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one of the most popular and durable dressup kits available today this black crinkle kit with its distinctive look and boldly striking wording comes with everything you need for race day black crinkle kit or show day chevrolet black crinkle dress-up kit includes one set of valve covers air cleaner timing chain cover breather cap 8 wing nuts 8 hold-down clamps 141-758 192.99 dress up licensed high-tech collector s series full dress-up kit these chevrolet bow tie valve covers are made of heavy gauge steel 20 thicker than typical aftermarket valve covers greatly reducing the likelihood of leakage around the valve cover flange area the hottest look this year popular stamped-steel chevrolet valve covers in the black crinkle finish paint chevy sb v8 1958-1986 141-750 short w/baffle black crinkle 61.99 141-751 tall w/baffle black crinkle 65.99 chevy sb v8 1958-1986 141-102 short w/baffle 51.99 141-103 tall w/baffle 59.99 chevy sb v8 1987 later 141-107 short center hold down 119.99 chevy bb v8 1965 later 141-114 short w/baffle 95.99 141-115 tall w/baffle 105.99 stamped valve covers e a b c give your engine a truly unique striking look these stamped steel bolt-on parts are electrostatically painted baked with durable high-tech gray epoxy finished with the famous bow tie and chevrolet emblem kit includes one set of valve covers air cleaner timing chain cover breather cap 8 wing nuts and 8 hold-down clamps notes fits all sb chevy except center bolt valve covers 141-360 193.99 e b d f a.141-751 b.141-753 c.141-752 chevy bowtie valve cover black crinkle tall w baffle chevy sb 65.99 chevy bowtie timing chain cover black crinkle chevy sb v8 66-91 and v6/90° 25.99 chevy 14 classic bowtie black crinkle air cleaner kit w bowtie center nut 69.99 d.141-756 e.141-754 f.141-757 chevy bowtie valve cover wing nuts black crinkle sb bb v6 4 pcs 22.99 chevy bowtie push-in air breather cap black crinkle 3 diameter 12.99 chevy valve cover hold-down clamps black crinkle sb bb v8/90° thru 1986 4 pcs 16.99 a d c f chrome dress-up kit for chevrolet smallblock v8 1958-86 includes two short baffled bowtie valve covers plus eight bowtie valve cover wing nuts four valve cover hold-down clamps two black/red bowtie 4-wire looms one bowtie push-in air breather cap oil dipstick and two grommets air breather cap and pcv 141-002 chevy sb v8 122.99 e a b chrome dress-up kit for chevy sb engines includes a pair of tall baffled bowtie valve covers a 14 classic bowtie air cleaner kit a bowtie timing chain cover eight bowtie valve cover wing nuts two packages eight bowtie valve cover holddown clamps two packages and a matching bowtie push-in valve cover breather cap 141-900 sbc v8 engines `58-86 207.99 f a b street performance chrome deluxe dress-up kit a.141-361chevy bowtie valve cover metallic gray tall w baffle chevy sb v8 78.99 b.141-362chevy 14 classic bowtie metallic gray air cleaner kit with bowtie center nut 76.99 c.141-363chevy bowtie timing chain cover metallic gray chevy sb v8 69-91 and v6/90° 27.99 d.141-364chevy bowtie valve cover wing nuts metallic gray chevy sb bb v6 4 pcs 24.99 e.141-365chevy bowtie push-in air breather cap metallic gray 3 diameter 12.99 f.141-366 chevy valve cover hold-down clamps metallic gray chevy sb v8 v6/90° thru 1986 4 pcs 15.99 die cast valve covers premium die-cast aluminum tall manufactured to gm specs equipped with internal oil drippers and baffles chevy sb v8 1958-86 141-116 black crinkle 131.99 141-108polished 126.99 141-117chrome 227.99 center hold-down tall supplied with mounting bolts stainless steel rubber washers chevy sb v8 1987-later 141-131 black crinkle 153.99 141-130polished 153.99 141-132 chrome plated 225.99 14 classic air cleaner kits d e c air cleaner kits offer a distinctive look and boldly striking bowtie and chevy emblems inlaid with classic chevrolet 141-752 classic black crinkle 69.99 141-906 classic chrome 78.99 d c f a.141-102 valve covers for chevy sb engines stamped steel short w baffle breather holes 51.99 b.141-600 chrome valve cover wing nuts with bowtie emblem 4pk 20.99 c.141-610 valve cover hold-down clamps v8 and v6/90 engines thru `86 4pk 13.99 d.141-636 bowtie emblem ignition wire looms 4pk 12.99 e.141-616 push-in air breather cap 3 diameter fits 1.22 holes 14.99 f.141-550oil dip stick bowtie emblem stamped 14.99 a.141-905 chevy valve cover chrome tall w baffle breather holes sbc v8 73.99 b.141-906 chevy 14 classic chrome air cleaner kit center bowtie nut not included 78.99 c.141-904 chevy timing chain cover chrome 30.99 d.141-902 chevy valve cover wing nuts chrome fits chevy sb bb and v6 1/4 x 20 threads 4 pcs 25.99 e.141-903 chevy valve cover hold-down clamps chrome .fits chevy sb v8 v6/90 thru 1986,4 pcs 14.99 f.141-616 chevy push-in air breather cap 3 dia chrome fits 1.22 holes 14.99 super light 14 aluminum air cleaner with the famous bowtie and chevrolet emblems in black or clear anodized finishes plus a 3 tall genuine ac filter ac p/n a697c plus a color-matched super-deep aluminum base for maximum good clearance when using optional extra-tall air filter elements 141-692 black aluminum w/chevrolet logo 82.99 141-693 clear anodized aluminum w/bowtie chevrolet logo 83.99 141-690 black no emblem 62.99 141-691 clear anodized no emblem 62.99 designed to eliminate the stock mounting brackets on transplanted ls1 engines by way of fitting coils directly to the underside of the edelbrock® cover intended to create a clean under hood custom appearance and will not fit stock vehicles these covers accept gm #12558948 coils or aftermarket equivalent replacement coils such as msd #8245 4118satin 201.99 41181 polished 301.99 41183 black 221.99 coil covers for ls series engines replacement 14 air filters for gm applications the large gm emblem is stamped prominently onto this finned pan for maximum visibility stock-pan depth chrome drain plug makes it easier to change the fluid and filter 141-250turbo 350 with gm logo 42.99 66154 turbo 350 with/out logo 23.99 transmission oil pan elite series aluminum valve covers bow tie air cleaner nuts these chrome plated zinc die-cast air cleaners center nuts are offered in two popular styles in both large and small sizes the large size is recommended for 14 and 10 air cleaner kits and the small for 6 3/4 and 4 7/16 air cleaner kits they fit both 1/4 -20 and 5/16 18 studs 141-333 bow tie large 12.99 141-322 bow tie small 11.99 141-323 hi-tech bow tie large 13.99 141-328 hi-tech bow tie small 12.99 141-327 hi-tech gm large 13.99 141-332 hi-tech gm small 12.99 e-1650 k&n® dia 14 h 3 36.99 1217 edelbrock® dia 14 h 3 13.99 1480a mr gasket® dia 14 h 2 11.99 classic air cleaner kit classic air cleaner kit with chevrolet logo and bowtie center nut 141-302 14 58.99 141-309 10 43.99 heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum valve covers come with a handsome polished finish for a custom look the raised fins are accented by a black matte background then detailed with allen hex heads that create a twopiece look from a one-piece construction the tall profile are 2 taller than stock and clear most roller rockers and valve-train components the low profile valve covers clear all air-conditioning alternator brackets and aluminum rockers dimensions accurate within 1/8 4248 chevy 262-400 v8 1959 later low profile 3 99.99 4249 chevy 262-400 v8 1959 later tall profile 4-5/8 107.99 4260 ford 289/302/351w not boss tall profile 4-1/4 124.99 early late linear wire looms chrome o-ring water necks 9228 9229 9468 9647 9440 9524 9415 9230 chevy early v8 14.99 chevy late v8 14.99 chevy/gm late v8 with 1/2 hole 15.99 chevy straight up design 18.99 ford 360-289-302-351w 65-75 16.99 ford 390-427-428 32.99 ford 429-460 23.99 pontiac v8 64-79 not 389 14.99 c.o.d 141-638 sb v8 1958-86 61.99 141-639 bb v8 1958-86 80.99 t-bar valve cover wing nuts chrome timing covers 66150 s/b chevy 12.99 66152 b/b chevy 16.99 wide-shoulder ends allow improved load-distribution to prevent vacuum leaks and the accommodate the thickest racing gaskets with plenty of thread revolution to spare 1-1/4 x 20 studs 66004 5 high set of four 10.99 66005 3-1/2 high set of four 8.99 66006 2 pc 5 high hex-head set of four 10.99 5/16 x 18 stud 66036 2 pc 5 high hex-head set of four 18.99 includes 2 breather/filler cap grommets and 1 baffled and 1 non-baffled pcv grommet all tall design 68102 `59-86 sbc w/o baffles 50.99 68113 `65-up bbc built-in baffle 67.99 note will not clear stud girdles or shaft rocker arm assemblies chromeplated steel valve covers 68112 `65-up bbc w/o baffles 61.99 not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles shop more parts at 57