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cylinder head bolt chevrolet 4 cylinder 6 bolt to 5 bolt transmission adapter torque flywheel bolt torque settings ford 351 windsor exhaust gasket performance intake gasket ford 351 windsor head gasket performance intake gasket flat head hex head bolt how to rebuild big block chevy engines how to rebuild small block ford engines 65 high volume oil pump pump brass hex head bolts 14 x 28 x 14 4 bolt to 5 bolt adapter turbo race car wiring ignition wiring how to rebuild big block mopar how to rebuild small block chevys how to rebuild small block chevy gear drives for cams for v6 318 oil pumps low oil pressure chrome dress up kits for v8 gm engines chrome dress up kits for v6 gm engines chrome dress up kits for v6 ford engines bearing number 52 x 16 x 16 auto parts filter engine oil filter cap ford f 350 engine parts engine sb ford bb ford ford super edis coil pack th350 front pump gm th350 transmissions black chevrolet bow tie valve cover chevy small block oil pans intake manifold vacuum fitting manifold chevy big block oil pan high volume oil pump chevy pontiac v8 water pump bolt kit turbo hydra matic 350 handbook center bolt valve covers sbc center bolt oil pan ford 351w engine ford truck ford chrome dress up kits ford 302 valve covers ford rocker arm stud remover tool rocker arm stud removal tool chevy big block dress up ford engine diesel engine oil how to rebuild ford 6 cylinder engines carburetors 460 ford aluminum valve covers ford big block ford chrome dress up kits chevy c 10 10 bolt ford 460 valve covers ford intake manifold bolt set for chevy 350 center bolt heads ford 390 valve covers ford rod and main bearing kits chrysler quick strut one piece replacement kit head bolt torque head to block high volume oil pump kit small block chevy 350 block for sale automatic transmission kick down cables how to rebuild the small block chevrolet

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engine kits general motors year rering master cam notes 7 8 7 8 chevy 5.3t 02-03 370.99 968.99 312.99 chevy 5.3t oil pump 04-08 04-07 449.99 1118.99 312.99 chev 327 sm journal 62-67 104.99 315.99 92.99 chev 327 nova 64-67 104.99 362.99 92.99 chev 327 lrg journal 68-69 75.99 279.99 79.99 buick 350 68-71 157.99 733.99 189.99 buick 350 72-80 157.99 446.99 3 chev 350 69-80 75.99 199.99 79.99 chev 350 carb 81-85 91.99 245.99 79.99 chev 350-6 carb hyd 86 127.99 324.99 125.99 chev 350-6 carb roller 87-88 127.99 484.99 297.99 chev 350-7 roller 89-93 157.99 586.99 320.99 chev 350-8 roller 87-92 195.99 684.99 297.99 chev 350 k truck fi 87-95 137.99 259.99 85.99 chev 350 m truck carb 86-88 127.99 269.99 85.99 chev 350 r truck 96-00 173.99 705.99 317.99 chev 350 p ex vette 92-96 237.99 520.99 n/a chev 5.7 g lsi 97-00 409.99 1069.99 360.99 chev 350 p lt1 vette 92-96 237.99 776.99 466.99 olds 350 r 68-76 152.99 447.99 156.99 pont 350 ex ventura 68-71 172.99 737.99 186.99 pont 350 ex ventura 72-77

crankshafts connecting rods chevy 383 stroker kit top seller 383 chevy stroker with 6 rods the following stroker kit includes · cnc machined hypereutectic flattop pistons · moly rings sizes 1/16 1/16 3/16 · clevite 77® rod and main bearings · 6 scat® forged bushed i-beam rod · scat® 9000 series knife edged crankshaft ek1803c 844.99 q add for custom balance q upgrade to race bearings q upgrade to plasma moly rings the following stroker kit includes · scat® 9000 series crankshaft · scat® 5.7 4340 forged i-beam rods with arp® waveloc® bolts · speed pro® hyperutectic pistons · hastings® moly rings · clevite 77® rod and main bearings chevy 383 stroker external balancing required 1803a with clevite bearings 630.99 q upgrade to race bearings scat® chevy bb 489 stroker kit sample image chevy 400 rotating kit the following kit includes · scat® 9000 series crankshaft · scat® 5.7 4340 forged i-beam rods with arp® waveloc® bolts · speed pro®

camshafts valvetrain accessories performer performer rpm aluminum heads these street high-performance cylinder heads offer out of the box bolt-on performance with no additional porting required all performer and performer rpm heads are assembled with these high-quality components stainless steel,one-piece swirl-polished intake and exhaust valves with under-cut stems 2-ring positive oil control seals rocker studs hardened steel guide plates valve springs retainer and keepers sold each 1 per box sb chevy performer rpm max lift .575 60719 pre-87 angle plug 70cc 659.99 60739 pre-87 straight plug 70cc 669.99 60899 pre-87 straight plug 64cc 648.99 60999 pre-87 angle plug 64cc 669.99 requires head bolts 8550 99.99 118cc 999.99 110cc 994.99 e-streettm cylinder heads using highly efficient ports and state-of-the-art combustion chamber shapes edelbrock® cylinder heads offer improved performance throughout the rpm range for great throttle response and top-end horsepower cast and heat

balancers timing belt drive kitmagnum and sb chevy dry system high-performance gear drives for chevrolet applications these rugged gear drives offer high-precision timing eliminating chain stretch machined for noise easy to install fits under stock timing covers includes locking plate offset cam bushings roller cam bearing and bronze thrust bearing stock replacement timing cover pioneer s plastic replacement timing covers gm stresses by stamping replace assembly upon removal cav14joh on every oe timing cover that oil leaks will result if not replaced pioneer plastic timing covers are also shipped with the oe grade gasket sealant applied to the cover along with the necessary replacement bolts which are embedded in a rubber jacket for a positive seal against leakage and lastly a front seal that fully meets oe specifications 500302e 500350s 500350wo 500350 `63-84 ford 289 302 w/out sensor 79.99 350 5.7l chevy,stock `69 95 w 8 balancer ref o.e.m 12531283 does not come w seal or

transmission rearend this transtar deluxe transmission overhaul kit includes the following items · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · combo gasket kit combo sealing ring kit pump seal extension housing seal reverse friction foward/direct friction intermediate friction reverse steel direct steel forward/direct steel nylon filter small red stripe modulator intermediate band sun gear bushing input/output bushing pump bushing bronze extension housing bushing #3 stator washer shim stator .010 shim stator .015 gm th350/350c 69-86 121.99 trans tech manual 29.99 hot item transmission pan coolers the new wrinkle black-powder coated transmission pan coolers have new tooling for a better seal and we also added a drain opening with a new much stronger magnetic plug a reusable steel/rubber washer in addition we have added a temperature sending port on the side of the pan with a 1/8 npt thread plug included 14200 gm th350 increases fluid cap by 2 qts 114.99 14201 gm

ignition electric street fire is a new brand from msd that delivers quality at a budget price all of the street fire components are spec d by msd engineers and designed to provide perfomance for the price the quality of each part is backed up with a one year warranty street fire distributor ford mustang chevy v6 hei street/strip distributor street fire hei distributor introducing the msd street fire value-line brand of msd ignition street fire components offer a quality designed alternative to the bottom bargain parts that are springing up all over we re so assured with the quality of our new msd street fire hei distributor that we provide a one year warranty with it msd know s the importance of a centrifugal advance in a distributor so msd engineers made sure that the msd street top mover fire receive an advance assembly with coated weights and welded weight pins not just pressed in like other models another area that you cannot afford to scrimp on is with a distributor gear the

air fuel #2101 edelbrock performer intake manifolds give increased torque and horsepower over stock manifolds performer performer rpm mainfolds cam kits electric and mechanical fuel pumps from off idle to 5500 rpm performer rpm manifolds are a high rise dual plane intake to give great power gains from 1500 to 6500 rpms performer and performer rpm cam kits are also available please call or visit our website edelbrock camshafts are matched to edelbrock total power package components for proven performance taking the guesswork out of camshaft selection performer-plus flat tappet camshafts provide improved performance and maintain great vacuum for power accessories performer rpm hydraulic flat tappet camshafts are designed for high performance street applications while still providing great low-end torque and increased horsepower up to 6,500 rpm #7121 edelbrock® performer application manifoldmanifold part no price 2131 249.99 amc performer 304-401 non-egr 70-up 2101 157.99 chevy

chassis suspension chassis kits `94-97 dodge ram 1500 4x4 chevrolet `78-88 chevelle malibu el camino monte carlo moog 2-outer ends es2033rlt 18.99ea 2-inner ends es2034rlt 18.99ea 1-center link ds909 47.99ea 1-idler arm k6187t 30.99ea 2-adj sleeves es2032s 8.99ea total $172.92 kit quick steer 10.99ea 10.99ea 23.99ea 11.99ea 5.99ea $91.92 kit 1 r.h connecting ds1309 1 connecting tie ds1308t 1 l.h outer es3247rt 2 adj sleeve es2012s 1 track bar after 2/94 ds1413 total ball joint kit 2 upper ball joints k3134t 2 lower ball joints k8195t total moog 113.99 ea 92.99 ea 44.99 ea 20.99 ea 103.99 ea $397.94 kit 41.99 ea 29.99 ea $143.96 kit quick steer 43.99 ea 37.99 ea 16.99 ea 11.99 ea 62.99 ea $185.94 kit 11.99 11.99 $47.96 ea ea kit quick steer let us build a chassis kit for your vehicle these are just a few examples of the kits that can be built by your sales person add on ball joints and bushings and receive similar savings ball joint kit 2 upper ball joint

exhaust hoses 40 series mufflers turbo hedder muffler like regular hedman turbo mufflers these hedder mufflers are high quality turbo-style mufflers they come from the factory with a 12 head pipe welded on and an integrated collector 14 case part inlet flange inlet size outlet size price 25660 3 3-bolt 2 1/4 2 1/4 51.99 25662 3 3-bolt 2 1/2 2 1/2 44.99 the 40 series is the most aggressive sounding street and strip muffler in flowmaster s product line if you are looking for the original flowmaster tone the 40 series is the one the performance street and strip muffler will also generate interior resonance within the vehicle so if you want to really hear your exhaust system inside the vehicle as well as outside it the 40 series is for you 42441 42443 42541 42543 430402 original 40 series 2.25 in o out c ea 77.99 2.25 in o out o ford mustang ea 77.99 2.50 in o out c ea 77.99 2.50 in o out o ea 77.99 3.00 in c out 2.50 d ea 77.99 v8 conversion

tensioners wringers fuel tank liner kit windshield washer hose/vacuum tubing light duty wringer the bl-38 chamois /towel wringer has a friction driven top roller this unit is great for the home and shop owner the bl-38 chamois wringer has clamps that swivel making for easy installation on both round or square wash tubs or the optional wringer stand an excellent wringer for car washing towels we even have a lot of customers who use it as a laundry hand wringer this heavy duty unit is great for the home owner or shop easy to install on wash tubs · adjustable spring tension · steel frame assembly · powder coated in black · weight 10 pounds · tub brackets opening 1 1/2 bl38 123.99 tubing that is designed to be used on windshield wiper systems windshield washer fluid tanks radiator overflow tanks and as vacuum tubing 65111 5/32 50 3/16 nipple on spool 14.99 65112 7/32 50 1/4 nipple on spool 14.99 65113 7/64 50 1/8 nipple on spool 11.99 65114 9/32 50 5/16 nipple

801 lewis blvd 3147 sioux city iowa 51102 presorted standard u.s.postage paid northern auto parts remanufactured ford 6.0l power stroke ficm the ficm controls the fuel injectors on the 6.0l engine it is responsible for stepping up the battery voltage to 48 volts which is required to activate the injectors the ficm works in conjunction with the powertrain control module pcm to control fuel delivery to the engine the module is mounted on the engine s valve cover a high heat and vibration prone area part 921-122 921-123 921-124 application price core charge 2003-9/22/03 excursion f-super duty 329.99$200.00 9/22/03-04 f-super duty and jan 2005-06 excursion 329.99$200.00 2005-07 f-super duty jan 2005-06 excursions 9/22/03-2009 e-series 329.99$200.00 remanufactured ford 7.3l power stroke injector driver modules gb remanufacturing inc is pleased to announce the release of remanufactured injector driver modules for the ford 7.3l power stroke diesel these modules