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how to rebuild your volkswagen air cooled engine how to rebuild big block chevy engines how to rebuild the small block chevrolet exhaust manifolds chevy v8 exhaust manifolds how to rebuild big block mopar how to rebuild small block chevys how to rebuild small block chevy chevy vortec 350 for 98 chevy set by set of how you rebuild chevy 350 engine gm turbo diesel engine parts gm gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 95 royal purple xpr racing oil amc hei distributors amc v8 360 chevy 262 400 carb vortec ford super edis coil pack 350 chevy oil pan fits chevy monza chevy 350 intake manifold 97 chevy truck black chevrolet bow tie valve cover small block chevy cast iron intake manifolds turbo hydra matic 350 handbook chrysler electronic conversion distributor kits oil pan ford 351w engine ford truck 350 small block chevy valve spring pressure 327 small block chevy valve spring pressure anti pump up hydraulic lifters solid roller camshafts for small block chrysler hei cap with wires over valve covers quick strut one piece replacement kit is rods is 347 ford engine stroke difference between chevy big block small block 350 how to rebuild your volkswagen type 4 engine chevy 383 complete street performance engine kits how to build max performance ford v 8s on a budget crush limiting sleeves in bolt 93 98 jeep grand cherokee parts northern auto parts catalog free northern auto parts catalog 93 98 jeep grand cherokee seats pontiac firebird trans am 93 1999 dodge ram 1500 pickup parts 92 98 jeep grand cherokee parts gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 97 91 96 ford escort parts 1987 96 ford truck parts used gmc envoy xl denali parts pontiac firebird trans am parts 1970 1981 d5az 6287 b doaz 6287 a 96 oldsmobile cutlass ciera 351w hydraulic flat tappet cam black crinkle air cleaner 1999 dodge ram 1500 pickup dodge caravan 1996 2000 head gasket fel pro lucas oil heavy duty electric piston ring filer

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engine kits chrysler/amc/jeep engine kits chrysler/amc/jeep 2.0 sohc p/u 8 valve 2.0 sohc p/u 2.0 y 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 d 2.2turbo w/o int cool 2.2 turbo 2.46 2.5 ex premier 2.46 2.5 ex premier 2.46 2.5p 2.46 2.5p h 2.5 2.5 2.5 k 2.5 p pickup 2.5 turbo w/o int cool 2.6 rwd hyd 2.6 fwd mech 2.6 turbo 3.0-3 3.0-3 3.0-3 3.3 3.3-r 225 mech 225 hyd 3.8 3.9 hyd 3.9 roller 3.9 roller 3.9 roller 3.9 roller 4.0 242 134 f head 134 l head 232 4.0 242 year 88-89 90-91 95-99 81-85 86-88 89-92 93-94 86-88 89-90 83-90 91-93 94-95 96-99 88 89-95 86-87 96 89-92 85-89 86-87 86-89 87-89 90-93 94-96 91-95 98-00 60-80 81-87 91-99 87 88-90 91 92-96 97-98 87-91 53-71 46-61 64-79 95 rering 182.78 182.78 210.69 121.44 125.23 137.96 137.96 153.61 166.32 114.79 139.99 140.13 185.79 137.96 137.96 137.96 193.10 166.32 181.52 181.06 180.82 264.88 264.88 273.41 245.69 340.48 146.37 145.08 264.42 142.74 142.74 223.58 216.57 216.57 148.25 202.79 208.36 138.66 169.34 master 522.74 522.74 565.31 390.48 370.16 398.60 429.66

camshafts valvetrain accessories thumprtm hydraulic flat tappet camshafts now available for hydraulic flat tappet applications comp cams® new thumprtm camshafts are the hottest cam series to hit the streets in more than a decade street rodders and muscle car enthusiasts just can t get enough of the incredible exhaust sound and equally impressive performance delivered by these innovative camshafts applying a new camshaft design concept originally created for sports car endurance racing the comp cams® engineering team incorporated early exhaust valve opening long exhaust duration and a generous amount of intake and exhaust overlap to maximize your engine s nasty-idling characteristics without negatively impacting power output or streetability · long exhaust duration other design characteristics produce a serious power sound · excellent hp gains broad torque curve deliver real seat of the pants performance thumprtm ­ high performance street stock converter ok best with 2000

camshafts valvetrain accessories 1 piece stainless steel street valves small block chevy v1199 1.50 exhaust 4.06 ea v1926 1.94 intake 5.33ea v1927 1.72 intake 3.78 ea v4345 gm trk 350 5.7l vin k 96-02 1.50 exh $11.08 ea v4344 gm trk 350 5.7l 96-02 1.937 int 10.77 ea v1904 gm trk 350 4.3l 90-95 1.50 exh 5.92 ea v1926 gm trk 350 4.3l 90-95 1.94 int 5.33 ea big block chevy v1911 1.72 exhaust $6.94 ea v1912 2.065 intake $5.91 ea ford 302 v1961 1.5 exhaust $6.01 ea v1932 1.78 intake 70-78 $5.33 ea v2045 1.78 intake 80-87 $5.35 ea ford truck 360-390 v1853 1.558 exhaust $6.01 ea v1809 2.03 intake $12.79 ea ford diesel 7.3l v2302 ford 88-94 1.595 exh $11.50 ea v2303 ford 88-94 1.877 int $13.34 ea small block chevy swirl-polished valves v4231 1.60 exhaust sb chevy gasket set fel-pro engineers have developed a complete line of performance valve cover gaskets using a variety of technologies and materials to ensure a proper seal in performance applications available options make it easy to find the ideal gasket to meet specific requirements for application suitability blue stripe performance valve cover gaskets which are thicker than standard light-vehicle gaskets are made of premium-quality cork-rubber material that has equal-sized cork particles evenly distributed throughout a rubber binder in addition the blue stripe gasket is compressible to accommodate uneven surfaces in the repair environment fel-coprene performance valve cover gaskets made with synthetic rubber typically have a longer life than gaskets made with cork rubber cork-lam valve cover gaskets with a steel core sandwiched in between two layers of cork-rubber material the steel core prevents movement under high-vacuum or high-pressure operating

transmission rearend drain plug kits only a few automatic transmissions are equipped with drain plugs from the factory removing the pan to drain the fluid can be a mess simply remove the pan once drill a hole bolt the b&m drain plug kit in and eliminate messy oil splash forever 80250 all transmission pans 6.97 tci® s streetfighter® shifter tci® s new streetfighter® shifter provides ultra-reliable ratchetaction shifting that commands your transmission and is compatible with both forward and reverse pattern valve bodies features an nhra/ihra-approved reverse lock out system and a shifter cover which can be custom-fitted to your transmission tunnel for a professional final appearance tci® s streetfighter® shifter features a park/neutral safety switch along with a reverse light activation switch shifter includes 5-feet of heavy-duty shift cable and all the hardware required for installation note ford aod requires a 618016 installation kit 616443 shifter for

ignitions electric digital hei module the module is a direct plug-in for the 4-pin hei module and will produce up to 7.5 amps of current this increased energy will continue through racing rpm reaching 9,000 rpm another unique feature is an adjustable rev limiter you can dial in an engine saving rev limit ranging from 5,000-10,000 rpm the other unique feature of this module is it s patent pending technology that can detect if an illegal traction control has been installed for street cars you ll never know this feature is there but for circle track racers that are breaking the rules they ll find themselves with a low rpm limit activated if a traction control event is detected the digital hei module will go into a rev limit mode 83645 gm high energy hei module 89.94 ford thick film modulators gm hei control modules now legal in 50 states fits most stock and modified distributors solid state electronics provide high coil output and superior reliability dwell control

air fuel new lower prices hurricane manifolds this is an outstanding high performance single plane manifold for the increasingly popular 351w is available in two styles conventional or with machined injector bosses ford 54032 ford 351w polished hurricane 250.99 54033 ford 351w satin hurricane 200.99 54034 ford 351w polished w/machined bosses 270.99 54035 ford 351w satin w/machined bosses 220.99 54030 ford 260-289-302 v8 polished 226.99 54031 ford 260-289-302 v8 satin 173.99 small block chevy 52030 sb chevy v8 1957-95 polished 23° heads 200.99 52031 sb chevy v8 1957-95 satin 23° heads 148.99 52032 sb chevy v8 polished vortec heads 211.99 52033 sb chevy v8 satin vortec heads 160.99 big block chevy 53030 bb chevy polished rect up to 7500 254.99 53031 bb chevy satin rect up to 7500 194.99 53036 bb chevy v8 polished oval up to 7500 254.99 53037 bb chevy v8 satin oval up to 7500

chassis brakes complete master sets for maximum performance transmissionmounts energy mounts are impervious to under cars fluids and the elements to help guarantee long life and second-to-none performance many mounts feature their patented safety interlock chevrolet cars and trucks 3-1108 gm cars and trucks call for apps 20.97 3-1129 gm truck/suv call for apps 53.97 ford cars and trucks 4-1104 manual and auto mount for early and late fords call for apps 20.97 energy s complete master sets both restores worn mounts and bushings as well as adds a dramatically higher degree of performance to any vehicle.these master bushing sets offer complete coverage front to back of the vehicle s chassis general motors cars and trucks 3-18134 `04-06 gto $195.97 3-18122 `84-95 corvette $178.97 3-18123 `63-82 corvette $174.97 3-18110 `78-87 regal/grand national `87-88 chevelle monte carlo el camino

exhaust hoses hooker headers engine swap headers 69520 chevy sb into gm 1982-2000 s1015 pickup blazer/jimmy 2wd under chassis exit 158.97 69530 chevy sb into gm 1982-2000 s1015 pickup blazer/jimmy automatics only 2wd will fit alum angle plug heads 213.97 68600 chevy sb into gm 84-04 astro van 152.97 89500 ford 260-302w into 2wd 82-97 ford ranger $174.97 69670 chevy sb into 72-86 jeep cj-5-6-7 188.97 hooker competition headers are made from 16 gauge material it s 30 heavier but it welds easier and will last slightly longer under certain extreme climatic conditions competition headers are finished with a heat cured high heat resistant black paint 2451hkr chevy 158.97 2455hkr chevy 164.97 2453hkr chevy 168.97 2452hkr chevy 188.97 6901hkr ford 158.97 shorty smog headers all shorty smog

tools harmonic balancer removal/installation tool makes a difficult job easy installs almost any harmonic damper on gm ford and chrysler also works as a universal puller 66514 69.94 valve spring height micrometer 0.001 measure installed valve spring height conveniently and accurately simply install the height micrometer instead of a valve spring and the rotate the clearly engraved dial to expand the tool to seat the valve locks and retainer 66902 range 1.6 2.100 for most v-8 engines 47.97 electric piston ring filer accurately set end gap with proform s powerful electric ring filling tool powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery offers maximum speed and affordability comes with two 120-grit grinding wheels and battery recharger portable or can be bench mounted 66765 229.94 harmonic balancer installation tool this tool makes installing the harmonic balancer simple just thread the proper end into the crankshaft and then rotate the

801 lewis blvd 3147 sioux city iowa 51102 350 chevy engine kit 189.99 302 ford engine kit 259.99 see pages 3 5 connecting rods rods are shot-cleaned old studs and nuts are removed rod and rod cap are then cut to square rod cap nuts are then torqued to proper specs/45 lbs rod journal resized to proper specs small end checked for proper press to piston pin completed rod then checked for proper alignment rd260x 327 large journal 307 350 chevy .each $16.99 rd203x 396,402,454 bb chevy 3/8 .each $18.75 presorted standard u.s.postage paid northern auto parts remanufactured ford 7.3l power stroke injector driver modules gb remanufacturing inc is pleased to announce the release of remanufactured injector driver modules for the ford 7.3l power stroke diesel these modules fit 1994 1/2 through 2003 model years and is coved by two part numbers over 2 million 7.3l power stroke engines were produced which utilize the idm module 921-120 1999-2003