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are used with conventional fel pro head gaskets they help re how to rebuild your volkswagen air cooled engine how to rebuild big block chevy engines how to rebuild big block mopar how to rebuild small block chevys how to rebuild small block chevy royal purple xpr racing oil ford super edis coil pack stock rocker arm ratio stock 454 black chevrolet bow tie valve cover chevy big block oil pan chevy small block water pump pulley turbo hydra matic 350 handbook small block chevy cast iron intake manifolds chrysler electronic conversion distributor kits small block chevy cast iron exhaust manifolds anti pump up hydraulic lifters solid roller camshafts for small block chrysler automatic transmission fluid pan with drain plug small block chevy cylinder head rocker arm stud spacing 350 small block chevy valve spring pressure quick strut one piece replacement kit how to rebuild ford 6 cylinder engines carburetors how to rebuild your volkswagen type 4 engine chevy 383 complete street performance engine kits crush limiting sleeves in bolt small block chevy 350 block for sale 1987 96 ford truck parts northern auto parts catalog free northern auto parts catalog 96 oldsmobile cutlass ciera 96 pontiac grand prix gm turbo diesel engine parts gm ford f150 truck parts clutch parts gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 97 350 chevy intake manifold gasket parts used gmc envoy xl denali parts pontiac firebird trans am parts 1970 1981 1999 dodge ram 1500 pickup parts buick v6 odd fire engine distributor parts gm turbo diesel engine parts gm 95 99 04 jeep grand cherokee parts big block chevy engine internal parts small block chevy engine internal parts 2006 performance parts by ford racing performance parts d5az 6287 b doaz 6287 a 351w hydraulic flat tappet cam black crinkle air cleaner chevy jeep engine swap kit dodge caravan 1996 2000 pontiac grand am gt air gap intake manifolds 97 pontiac grand prix lucas oil heavy duty electric piston ring filer

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engine kits custom built engine kits engine rebuild kits come complete with top quality parts from federal-mogul/sealedpower,perfectcircle,mahle,mellingand victorreinzgaskets,itmandsilvolite prices may ·fel-proandcleviteavailableatextracost vary by ·valleypansandcamfollowersarenotincludedinkits make and ·molyringsavailableatextracost model kits include ·rering kits include:pistonrings,rod/mainbearingsandgasketset ·master kits include:cam,lifters,timingset,pistons,pistonrings rod/main/cambearings,oilpump,frostplugsandgasketset ·cam kits include cam,lifters,timingset notes detailed explanation 5.withoutcambearings 6.withoutoilpump 7.withoutfrostplugs 8 without camshaft 9 without lifters 10.withouttimingset 11.withoutpistons oversizes on rod main bearings pistons rings are available at no extra cost gm engine kits general motors chev 1.0-6 metro chev 1.6 c chevette chev1.6-4nova pont1.6-6lemans chev 1.8 luv pont1.8-jturbo pont1.8-o chev1.9s10 chev2.0p chev 2.0-1 pont2.0k

crankshafts connecting rods other applications available call us for yours cast pro stock replacement crankshafts 383 chevy forged rotating assembly · exclusive space-age 9000 material · precision ground and micro polished rod part no stroke length balance small block chevy 350,2-pc rear seal 910442 3.480 5.700 int 910375 3.750 5.700 ext price 169.99 179.99 179.99 179.99 243.99 243.99 299.99 street/strip rotating assemblies northern auto has a complete line of rotating assemblies that can suit every need we offer a wide variety of crankshaft and rod designs for most makes just tell us what you need and we ll put a package together for you the following stroker kits include · scat 9000 series crankshaft · scat 5.7 4340 forged i-beam rods with arp wave loc bolts · speed pro hyperutectic pistons · hastings moly rings chevy 350 claimer 1802 489.99 1802a with clevite bearings 534.99 clevite h or fm series performance racing bearings available at extra cost racing

camshafts valvetrain accessories hi-rev lifters heavy-duty bench top spring tester valve spring compressor speed-pro hi-rev commonly called anti-pump-up hydraulic lifters feature the same quality material and construction as the conventional hydraulic lifter a special high strength steel retainer is used in place of the normal spring clip to precisely limit the travel of the plunger during operation with plunger travel limited adjustable rocker arms must be used to effect a lash adjustment of.000 002 this then allows the valve train to perform more like a mechanical system thus allowing high rpm operation because of the high rpm capability and the elimination of frequent lash adjustments which are required with mechanical lifters hi-rev hydraulic lifters are the best choice for all-around performance engines these are all hydraulic flat tapped ht817rb 1955-86 chevy v8 3.99 ea ht900rb 1962-71 ford sb v 429 460 7.99 ea ht951r 1965-79 pont and olds v8 8.99 ea ht2011r 1966-86

oil system oem motor oil specially formulated sae grades for use in engines of all types from cars and trucks to suvs motorcycles and boats designed for today s high temperature high revving engines royal purple reduces friction resulting in 1-3 extra horsepower lower temperatures superior protection improved fuel economy and extended oil life sold by quart 01520 5w20 8.99 01530 5w30 8.99 01540 5w40 10.99 01130 10w30 8.99 01140 10w40 8.99 01154 15w40 8.99 04154 15w40 gallon 31.99 01250 20w50 8.99 2-cycle tcw iii recommended for use in both pre-mixed and oil injected gasoline two-cycle engines in outboard motors motorcycles jet skis chain saws etc synthetic solvency keeps spark plugs and exhaust port clean for maximum engine efficiency promotes increased horsepower and engine speed.greater engine combustion efficiency and goes longer between overhauls 01311 10.99 heavy duty oil stabilizer lucas oil heavy duty oil stabilizer or additive is the additive of choice a

transmission rearend hammer sport shifter base can be trimmed to custom fit any floor neutral safety switch backup light switch lighted gear indicator black t-handle and cable 80776 gm ford chrysler 149.99 b&m s best selling low cost shifter the z shape eliminates the possibility of overshifting and missing a gear great for street or strip cannot be used with reverse pattern valve body 80681 gm ford and chrysler 125.99 z-gate includes neutral safety switch backup light switch lighted gear indicator and polished aluminum t-handle and cable can be used with reverse pattern valve body advanced ratchet control universal fit and chrome aluminum hammer-head handle can be adjusted to suit your driving preference 80885 gm ford and chrysler 159.99 shifter service parts 80629 neutral reverse micro switch fits 80641 80670 80641 80642 80529 80670 80641 46110 and 80741 7.99 truck megashifter black plastic skirt 44.99 80668 shifter boot fits all megashifters 17.99 80727 hammer

ignitions electric ignitions msd 6al while supplies last the #1 selling performance ignition in the world features multiple sparks 20 degrees of hot capacitive discharge sparks and the proven soft touch rev control ·quickstarts·smoothidle· crisp throttle response ·fitsmostforeignanddomesticvehicles 6420 224.99 advanced digital technology makes this the ultimate street performance ignition features multispark cd design with built-in two step rev control and single stage retard ·built-instartretard·twosteprev controlfordragracing·singleretardfornitrous applications·fullypotted·carbapproved 6520 334.99 msd digital-6 plus new now programmable the programmable 6al-2 ignition will provide street and performance cars with the advantage of tuning an ignition curve or boost timing map from a pc also using msd s pro-data software will provide simple adjustmentstoa2-steprevlimiter,step retard and more 6530 348.99 digital programmable 6al-2 msd 6a while supplies last msd 6t circle

air fuel 110 gph fuel pump features · high output fuel flow · flows 110 gph free flow · shutoff pressure pre-set from 6.5 to 8 psi · fuel pressure regulator is not required 130 gph fuel pump features · high output fuel flow · flows 130 gph free flow · shutoff pressure pre-set from 7.5 to 9 psi · redesigned high flow valves always ensure adequate fuel delivery · fuel pressure regulator is required 110 gph 12-327-11 12-454-11 12-289-11 price 83.99 87.99 91.99 130+gph 12-327-13 price 93.99 the most popular street performance racing pumps of all time distinctive red and blue colors provide constant fuel flow with no pulsation weigh only 2.88 lbs externally accessible pressure relief valve not compatible with alcohol or methanol flow chart for externally-mounted electric fuel pumps part free flow flow maximum number rate rate pressure 12-801-1 red 97 gph 71 gph 4 psi 7 psi 12-802-1 blue 110 gph 88 gph 9 psi 14 psi 12-812-1 blue 110 gph 88 gph 9 psi 14 psi 12-815-1

chassis brakes chevrolet 78-88 chevelle malibu el camino monte carlo vs 2-outer ends 2-inner ends 1-center link 1-idler arm 2-adj sleeves total ball joint kit 2 upper ball joint 2 lower ball joint total moog price es2033rlt 14.99 ea es2034rlt 14.99 ea ds909 39.99 ea k6187t 29.99 ea es2032s 12.99 ea $155.92kit k5208 k6145t 19.99 ea 14.99 ea $69.96 kit one source price 11.99 ea 11.99 ea 34.99 ea 12.99 ea 4.99 ea $105.92 kit 9.99 ea 10.99 ea $41.96 kit 76-80 plymouth road runner volare 77-89 dodge diplomat 84-89 chry 5th ave 77-81 lebaron 2-outer end 2-inner ends 2-adj sleeves total ball joint kit 2 upper ball joint 2 lower ball joint total moog price es401r 16.99 ea es401l 16.99 ea es2016s 20.99 ea $109.94 kit k772 k7069 one source price 7.99 ea 7.99 ea 11.99 ea 55.94 kit one source by old new import domestic let us build a chassis kit for your vehicle these are just a few examples of the kits that can be built by your sales person add on ball joints and

exhaust hoses new lower price v8 conversion kits chevy s/b into jeep cj chevy sb 283-350 into jeep cj j series fits cj-2 3a 3b 5 cj-7 or j series brackets pads welding is required to install this kit 4100 64.99 ford s/b into jeep cj ford sb 289-302-351w into jeep cj fits cj-2 cj-3a cj-3b cj-5 cj-6 and cj-7 101 some utility series mount brackets pads welding required to install this mount kit 4101 73.99 · · · headman hedders aluminum conversion radiator trans-dapt performance products motor mount kit part 1816 1817 1818a make year engine swap toc price 1967-72 mopar engine swap kit for installing a chrysler 340-360 into an a-body with an original slant 6 4695 59.99 s10 82-93 s/b chevy yes 520.99 ranger 82-92 s/b ford no 689.99 jeep cj72-86 s/b chevy v8 yes 949.99 2 wd only toc transmission oil cooler 1982-97 chevy s10 swap mounts for installing a chevy sb v8 into chevy s10 2wd using stock 4.3l v6 mounting pads 4691 62.99 flowmaster s new super 44tm muffler with

tools topside creeper the topside creeper is used for getting to the engine from the top of the vehicle vs the bottom it allows extended periods of time to be spent bending over the engine without the effect of painful fatigue · patented design reduces back leg and knee stress · thick padded chest rest pad · slip resistant steps · adjustable height from 48 to 72 · thick bumper pads to protect your automotive finish · durable powder coated steel frame construction · heavy duty one touch easy locking casters 3-110 non-foldable 206.99 3-100 foldable 219.99 erickson tie down tow straps includes ratchet with safety hook 2 double j-hook on short end short handle ratchet with safety snap hook allows proper operation of the ratchet in close quarters note erickson s new adjustable tire strap is so universal and fits all sizes they no longer offer any other models why not buy one strap that fits all the tires 58522 26.99 3300 lb adjustable tire strap folds compact for easy

801 lewis blvd 3147 sioux city iowa 51102 presorted standard u.s.postage paid northern auto parts transmission pan coolers the new black trans pan coolers use new tooling for a better seal and we also added a drain opening with a new much stronger magnetic plug a reusable steel/rubber washer in addition we have added a temperature sending port on the side of the pan with a 1/8 npt thread plug included part no 14208 is all new it also fits the newer 5 speed automatic 5r110 and 5r110w which the older unit did not 14200 14201 14202 14204 14207 14208 14210 gm th350 124.99 gm th400 standard 124.99 gm th400 deep 129.99 gm 700r4 4l60 4l60e 129.99 gm 4l80 4l80e 139.99 for e40d/4r100/5r110/5r110w 137.99 dodge a518 a618 a727 46re/rh,47re 48re 129.99 we can now balance your rotating assemblies magnetic in-line transmission filter kit the in-line auxiliary transmission filter specially designed for today s automatic transmissions · zero leak design · improved