efficiency measurement nook engineering has designed test machines to measure and validate screw assembly efficiency functional testing our engineered testing processes perform analysis and verification of product life durability and performance as defined in your product launch process and assurance plan the engineered testing provides predictive tools generates data for prognostics and validates performance wear models life tests can also help determine performance under multiple operating conditions for customers developing new systems nook offers proof testing to help accelerate product release dates high load modular test system 40,000 lb load 100 stroke torque measurement preloaded ball screw assemblies are evaluated to determine compliance with engineering specifications utilizing a dynamic torque testing machine convertible test system 20,000 lb load 100 stroke quality tools 800.321.7800 • design for six sigma manufacturing • d.o.e design

your on-line resource for linear motion if you are looking for a precision linear motion solution look to our website for all the design engineering expertise you need at the tip of your finger • extensive product information • detailed diagrams and product data • engineering calculators • installation instruction and manuals • detailed application case studies and stories • downloadable cad models and drawings • complete model download history so you can retrieve a previously downloaded model • fully configurable part numbers with 3d model representation • full catalog pdfs • online product quoting • live chat with customer service and application engineers • extensive linear library featuring a wide ranging product information access complete engineering data and performance specs in our product design catalogs our comprehensive design engineering catalogs are available for instant access