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2 contents destination pages exploring history like an open book sharing common emotions cross paths with extraordinary destinies find out how the impossible became a reality discover a wide range of landscapes and places to visit guide pages after the disaster at dieppe the allies prepare for d-day utah beach 4 4 6 8 10 12 14 14 sainte-mère-Église 18 omaha beach la pointe du hoc 26 gold beach arromanches juno beach 34 courseulles-sur-mer 40 sword beach pegasus bridge 42 bayeux the first town to be liberated in mainland france cherbourg the port a strategic objective from saint-lÔ capital of ruins to avranches caen 48 50 52 six weeks of fighting 56 falaise pocket chambois 60 normandy will bear the scars of war for a long time 

11 as the theatre of a battle which mobilised about fifteen countries normandy is also where the impossible became a reality from the d-day landings on june 6th 1944 through to the liberation along with the creation of the artificial port of arromanches discover the amazing feats of this unprecedented technical operation born of the ingenuity and technical prowess of the allied

utah beach sainte-mÈre-Église sainte-marie-du-mont n°12 b3 new for 2016 arrival of the tour de france on july 2nd 2016 an educational leaflet “an object a story” free for children visiting with their family utah beach d-day landing museum opening times  from october 1st to may 30th 10am to 6pm from june 1st to september 30th 9.30am to 7pm ticket office closes one hour before museum closes annual closure from december 1st – 25th inclusive and january 1st built on the very spot where american troops landed on june 6th 1944 the d-day landing museum recounts the events of d-day in ten sequences from its planning right through to its success on an in depth chronological tour you can get really involved in the history of the landings and discover a rich collection of objects vehicles and equipment star of the museum is an authentic american marauder b26 bomber which is displayed in a specially designed hangar by watching the film “victory

28 omaha beach cricqueville-en-bessin n°28 b3 pointe du hoc pointe du hoc was a strategic point in the german defences on the normandy coast the mission to take it was given to the 2nd ranger battalion under the command of lt colonel j.e rudder these soldiers achieved the incredible feat of reaching the top in just a few minutes despite the slope being very slippery the climbing ropes made heavy by seawater and intense fire from the defenders in a lunar landscape full of deep craters the fierce battle which ensued was even bloodier than the climb and a big surprise awaited the rangers they found that huge wooden beams had been placed in the stations instead of artillery guns today the site still bears the traces of the german artillery battery as well as deep scars from the fierce fighting which took place here on june 6th and 7th 1944 which cost the lives of 135 rangers pointe du hoc is one of the few places still showing clear signs of the violence of the landings in normandy

36 gold beach arromanches n°38 c3 the landings museum on june 8th 1944 two days after the liberation of arromanches the first phoenix concrete caissons were submerged at sea to form a breakwater less than a week later unloading could begin in 100 days 220,000 soldiers 530,000 tonnes of supplies and 39,000 vehicles were unloaded at “port winston” built on the very site of the british artificial port of which the traces can still be seen a few metres off shore the museum tells the history of the incredible challenge that the construction and running of this port represented a key element in the allied victory in normandy apart from showing how it worked a collection of some 2,000 objects helps to evoke the atmosphere of the time and pay tribute to the soldiers of the nations which took part in the landings an alignment of 30 linear metres of models a diorama and a film of archive footage help to emphasise the huge logistical and strategic achievement of the allies the

44 sword beach merville-franceville n°46 c3 merville gun battery museum a primary objective of d-day and a redoubtable part of the german army’s defences the merville gun battery situated between ouistreham and cabourg is one of the most iconic sites of the invasion bombed on several occasions without effect it was neutralised by the 9th battalion of british paratroopers after a murderous assault during the night of june 5th to 6th an educational tour of this historic site and a temporary exhibition will tell you all about the battery’s history and you can experience something unique just as if you were there that night sound effects smoke lights and smells will briefly plunge you into the hell of the bombardment and neutralisation of the merville gun battery come and find out about the great story of the “snafu special” dakota the only c47 to be listed as an ancient monument opening times from march 15th to september 30th 9.30am to 6.30pm from october

from saint-lÔ to avranches marigny cobra n°60 b3 marigny memorial avranches n°58 b5 the municipal museum of avranches in the heart of the old town the outbuildings of the old episcopal palace later transformed into a prison during the french revolution today house the collections of the museum your visit ends with rooms dedicated to the second world war especially the operation cobra offensive at avranches opening times every day from june 1st to september 30th 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 6pm visits and entrance fees free contacts musée municipal d’avranches place jean de saint-avit 50 300 avranches +33 02 33 58 25 15 +33 02 33 79 57 01 folligny py park n°59 b4 de folligny py park is located close to the railway station at folligny during the second world war the station was the target of numerous deadly and devastating bombardments after the bombardment of june 17th 1940 the station was rebuilt fortified and occupied by the german army to allow

poche de falaise chambois mont-ormel n°82 d4 in four languages this museum describes the scale of the battle and its challenges a film consisting of archive images and eyewitness accounts an animated model map and relics of the fighting all add to the guide’s explanations as you stand before the battle field mont-ormel memorial in august 1944 9 allied divisions encircled 100,000 germans in the falaise-chambois pocket the battle of normandy was coming to an end situated exactly where the fighting took place between argentan and vimoutiers the mont-ormel memorial offers outstanding views over the dives valley the battle of the falaise-chambois pocket 18-22 august 1944 was the last gory stage in the battle of normandy where soldiers from poland canada great britain america and france distinguished themselves in the face of simultaneous and desperate attacks by the encircled german troops this memorial site pays homage to the great strategists and fighters in a battle that

70 activities and events d-day festival normandy sunday may 29th antiques fair entrance 2.50€ picauville – 9 am to 5 pm in the jean-claude flambard hall utah beach road recreation hall info 02 33 41 02 48 thursday june 2nd military fair entrance 4€ sainte-mÈre-Église – 9 am to 4 pm under the covered market info 06 08 45 24 65 friday june 3rd screening of the documentary film “prisonner of d-day » sainte-mÈre-Église – all day screening of the documentary “prisonner of d-day”by george guillot in building c-47 at the airborne museum info 02 33 41 41 35 may 28th to june 12th 2016 d-day festival normandy 2016 bessin cotentin the programme of events for the 72nd anniversary of the d-day landings saturday may 28th 10th international peace march 19 km 3 stages picauville – sainte-mÈre-Église – full day depart from ravenoville-plage refreshments at azeville and tea at neuville-au-plain arrival at sainte

78 practical information tourist offices in the coastal area of the landings arromanches tourist office 2 rue maréchal joffre 14 117 arromanches-les-bains tel 02 31 22 36 45 cherbourg bay tourist office carentan office 24 place de la république 50 500 carentan tel 02 33 71 23 50 sainte-mère-eglise office 6 rue eisenhower 50 480 sainte-mÈre-eglise tel 02 33 21 00 33 bernieres-sur-mer tourist office 159 rue victor tesnières 14 990 berniÈres-sur-mer tel 02 31 96 44 02 bayeux intercom tourist office pont saint-jean 14 400 bayeux tel 02 31 51 28 28 fax  02 31 51 28 29 caen tourist office place saint-pierre 14000 caen tel 02 31 27 14 14 fax  02 31 27 14 13