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powerfiretm ignition system street fire is a new brand from msd that delivers quality at a budget price all of the street fire components are spec d by msd engineers and designed to provide perfomance for the price the quality of each part is backed up with a one year warranty street fire hei distributor top mover ignitions electric ·all new components including the coil spec d by msd engineers ·the only value priced hei with a full one year warranty ·heavy duty distributor gear for durability ·welded weight pins and heavy duty contruction · adjustable vacuum advance helps tune it to each engine introducing the street fire value-line brand of msd ignition msd is so assured with the quality of the new street fire hei distributor that they provide a one year warranty with it 8362 128.99 the street fire spark plug wires feature a low resistance conductor that s wrapped in a sleek and durable black sleeve the terminals are covered in black boots that protect the conductor from engine heat to ensure spark delivery msd ignition created the street fire brand to deliver performace ignition products at a value price street fire wires are spec d by msd engineers and are even backed by a one year warranty small and big block chevy seller 5554 small block chevy 350 hei 38.99 5560 chevy 454 `74 76 hei 38.99 5561 chevy 366-454 socket 38.99 5562 chevy truck 305-350 `85-on 38.99 5563 `84 91 corvette 350tpi 38.99 5564 sbc sock cap under manif 38.99 5565 sbc sock dist cap over vc 38.99 5566 `75 82 corvette 305-350 hei 38.99 5567 chevy 454 `75-on hei 38.99 5568 chevy c-30 `83 84 hei 38.99 5569 chevy 454 `88-on 38.99 5570 chevy caprice/camaro `88-on 38.99 5571 chevy pickup bb efi `90-97 38.99 chrysler 5530 73-on chrys 318-360 socket 36.99 5531 73-on chrys 383-440 socket 36.99 5532 dodge ram 94-97 318-360 36.99 ford 5540 5541 5542 5543 5544 ford 351w 400 460 77-on hei 38.99 ford 302 351w hei 38.99 ford 351c-460 socket 38.99 ford 289-302 socket 38.99 mustang 5.0l 94-on 38.99 street fire spark plug wires top adjustable ready-to-run the new powerfire ignition system represents the latest state-of-the-art technology in ignitions look at this list of terrific features coupled with a price that can t be matched for any other top of the line ready-to-run ignition system · easy 3-wire install with no external spark box necessary · precision cnc machining and hand assembled construction · patent pending positive lock manual advance/retard knob distributor can be accurately advanced or retarded in 1/2-degree increments on the fly by turning the external adjustment knob each click of the knob provides a 1/2-degree change to total ignition timing this makes getting an accurate setting extremely easy · accurate super hot spark all the way through 10,000 rpm · hardened steel .50 diameter steel shaft with sealed roller bearing upper support and bronze bushed lower support for extreme stability at maximum rpm · powerful magnetic pickup and cnc machined reluctor pickup · fully adjustable advance mechanism with easy to use spring and bushing design for a nearly infinite advance curve · powerfire module built in for drop-in reliability from 50 to 10,000 rpm · hot cranking spark as low as 50 rpm · black anodized base with laser etched timing marks for easy visibility · high quality injection molded caps with brass terminals for long life and conductivity 30000 30001 30002 sb bb chevy powerfire w steel gear 141.99 sb ford powerfire w steel gear 141.99 sb ford 351w powerfire 141.99 street fire cd ignition · capacitive discharge technology · multiple sparks improve starting and idle · full power output at high rpm · easily connects to points amplifiers and magnetic pickup distributors · adjustable rev limiter for overrev protection this street fire cd ignition is perfect for budget minded enthusiasts the ignition offers capacitive discharge technology and will fire a series of multiple sparks that lasts for 20° of crankshaft rotation when the engine is running under 3,000 rpm this ensures combustion and produces great throttle response and smooth idle spark energy 95 mj per spark primary voltage 435 volts secondary voltage 45,000 volts spark series duration 20° crankshaft rotation rpm range 15,000 rpm with 14.4 v voltage required 10-18 volts negative ground current draw .7amp per 1,000 rpm weight size 1.5 lbs 6 lx3.5 wx1.75 h 5520 129.99 universal 5550 multi-angle plug hei cap 41.99 5551 8 cyl multi-angle sock hei 41.99 5552 8 cyl 90° plug/90° plug 36.99 5553 8 cyl 90° socket/hei cap 41.99 street fire will introduce two new coils one for the ford tfi systems and another for the gm dual connector coils these new coils mount directly in place of the factory coils and accept the factory connectors spark energy is increased thanks to improved materials and windings that were spec d by msd engineering 5527 ford tfi coil 31.99 5526 gm dual connection coil 31.99 street fire coils protect-a-boottm protect your spark plug boots from the extreme heat generated by the headers or exhaust manifold · installs in seconds · fits most boots straight or angled · protects to 500° direct continuous heat · protects to 1200° radiant heat 010501 6 silver 2 pack 13.99 010502 6 silver 8 pack 49.99 fits ford small block utilizing the durable and dependable high energy ignition hei system pioneered by gm these distributors avoid the unsightly wiring of stock ford electronic ignition systems by installing this one-piece distributor with an internally positioned coil and module easy to install just connect one 12-volt hot wire to the distributor has optional tach hook-up these units offer calibrated advance curves that are optimized for maximum combustion efficiency and for the elimination of detonation damage and throttle ping assembled from precision-made parts for advance curve smoothness offers longer term durability and a higher boltage spark that permits a bigger spark plug gap resulting in more power and reduced plug fouling each unit includes a high-power coil a premium hi-dielectric cap with brass terminals and a low-saturation ignition module by eliminating the stock-ford ballast resistor more ignition voltage results in improved spark incorporated easily found high energy ignition hei replacement parts assembled with upper and lower bushings stock ford distributors have only a single bushing 66983bblue ford 351 windsor 163.99 66983rred ford 351 windsor 163.99 66980b blue ford 351c-400m-429-460 225.99 66980bk black ford 351c-400m-429-460 225.99 66969r red ford `62 83 260 289 302 .530 shaft 163.99 66969b blue ford `62 83 260 289 302 .530 shaft 163.99 66969bk black ford `62 83 260 289 302 .530 shaft 163.99 ford hei street/strip distributors 100 new 48 to order call toll free 1.800.831.0884 or order online