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ignition electric heat digital hei high energy module inside the digital 6al you ll find a microprocessor that monitors and controls every firing and rev limit the circuits are updated with efficient components that help the ignition produce more digital 6al ignition control the new digital 6al are supplied with power while drawing less current in fact the new digital 6al delivers the wiring harness and the components you ll need for installation the over 530 volts to the coil with up to 135mj of spark energy for every 6al is also supplied with vibration firing increased output combined with mounts both ignitions are compatible on 4 6 or 8-cylinder engines with msd s proven multiple spark series is a win-win situation 12-volt negative ground electrical systems they ll accept trigger inputs 6425 replaces 6420 220.25 from breaker points amplifiers and magnetic pickups headlight switch 1s7928 `05-07 charger and magnum 57.99 1s1356 `95-99 chevy/gmc c k suburban 45.99 direct plug-in for the 4-pin hei module produces up to 7.5 amps of current that continues throught 9,000 rpm delivers more accurate ignition timing or dial in an engine saving rev limit ranging from 5,000-10,000 rpm 83647 7.5 amp hei module 101.99 call with your application adjustable module dial-in any rpm between 1,000 and 3,000 rpm by simply turning a potentiometer 8677 adjustable module 1,000 -3,000 22.99 e-spark conversion kits 8743 8744 8745 8746 8747 module kits 3,000 3,800 27.99 4,000 4,800 27.99 5,000 5,800 27.99 6,000 6,800 27.99 7,000 7,800 27.99 magnetic trigger cables digital programmable 6al-2 mallory s new low cost conversion kits eliminate points in gm ford and chrysler distributors just three part numbers cover all popular domestic v-8 applications · eliminates changing points ­ forever · no moving parts to wear out · better driveability throttle response · easy to install 61001m 57-74 gm delco distributors w externally adjustable points window cap style v-8 engines 69.99 61002m 57-74 ford motorcraft all single point distributors v-8 engines 69.99 61003m 61-73 chrysler single point distributors v-8 engine 69.99 6100m individual replacement module 50.99 the programmable 6al-2 ignition will provide street and performance cars with the advantage of tuning an ignition curve or boost timing map from a pc also using msd s pro-data software will provide simple adjustments to a 2-step rev limiter step retard and more 6530 365.95 when the time comes to replace those worn out or burned cables msd offers a complete selection of cables to fit your needs 6 cable harness 2 wire magnetic trigger 8860 6 cable harness 2 wire magnetic trigger 11.99 super hei kit new now programmable the msd super hei is one of msd s solutions to the gm hei s common problem of power loss and lack of response above 4,500 rpm the kit allows you to remove or bypass the low-powered hei module and coil and replace them with the msd digital 6al ignition control and the blaster 2 high output coil kit includes msd digital 6al ignition blaster ss coil coil wire and hei dust cover 85001 323.99 8861 module bypass cable gm 6.99 window rpm activated switch the new digital 6a is supplied with the wiring harness and the components you ll need for installation the ignitions are compatible on 4 6 or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt negative ground electrical systems they ll accept trigger inputs from breaker points amplifiers and magnetic pickups 6201 replaces 6200 179.25 digital 6a ignition control · designed to be used with late model ford waste spark ignition systems · 83:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output · secondary towers designed for snap on spark plug terminals · primary terminals require ford style connector · carb e.o approved 8241 1995-1998 4.6l dohc/sohc 72.99 ford dis 4 tower coil pack · direct performance replacement for gm 2 tower coils used from the mid 1980 s to late 1990 s · 80:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output · works with stock ignition as well as msd ignitions · carb e.o approved 8224 gm vehicles from the mid 80 s to late 90 s 45.95 gm coil pack 2 tower style these rpm-activated switches will perform a variety of different functions from turning on a bulb or solenoid to activating an msd timing control at a desired rpm.the rpm-activated switch pn 8950 has two activation wires one to ground a circuit and the other to open a circuit 8956 rpm activated window switch 85.95 gm v8 hei electronic tune-up kit contains highpower 50,000 volt hei coil superior no arc rotor coil dust cover high-performance low-saturation control module adjustable vacuum advance unit hei bushing wire harness capacitor high performance advance spring weight set and mounting hardware 66945rc red cap 84.99 66945bc blue cap 84.99 66945bkc black cap 84.99 66949rc 2.8l 3.1l 4.3l red cap 84.99 gm hei distributor tune-up kit rotors 8410 8427 8467 8423 hei coil wire blaster rotor gm hei 5.99 rotor gm hei late model ext coil cap 6.99 racing rotor msd billet dist 8.99 rotor fixed for cap-a-dapt kit 15.99 hei coil wire blaster 2 super conductor 18 long blaster socket terminal and boot on one side with a distributor cap socket terminal and boot on the other 84039 18 13.99 hei performance ignition module · clip to a coil pack s voltage wire to produce a common 12-volt signal for a tach shift light or rpm device · connect to a diesel injector wire to provide an easy tach installation · operates with 5-24 volt input for universal applications 8918 49.99 tach signal gmr pickup pertronix flame-thrower ignition modules are direct replacements for the oem modules and provide enhanced high-rpm performance flame-thrower modules are available for most gm car and truck applications d2000 gm 4-pin 44.99 d2001 gm 7-pin 51.99 selecting a replacement sensor demands attention to quality and performance the replacement must fit perform and last at least as well as the original 5s4874`89-04 dodge chrysler jeep 17.99 5s4684 92-98 chrysler/dodge truck jeep/plymouth 28.99 5s4714`94-99 ford tarus/sable 38.99 speed sensor crank cam sensors tach adapter magnetic trigger if you are connecting a tachometer to an msd ignition or your application is equipped with electronic fuel injection then you may need to use this tach/fuel injection adapter to ensure correct operation this adapter will correct the operation of most tachometers and fuel injection pump relays that do not work directly off of the msd ignition s 12 volt square wave tach output terminal 59.99 programmable shift light vibration mounts 6 series 8823 to protect the msd from excessive vibration we recommend the use of these vibration mounts 12.99 8920 · installs with distributors coil packs or coil-on-plug systems ranging from single to 12-cylinders · programmable from 100 15,900 rpm down to 10 rpm increments · six bright leds easy to view day or night · supplied with an easy to install gmr pickup airtex digital cam and crank position sensors feature a proven technology that provides increased accuracy through a stronger and more consistent signal 5s1928`02-04 nissan altima crank sensor 28.99 4p1249 `96-98 dodge dakota `94-04 cherokee grand cherokee jt wranger cam sensor 44.99 5s1261 `94-07 various dodge/chrysler/plymouth cam sensor 42.99 89631 165.99 46 buy direct and save with northern auto parts warehouse call today to place your order 1.800.831.0884