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how to rebuild your volkswagen air cooled engine how to rebuild big block chevy engines big block chevy 454 short block big block chevy 454 long block how to rebuild big block mopar 400 small block chevy short block ford clutch master cylinder clutch 95 ford pickup de 1635 ford semi gloss black how to rebuild small block chevys how to rebuild small block chevy drum to disc brake conversion kits toyota pickup dodge dakota rear drum to disc brake conversion kits drum to disc brake conversion kits mustang drum to disc brake conversion kits mercury camaro drum to disc brake conversion kits chevy drum to disc brake conversion kits rear chevy drum to disc brake conversion kits drum to disc brake conversion kits and ford gm turbo diesel engine parts gm gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 97 gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 95 86 93 ford mustang lx performance parts goodyear gatorback poly v serpentine belts royal purple xpr racing oil amc hei distributors amc v8 360 chevy 262 400 carb vortec ford super edis coil pack black chevrolet bow tie valve cover dh 1606 high heat aluminum ford 351 mallory ignition electronic ignition distributor accel distributor for accel super coil read and erase trouble codes turbo hydra matic 350 handbook 350 small block chevy valve spring pressure 327 small block chevy valve spring pressure jeep engine swap kit for small block chevy anti pump up hydraulic lifters solid roller camshafts for small block chrysler ford pick up and bronco hei cap with wires over valve covers quick strut one piece replacement kit chevrolet small block block off plate 68 ford drum to disc brake conversion chevy 383 complete street performance engine kits chevy timing adjustment using timing light northern auto parts catalog free northern auto parts catalog 89 ford 302 alternator bracket bolts 89 pontiace grand am motors 1995 honda civic del sol parts 93 98 jeep grand cherokee parts 1966 1977 ford bronco parts honda civic del sol performance parts 1966 1977 ford bronco replacement parts 91 96 ford escort parts

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engine kits custom built engine kits most engine rebuild kits come complete with top quality parts from federal-mogul/sealed power perfect circle mahle melling and victor reinz gaskets prices may · fel-pro and clevite available at extra cost vary by · valley pans and cam followers are not included in kits make and · moly rings available at extra cost · rering kits include piston rings rod/main bearings and gasket set · master kits include cam lifters timing set pistons piston rings rod/main/cam bearings oil pump frost plugs and gasket set · cam kits include cam lifters timing set general motors chev 3.1 m chev 3.1 t ex cam/firb chev 3.1 t cam/firb chev 3.1 v turbo buick 3.3 n buick 3.3 n chev 3.4 s car chev 3.4 e pickup chev 3.4 e car chev 3.4 e chev 200 buick 225 chev 229 chev 230 buick 3.8 a buck 3.8 a buick 3.8 b buick 3.8 c buick 3.8 k buick 3.8 l buick 3.8 l buick 3.8-1 superchg buick 3.8-1 superchg buick 3.8-1 superchg buick 3.8-3 buick 3.8-3 buick 3.8-7 turbo chev 235

camshafts valvetrain accessories complete your valve train with these comp componants all in one kit valvetrain assembly kits cam lifter kits the cl kit includes cam lifters assembly lube decals and instructions application description chrysler 273-360 c.i 1964-2000 xtreme energy-hyd xtreme energy-hyd xtreme energy-hyd chrysler 383-440 c.i 1959-1980 xtreme energy-hyd xtreme energy-hyd xtreme energy-hyd chevrolet 262-400 c.i high energy-hyd 260h high energy hyd 268h magnum hyd 270h magnum hyd 280h magnum hyd 286h magnum hyd 292h magnum hyd 305h xtreme energy hyd xtreme energy hyd xtreme energy hyd xtreme energy hyd xtreme energy hyd xtreme energy retro fit hyd roller xtreme energy retro fit hyd roller xtreme energy retro fit hyd roller xtreme energy retro fit hyd roller xtreme energy retro fit hyd roller computer compatible t.p.i hyd roller computer compatible t.p.i hyd roller chevrolet 396-454 c.i high energy hydraulic 268h magnum hydraulic 270h magnum

oil system oem motor oil specially formulated sae grades for use in engines of all types from cars and trucks to suvs motorcycles and boats designed for today s high temperature high revving engines royal purple reduces friction resulting in 1-3 extra horsepower lower temperatures superior protection improved fuel economy and extended oil life sold by quart 01520 5w20 8.57 01530 5w30 8.57 01540 5w40 8.57 01130 10w30 8.57 01140 10w40 8.57 01154 15w40 8.57 04154 15w40 gallon 32.95 01250 20w50 8.57 2-cycle tcw iii recommended for use in both pre-mixed and oil injected gasoline two-cycle engines in outboard motors motorcycles jet skis chain saws etc synthetic solvency keeps spark plugs and exhaust port clean for maximum engine efficiency promotes increased horsepower and engine speed.greater engine combustion efficiency and goes longer between overhauls 01311

cooling heating nylon fans designed to be inexpensive and light yet still provide maximum cooling lightweight nylon construction relieves stress on the water pump and bearings ideal for race and performance applications when cost or weight is a concern standard rotation · rpm rating 8,000 · 2 projected width 414 14 22.05 415 15 22.05 416 16 22.05 417 17 22.05 418 18-3/8 22.05 flex fans the high performance flex fans are designed to give you maximum airflow at low rpm and the least amount engine loading at high rpm less resistance at highway speeds equals more horsepower and better gas mileage · 10,000 rpm · stainless steel blades · 2-1/4 projected width standard rotation 1307 17 1308 18-1/4 1309 19-5/16 1312 12 1313 13 1314 14 1315 15-1/4 1316 16-1/8 1317 17 1318 18-1/4 1319 19-5/16 reverse rotation 1516 16-1/8 1517 17 1518 18-1/4 1519 19-5/16 star red red red blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue gold blue blue

ignitions electric wire separators chrome linear wire loom set the sliding tabs make these wire looms universal fit includes two chrome plated steel brackets sliding adjustment tabs and black wire dividers prevent crossfiring extend wire life for 7-9mm wires 9517 31.99 accell performance competition stand alone high heat wire separators withstands up to 400 degree f for use with 8mm or 9mm wires 170019 blue $7.99 170020 red $7.99 170021 yellow $7.99 170022 black $7.99 · locking stainless steel terminals stay connected under high vibration · high-temperature silicone boots withstand heat up to 600 degrees · fold over crimping won t vibrate loose like other core-crimped brands · 8.65mm silicone jacket protects against heat chaffing and contaminant s · extra-thick epdm layer provides even greater dielectric strength · nickel copper alloy conductor transfers the highest spark energy · kevlar center core offers ultra-high tensile strength · conductive polymer coating

dress up performance products stamped valve covers these chevrolet bow tie valve covers are made of heavy gauge steel 20 thicker than typical aftermarket valve covers greatly reducing the likelihood of leakage around the valve cover flange area the hottest look this year popular stamped-steel chevrolet valve covers in the black crinkle finish paint chevy sb v8 1958-1986 141-750 short w/baffle black crinkle 55.99 141-751 tall w/baffle black crinkle 65.99 chevy sb v8 1958-1986 141-102 short w/baffle 45.99 141-103 tall w/baffle 53.99 chevy sb v8 1987 later 141-107 short center hold down 107.99 chevy bb v8 1965 later 141-114 short w/baffle 86.99 141-115 tall w/baffle 95.99 black is back black crinkle kit one of the most popular and durable dress-up kits available today this black crinkle kit with its distinctive look and boldly striking wording comes with everything you need for race day or show day chevrolet black crinkle dress-up kit includes one set of valve

chassis brakes new ilt u ot reb n 661032 cardone constant velocity drive axles left 667055 668032 665003 665022 666048 664001 664060 664062 664071 662051 662051 662066 662068 662099 662105 662112 663023 663038 663038 663025 663046 663106 663038 663109 663130 663130 661000 661032 661052 661210 661311 661323 662008 663220 664066 663025 price $58.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 $76.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $38.50 $76.50 $58.50 $76.50 $58.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 right 667055 668097 665003 665010 666049 664000 664064 664063 664075 662053 662053 662067 662069 662099 662136 662112 663023 663038 663035 663025 663044 663105 663107 663108 663131 663131 661000 661032 661052 661060 661312 661323 662005 663221 664075 663034 price $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 $76.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 $76.50 $58.50 $58.50 $76.50 $76.50 $58.50 $76.50 $76.50

diesel diesel piston/ring combos with rings installed northern auto is proud to announce that we have added mahle pistons to our inventory check out the following prices for piston/ring sets 027480wr gm 6.2 diesel 1982-1993 piston with moly ring installed flattop with ricardo bowl available in std 020 030 040 sizes 402.88 027010hawr gm 6.5 diesel 1992-1996 92-2000 turbo and nonturbo flattop with ricardo bowl available in std 020 030 040 060 sizes 521.92 144110wr ford 6.9 diesel navistar 1984-1987 flattop with 6.64cc ricardo cup available in std 020 030 040 sizes 409.36 144200wr ford 7.3 diesel navistar 1996-2005 96-05 factory di turbo w re-entraut bowl type available in std 020 030 040 sizes 680.40 144170wr ford 7.3 diesel navistar 1988-1994 flattop with 6.7 cc ricardo cup available in std 020 030 040 sizes 476.76 accu-drive tensioners goodyear gatorback poly-v serpentine belts gatorback by goodyear swallows up irritating chirps squeaks and squeals due to

wiring 20 circuit ford bronco harness 1966 1977 if you re looking for the ultimate harness to rewire your 1966-1977 ford bronco look no further the result of nearly two years of painstaking engineering this 20circuit 20 fuse harness is the most comprehensive best designed system available anywhere it begins with a state-of-the-art compact covered weather-resistant fuse block that uses modern blade-type ato fuses and micro relays headlight switch wiper switch ignition switch and dimmer switch are installed on harness the straightforward design printed wire and comprehensive instructions make installation a breeze like all painless harnesses this comes with the highest quality txl wire factory machine crimps and all the terminals and connectors you ll need for a successful installation 10108 739.99 custom/classic wiring harnesses camaro/firebird our basic 18circuit kit is modified to include custom features for this very popular year of the camaro

tools timing pro selfpowered timing light an accurate timing light is extremely important to the performance of your engine msd s new self-powered timing light is a tool every performance tuner should have a great feature of the selfpowered timing light is that it does not require 12 volts this means less wires are hanging over the engine compartment and makes for quick easy checks for power the light uses six aaa batteries the lightweight assembly is injection molded for great durability and produces an intense strobe that is easy to view through 5,000 rpm the inductive pickup is detachable for easy storage 8991 216.00 degree wheel crane s degree wheels are made from rigid durable stamped steel 9 1/2 in diameter and come with adapter inserts for 7/16 1/2 and 5/8 center holes 99162-1 34.99 precision pro-lock torque wrench · 1/2 drive 30-250 ft lb range · fine tooth ratchet head for precision torque control · clockwise and counter-clockwise

801 lewis blvd 3147 sioux city iowa 51102 presorted standard u.s.postage paid northern auto parts hi volume oil pump kits kit includes · hi volume oil pump · oil pump screen · oil pump shaft the size of the gears or rotors determines the amount of oil a pump can move at any given rpm resistance to this movement creates the pressure if a pump is not large enough to meet the demands of the engine there will not be any pressure or if the demands of the engine are increased beyond the pumps capabilities there will be a loss of oil pressure this is where high volume pumps come in they take care of any increased demands of the engine opk-1 chev s/b $33.95 opk-1a chev s/b late model 3/4 tube $44.21 opk-2 chev b/b 42.19 opk-3 ford f150 302 49.46 opk-4 351w $73.86 opk-5 351m-400 $62.58 opk-6 429-460 $73.14 opk-7