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are used with conventional fel pro head gaskets they help re how to rebuild your volkswagen air cooled engine how to rebuild big block chevy engines how to rebuild small block ford engines how to rebuild big block mopar how to rebuild small block chevys how to rebuild small block chevy intake manifold bolt set for chevy 350 center bolt heads how to rebuild your volkswagen type 4 engine mounted in the bed of a pick up royal purple xpr racing oil ford super edis coil pack big block chevy block pontiac v8 water pump bolt kit chevy small block oil pans chevy small block water pumps chevy big block oil pan chevy small block water pump pulley solid roller camshafts for small block chrysler turbo hydra matic 350 handbook chevy 400 small block bare block anti pump up hydraulic lifters quick strut one piece replacement kit automatic transmission fluid pan with drain plug small block chevy cylinder head rocker arm stud spacing torque head bolts chevy 8 cylinder head small chevy v6 to small chevy v8 engine mounts chevy 383 complete street performance engine kits high volume oil pump kit crush limiting sleeves in bolt how to rebuild the small block ford automatic transmission kick down cables torque converter lock up kit small block to big block motor mounts ford engine mounts to fit 350 engine northern auto parts catalog free northern auto parts catalog 97 pontiac grand prix pontiac grand prix gt 97 97 pontiac grand prix brake line 97 dodge ram 1500 auto parts filter engine oil filter cap 91 96 ford escort parts 350 chevy intake manifold gasket parts 1987 96 ford truck parts big block chevy engine internal parts pontiac firebird trans am parts 1970 1981 small block chevy engine internal parts small block chevy 265 engine parts buick v6 odd fire engine distributor parts small block chevy engine parts 99 04 jeep grand cherokee parts ford 302 engine engine parts clutch and flywheel assemblies and parts performance parts by ford racing performance parts

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general motors chev 305-h carb chev 305-h carb chev 305-h carb roller chev 305 7 s efi chev 305 truck chev 305 truck chev 305 truck chev 305 truck chev 305 m truck chev 307 olds 307 9 y hyd olds 307 9 y roller pont 326 ex gto chev 5.3t chev 327 sm journal chev 327 nova chev 327 lrg journal buick 350 buick 350 chev 350 carb chev 350 carb chev 350-6 carb hyd chev 350-6 carb roller chev 350-7 roller chev 350-8 roller chev 350 k truck fi chev 350 m truck carb chev 350 r truck chev 350 p ex vette chev 5.7 g lsi chev 350 p lt1 vette olds 350 r pont 350 ex ventura pont 350 ex ventura vette 350-8 chev 366 truck chev 366 truck chev 366 truck chev 6.0 u truck cad 6.0 chev 6.2 diesel chev 6.2 diesel chev 6.5 diesel chev 6.5 turbo diesel chev 6.5 turbo diesel pont 389 chev 396 4-3/32 bore chev 400 pont 400 2/b pont 400 4/b chev 402 4-1/8 bore olds 403 chev 427 car chev 427 truck chev 427 truck chev 427 truck buick 430 chev 454 chev 454 chev 454 chev 454 chev 454 n chev 454 n truck chev 454 j

scat series 9000 cast pro comp stroker lightweight crankshafts a perfect way to increase cubic inches on mild to moderate street or race engines · aero-wing counterweights increase horsepower by reducing windage · straight shot oil holes · lightening holes in all rod throws · precision ground and micropolished · designed after scat s custom billets and made from scat s exclusive space-age 9000 material make engine rod journal size part strokelength size weightnotes price 325.99 chrysler 340 934020 4.000 6.123 2.125 54 lbs internal balance chevy 350 935010 3.480 5.700 2.100 51 lbs 2-pc rear seal stock pro-comp 231.99 chevy 383 935060l 3.750 6.000 2.100 51 lbs 1-pc rear seal late 231.99 chevy 383 935050 3.750 5.700 2.100 51 lbs 2-pc rear seal 231.99 chevy 383 935056 3.750 6.000 2.100 51 lbs 2-pc rear seal 231.99 chevy 383 935050l 3.750 5.700 2.100 51 lbs 1-pc rear seal late 231.99 chevy 400 940050 3.750 5.700 2.100 55 lbs 2-pc rear seal 231.99 chevy 400 940056 3.750 6.000

speed-pro hi-rev commonly called anti-pump-up hydraulic lifters feature the same quality material and construction as the conventional hydraulic lifter a special high strength steel retainer is used in place of the normal spring clip to precisely limit the travel of the plunger during operation with plunger travel limited adjustable rocker arms must be used to effect a lash adjustment of.000 002 this then allows the valve train to perform more like a mechanical system thus allowing high rpm operation because of the high rpm capability and the elimination of frequent lash adjustments which are required with mechanical lifters hi-rev hydraulic lifters are the best choice for all-around performance engines these are all hydraulic flat tappets ht817rb ht900rb ht951r ht2011r ht969rb 1955-86 chevy v8 3.99ea 1962-71 ford sb v 429 460 7.99ea 1965-79 pont and olds v8 8.99 ea 1966-86 chry amc sb v8 9.99 ea buick v-6 buick v8 350 400 8.99 ea hi-rev lifters accurately check

oem motor oil specially formulated sae grades for use in engines of all types from cars and trucks to suvs motorcycles and boats designed for today s high temperature high revving engines royal purple reduces friction resulting in 1-3 extra horsepower lower temperatures superior protection improved fuel economy and extended oil life sold by quart call for case discount 015205w20 8.68 015305w30 8.68 015405w40 11.68 0113010w30 8.68 0114010w40 8.68 0115415w40 8.68 04154 15w40 gallon 33.34 0125020w50 8.68 2-cycle tcw iii recommended for use in both pre-mixed and oil injected gasoline two-cycle engines in outboard motors motorcycles jet skis chain saws etc synthetic solvency keeps spark plugs and exhaust port clean for maximum engine efficiency promotes increased horsepower and engine speed.greater engine combustion efficiency and goes longer between overhauls 01311 11.54 lucas oil heavy duty oil stabilizer or additive is the additive of choice a pure petroleum multi-use

sport shifter base can be trimmed to custom fit any floor neutral safety switch backup light switch lighted gear indicator black t-handle and cable 80776gm ford chrysler 154.99 b&m s best selling low cost shifter the z shape eliminates the possibility of overshifting and missing a gear great for street or strip cannot be used with reverse pattern valve body 80681 gm ford and chrysler 129.99 z-gate includes neutral safety switch backup light switch lighted gear indicator and polished aluminum t-handle and cable can be used with reverse pattern valve body advanced ratchet control universal fit and chrome aluminum hammer-head handle can be adjusted to suit your driving preference 80885 gm ford and chrysler 164.99 hammer shifter service parts 80629 80727 neutral reverse micro switch fits 80641 80670 80641 80642 80529 80670 80641 46110 and 80741 8.99 truck megashifter black plastic skirt 45.99 80668 shifter boot fits all megashifters 18.99 hammer mustang console

direct plug-in for the 4-pin hei module produces up to 7.5 amps of current that continues throught 9,000 rpm delivers more accurate ignition timing or dial in an engine saving rev limit ranging from 5,000-10,000 rpm 83647 7.5 amp hei module 98.99 heat digital hei high energy module ford thick film modulators gm hei control modules now legal in 50 states fits most stock and modified distributors solid state electronics provide high coil output and superior reliability dwell control circuit ensures long consistent coil charging and current control circuit protects against coil over heating resists false triggering from rfi of high output coils prices starting at $39.99 gm super coils 140003 140005 140011 140016 140017 140024 module cables 8677 8743 8744 8745 8746 8747 adjustable module 1,000 -3,000 21.99 3,000 3,800 26.99 4,000 4,800 26.99 5,000 5,800 27.99 6,000 6,800 27.99 7,000 7,800 26.99 increase throttle response idle quality starting w/accel remote super

mechanical fuel pumps 80 gph fuel pump features · street performance · flows 80 gph free flow · shutoff pressure pre-set 7.5 psi · fuel pressure regulator is not required application chevy sb v8 chevy bb v8 ford 289 302 351w 80 gph 12-834 12-835 12-833 110 gph fuel pump features · high output fuel flow · flows 110 gph free flow · shutoff pressure pre-set from 6.5 to 8 psi · fuel pressure regulator is not required 130 gph fuel pump features · high output fuel flow · flows 130 gph free flow · shutoff pressure pre-set from 7.5 to 9 psi · redesigned high flow valves always ensure adequate fuel delivery · fuel pressure regulator is required the most popular street performance racing pumps of all time distinctive red and blue colors provide constant fuel flow with no pulsation weigh only 2.88 lbs externally accessible pressure relief valve not compatible with alcohol or methanol flow chart for externally-mounted electric fuel pumps part free flow flow maximum regulator

ptc hub assemblies features · 1st 2nd and new 3rd generation oe hub assemblies · ptc tests every abs sensor supplied · ptc hub assemblies uses oems abs sensors to ensures a better abs signal · ptc hub assemblies uses high temperature seals and grease the federal-mogul moog line is the preferred brand of replacement chassis parts by professional · high temperature seals and grease technicians our moog products are specifically designed and developed for the needs of the new testing procedures done on all ptc hub assemblies include quality aftermarket to help solve steering and suspension problems and to deliver solutions that make control tested under fatigue and impact simulation installation easier ptc hub assemblies rotating fatigue simulator test professional technicians trust and value moog because of its reputation for solving problems this test simulates extreme vehicle cornering forces by applying combined vehicle owners who use moog parts enjoy responsive handling and the

aluminized plug wire sheath versa-shieldtm originally designed to protect starters from heat versa-shieldtm can also be used to protect cool cans carburetors fuel pumps and many more areas of a car boat rv or heavy-duty truck it has also been found helpful for shielding electrical boxes and instruments from intense heat versa-shield can easily be cut to shape and attaches to itself with hook and loop material versa-shield will fit most starter assemblies simply cut off excess material with scissors or a sharp knife 010402 7 wide x 24 long 24.99 manufactured of the same material as heat sheath the plug wire sheath was designed as an inexpensive protection for plug wire boots or any spot on a plug wire that is close to heat and requires additional protection the aluminized plug wire sheaths can also be used on lines wires and hoses that need protection in a specific area the aluminized plug wire sheaths are 6 inches long and 3/4 inches in diameter · reflects radiant heat from

accu-drive tensioners you wouldn t change your oil without a filter and you shouldn t change your serpentine belt without a new tensioner fact your tensioner runs out as fast or faster than your belt and a bad tensioner will ruin or greatly shorten the life of your new belt the primary advantages of a well-designed automatic belt tensioner are · maintains its correct alignment to the belt · automatically maintains correct accessory belt tension · automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations · eliminates need to adjust re-tension belts · prevents belt slip noise excessive belt wear · optimizes life of belt · provides for indication of correct belt length · provides indication of excessive belt stretch replacement · improves belt system alignment · extends accessory system component life don t see your application give us a call 49202 ford ranger 94-00 4.0l mazda navajo dx b4000 93-94 4.0l mercury mountaineer 98-99 4.0l ford explorer 93-00 4.0l 34.99 49203

call toll free 1-800-831-0884 7-6 monday thru friday · 8-4 saturday cst 24 hour fax 1-712-258-0088 shop our web sites 24/7 e-mail methods of shipment your delivery time from northern auto parts ranges from 1 to 5 days depending on your delivery area add an additional 1 to 2 days on rural addresses service and sales all prices are subject to change without notice orders orders may be placed by calling our phone representatives faxing or e-mail always be sure to include your phone number shipping and handling shipping and handling charges will be added to all orders the freight amount will depend on weight and distance air freight is available on charge card orders only all claims for shortages must be made within 10 days of receiving your order insurance is available on all items shipped see for complete details drop shipping is allowed on charge card orders only and all manufacturers special handling fees apply cores