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how to rebuild your volkswagen air cooled engine how to rebuild big block mopar drum to disc brake conversion kits mustang drum to disc brake conversion kits mercury dodge dakota rear drum to disc brake conversion kits drum to disc brake conversion kits toyota pickup camaro drum to disc brake conversion kits drum to disc brake conversion kits ford truck chevy drum to disc brake conversion kits truck drum to disc brake conversion kits import drum to disc brake conversion kits rear chevy drum to disc brake conversion kits drum to disc brake conversion kits for chevy gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 95 royal purple xpr racing oil amc hei distributors amc v8 360 chevy 262 400 carb vortec ford super edis coil pack black chevrolet bow tie valve cover chrysler electronic conversion distributor kits 350 small block chevy valve spring pressure 327 small block chevy valve spring pressure anti pump up hydraulic lifters jeep engine swap kit for small block chevy ford clutch master cylinder clutch 95 ford pickup solid roller camshafts for small block chrysler hei cap with wires over valve covers ford pick up and bronco quick strut one piece replacement kit roller bearing camshaft bearing for small block chevrolet difference between chevy big block small block 350 68 ford drum to disc brake conversion diesel engine water pump for 73 diesel diesel engine injection pump repair for 60 diesel engine chevy 383 complete street performance engine kits 91 96 ford escort parts northern auto parts catalog free northern auto parts catalog 91 96 ford escort complete engine auto oxygen sensor thread chaser 1995 honda civic del sol parts 1999 dodge ram 1500 pickup parts gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 97 honda civic del sol performance parts 1966 1977 ford bronco parts 1987 96 ford truck parts pontiac firebird trans am parts 1970 1981 1966 1977 ford bronco replacement parts 05 dodge ram 1500 parts 1966 1977 ford bronco door replacement parts 12 volt vacuum pump brakes auto 12 volt vacuum pump auto original parts group truck 95 ford truck d5az 6287 b doaz 6287 a 96 oldsmobile cutlass ciera

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engine kits chrysler/amc/jeep engine kits chrysler/amc/jeep 2.0 sohc p/u 8 valve 2.0 sohc p/u 2.0 y 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 d 2.2turbo w/o int cool 2.2 turbo 2.46 2.5 ex premier 2.46 2.5 ex premier 2.46 2.5p 2.46 2.5p h 2.5 2.5 2.5 k 2.5 p pickup 2.5 turbo w/o int cool 2.6 rwd hyd 2.6 fwd mech 2.6 turbo 3.0-3 3.0-3 3.0-3 3.3 3.3-r 225 mech 225 hyd 3.8 3.9 hyd 3.9 roller 3.9 roller 3.9 roller 3.9 roller 4.0 242 134 f head 134 l head 232 4.0 242 year 88-89 90-91 95-99 81-85 86-88 89-92 93-94 86-88 89-90 83-90 91-93 94-95 96-99 88 89-95 86-87 96 89-92 85-89 86-87 86-89 87-89 90-93 94-96 91-95 98-00 60-80 81-87 91-99 87 88-90 91 92-96 97-98 87-91 53-71 46-61 64-79 95 rering 182.78 182.78 210.69 121.44 125.23 137.96 137.96 153.61 166.32 114.79 139.99 140.13 185.79 137.96 137.96 137.96 193.10 166.32 181.52 181.06 180.82 264.88 264.88 273.41 245.69 340.48 146.37 145.08 264.42 142.74 142.74 223.58 216.57 216.57 148.25 202.79 208.36 138.66 169.34 master 522.74 522.74 565.31 390.48 370.16 398.60 429.66

camshafts valvetrain accessories magnum cam series not computer compatible 270h series 270° duration a great cam for hp street machines has a rough idle in small blocks and a noticeable idle in big blocks yet it will work with your power accessories and stock converter use with aftermarket manifold and 4bbl carb application amc v8 49.97 3218 822-16 71.97 7694-16 89.97 926-16 75.97 740-164 10-203-4 270 270 .480 .480 137.97 49.97 3218 822-16 71.97 7694-16 89.97 926-16 75.97 740-164 10-204-4 280 280 .490 .490 129.97 740-164 49.97 3218 867-16 79.97 7694-16 89.97 986-163 82.97 10-210-4 292 292 .518 .518 137.97 small block chevy 812-16 72.97 7372-16 89.97 981-16 54.97 742-16 49.97 2100 12-211-2 270 270 .470 .470 99.97 812-16 72.97 7372-16 89.97 981-16 54.97 742-16 49.97 2100 12-212-2 280 280 .480 .480 99.97 3 4 858-16 83.97 7372-16 89.97 986-16 82.97 740-16 49.97 2100 12-213-3 292 292 .501 .501 109.97 3 4 740-16 49.97 2100 858-16 83.97 7372-16 89.97

balancers timing timing cover pioneer s plastic replacement timing covers part s 500262 500262wo 500350 500350wo fits gm 4.3l 5.0l 5.7l applications from 1996-2000 gm stresses by stamping replace assembly upon removal cav14joh on every oe timing cover that oil leaks will result if not replaced pioneer now carries these important timing covers with and without sensor hole provisions for your customers needs pioneer plastic timing covers are also shipped with the oe grade gasket sealant applied to the cover along with the necessary replacement bolts which are embedded in a rubber jacket for a positive seal against leakage and lastly a front seal that fully meets oe specifications 500350wo 1996-2002 gm v8 5.0l 5.7l vin m r without sensor 32.77 500262wo 1996-2002 gm v6 4.3l vin w,x z without sensor 32.77 500230 1980-1985 buick v6 3.0l 3.8l fwd only 118.99 500231 1964-1985 buick v6 v8 rwd only 111.99

transmission rearend drain plug kits only a few automatic transmissions are equipped with drain plugs from the factory removing the pan to drain the fluid can be a mess simply remove the pan once drill a hole bolt the b&m drain plug kit in and eliminate messy oil splash forever 80250 all transmission pans 7.97 tci® s streetfighter® shifter tci® s new streetfighter® shifter provides ultra-reliable ratchetaction shifting that commands your transmission and is compatible with both forward and reverse pattern valve bodies features an nhra/ihra-approved reverse lock out system and a shifter cover which can be custom-fitted to your transmission tunnel for a professional final appearance tci® s streetfighter® shifter features a park/neutral safety switch along with a reverse light activation switch shifter includes 5-feet of heavy-duty shift cable and all the hardware required for installation note ford aod requires a 618016 installation kit 616443 shifter for

ignitions electric digital hei module the module is a direct plug-in for the 4-pin hei module and will produce up to 7.5 amps of current this increased energy will continue through racing rpm reaching 9,000 rpm another unique feature is an adjustable rev limiter you can dial in an engine saving rev limit ranging from 5,000-10,000 rpm the other unique feature of this module is it s patent pending technology that can detect if an illegal traction control has been installed for street cars you ll never know this feature is there but for circle track racers that are breaking the rules they ll find themselves with a low rpm limit activated if a traction control event is detected the digital hei module will go into a rev limit mode 83645 gm high energy hei module 92.97 ford thick film modulators gm hei control modules now legal in 50 states fits most stock and modified distributors solid state electronics provide high coil output and superior reliability dwell control

air fuel new lower prices motown sbc single plane intake manifold when it comes to small block chevy intake manifold technology world products has this awesome new single plane manifold designed for use in larger displacement smallblocks particular attention has been paid to the short turns and a highly effective balance between flow and velocity has been achieved pro engine builders report gains of 15-25 horsepower over any other single 4-barrel cast aluminum manifold 061040 motown single plane 4150 flange 289.97 intake manifolds performer eps manifold for s/b chevy designed for 1986 and earlier 262-400 cubic inch chevy s the all -new performer eps is optimized to deliver superior performance with edelbrock square-bore performer series carburetors all new runner design that s tuned for peak torque around 3500 rpm and 350 inch engine and it s ideal for power from off-idle to 5500 rpm dyno test showed peak gains of 5 hp and 9 ft/lbs of torque over the edelbrock performer

chassis brakes complete master sets for maximum performance complete hyper flex systems transmissionmounts energy mounts are impervious to under cars fluids and the elements to help guarantee long life and second-to-none performance many mounts feature their patented safety interlock chevrolet cars and trucks 3-1108 gm cars and trucks call for apps 21.97 3-1129 gm truck/suv call for apps 54.97 ford cars and trucks 4-1104 manual and auto mount for early and late fords call for apps 26.97 chrysler cars and trucks 5-1101 early to late model chrysler dodge and plymouth cars call for apps 12.97 5-1101 early to late ramcharger 2/4wd b and d series trucks call for apps 12.97 5-1112 new trans mounts for early mopars fits a band e bodies tall square type 51.97 2-1103 new `97-05 jeep wrangler 6 cyl rear mount 46.97 honda/acura 16-1101g honda/acura transmission shifter bushing kit

trucks/diesel new features max energy power programmer max energy key features and benefits · internet updatable · includes software and usb cable · 30-day money back guarantee no hassle returns as long as the vehicle is programmed back to stock · save time updating for new releases with hypertech s easy network friendly update software 379.97 max energy e-con the max energy e-con can be upgraded for these features · top-speed limiter rpm rev limiter · speedometer/odometer correction · transmission shift points frimness · cooling fan on/off temperatures upgrade for an additional charge adjustable features depend on year make and model of vehicle 328.97 regular fuel tuning premium fuel tuning speedometer recalibration shift point adjustment shift firmness raise top speed rev limit adjustment cooling fan adjustment read and clear dtc s diesel stage 1 fuel economy a stage 2 fuel economy b stage 3 raise top speed speedometer recalibration read and clear dtc s not all

bolt kits studs fasteners cylinder head dowel pins bolts studs rocker arms plugs pe100br brass soft plugs s/b chevy 17.99 pe100r steel soft plugs s/b chevy 4.99 s327 cylinder head bolts s/b chevy per head 14.99 s350 cylinder head bolts 350 diesel per head 39.99 850013 screw-in rocker arm studs 3/8 chevy and ford 27.47 s1018 head bolt washers 7/16 stock 6.99 s1024 rocker arm balls s/b chevy grooved 8.74 s1025 l/s rocker arms s/b chevy 1.5 ratio 3/8 5.99 s1041 high performance connecting rod nuts 3/8 6.99 s1100 zinc plated oil pan bolts stock s/b chevy 6.99 s1105 timing cover bolts stock chevy v8 4.99 s1107 timing gear bolts s/b chevy 2.99 s1110 dowel pin s/b chevy 2.99 s1120 clutch bolts 10.99 s1123 flywheel bolts s/b chevy manual transmission 16.99 s1200 header bolts 12pt 3/8 10.99 cylinder head bolt

tools exhaust/strut cutoff tool cuts out-of-round pipes four knife-edged cutting wheels cut quickly and cleanly can be operated with one hand less than 1/3 turn cuts all the way around the pipe unique design allows tool to shift to make out-of-round cut big 1 3/8 to 2 1/2 34.9 63.5mm range 31500 exhaust/strut cutoff tool 25.03 31530 set of four replacement cutter wheels 6.37 ac/fuel line disconnect tool set set of six tools which disconnect the spring lock couplings on ford and chrysler air conditioning line 37000 7.49 flexplate wrench works on gm transverse mounted engines where spanner type tools won t fit adjustable grippers fit both wide and narrow rims works on all flexplates 25500 17.51 torx® bit set 12 pc super torx set two-piece design for greater strength t-10 thru t-60 in one handy set six 1/4 drive five 3/8 drive one 1/2 drive with convenient vinyl holder all bits are available individually 37940

801 lewis blvd 3147 sioux city iowa 51102 fuel tank liner kit losing costly fuel due to rust and pinhole leaks solve this problem with northern s fuel tank liner kit includes all of the products necessary to successfully clean prep and line your tank once lined pinhole leaks will be sealed and future rust will be prevented 3 simple steps · easy instructions · clean prep seal 350 chevy engine kit 189.99 302 ford engine kit 269.99 see pages 3 5 rw125-9 rw125-8 automotive farm 45.97 motorcycle tank liner kit 30.97 displays real-time fuel economy by monitoring key engine vehicle parameters plug play can based instrument compact 2 1/16 size for easy unobtrusive installation rohs compliant design free shipping on the e-force e-force supercharger system for 2005-09 ford mustang 4.6l 3v the new edelbrock e-force supercharger system for the 2005-09 ford mustang 4.6l 3v will allow you to boost your pony to a very impressive 466