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how to rebuild big block chevy engines how to rebuild small block ford engines small block chevy 400 block how to rebuild big block mopar ford 351 windsor head gasket performance intake gasket ford 351 windsor exhaust gasket performance intake gasket how to rebuild small block chevys how to rebuild small block chevy chevy engine 350 engine kits chevy vortec 350 for 98 chevy 99 04 jeep grand cherokee parts exhaust manifolds chevy v8 exhaust manifolds ford super edis coil pack 350 chevy oil pan fits chevy monza black chevrolet bow tie valve cover accel distributor for accel super coil pontiac v8 water pump bolt kit chevy small block oil pans chevy big block oil pan ford rear axle bearing puller tool 460 v8 ford engine oil filter relocation kit chrysler electronic conversion distributor kits ford v8 oil pump ford 352 turbo hydra matic 350 handbook rocker arm stud remover tool rocker arm stud removal tool sun mechanical oil pressure gauge gauge big block head bolts head pattern anti pump up hydraulic lifters small block chevy cylinder head rocker arm stud spacing automatic transmission fluid pan with drain plug 350 small block chevy valve spring pressure how to rebuild ford 6 cylinder engines carburetors chrome dress up kits for v8 gm engines chrome dress up kits for v6 gm engines rod and main bearing kits chrysler intake manifold bolt set for chevy 350 center bolt heads high volume oil pump kit quick strut one piece replacement kit chevy 383 complete street performance engine kits how to rebuild the small block ford how to rebuild the small block chevrolet 350 small block throttle cable bracket and cable crush limiting sleeves in bolt ford 302 engine and 351 engine automatic transmission kick down cables 12 volt negative to 6 volt positive torque converter lock up kit ford 429 460 engine heads numbers on heads in oz to in lbs northern auto parts catalog free northern auto parts catalog auto parts filter engine oil filter cap auto parts for ford 150 and manual transmission chevy truck parts gmc pickup parts

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custom built engine kits engine rebuild kits come complete with top quality parts from federal-mogul/sealed power perfect circle mahle melling and victor reinz gaskets itm and silvolite · fel-pro and clevite available at extra cost · valley pans and cam followers are not included in kits · moly rings available at extra cost prices may vary by make and model notes detailed explanation 5 without cam bearings 6 without oil pump 7 without frost plugs 8 without camshaft 9 without lifters 10 without timing set 11 without pistons engine kits kits include · rering kits include piston rings rod/main bearings and gasket set · master kits include cam lifters timing set pistons piston rings rod/main/cam bearings oil pump frost plugs and gasket set · cam kits include cam lifters timing set general motors chev 3.1 m chev 3.1 t ex cam/firb chev 3.1 t cam/firb chev 3.1 v turbo buick 3.3 n buick 3.3 n chev 3.4 s car chev 3.4 e pickup chev 3.4 e car chev 3.4 e chev 200 buick 225 chev 229 chev

balance this kit for only $175.00 crankshafts connecting rods cast pro stock replacement crankshafts other applications available call us for yours 383 chevy forged rotating assembly racing rotating assembly includes the following · scat 4340 forged crankshaft · scat 5.7 4340 forged pro comp i beams rods with arp 7/16 cap screws · icon forged flat top pistons · speed pro moly rings · fm competition series engine bearings 1803rj 1365.99 note these kits are not balanced assemblies balancing is strongly recommended for maximum performance and engine longevity · exclusive space-age 9000 material · precision ground and micro polished rod part no stroke length balanceprice small block chevy 350,2-pc rear seal 910442 3.480 5.700 int 169.99 910375 3.750 5.700 ext 179.99 small block chevy 350 late model 1-pc rear seal 910526 3.480 5.700 int small block chevy 400 2-pc rear seal 910400 3.750 5.700 ext big block chevy 454 2=pc rear seal 910454 4.000 6.135 ext big block

ht817rb vl67rh ht951r vl112rh ht969rb hi-rev commonly called anti-pump-up hydraulic lifters feature the same quality material and construction as the conventional hydraulic lifter hi-rev hydraulic lifters are the best choice for all-around performance engines these are all hydraulic flat tappets speed pro 1955-86 chevy v8 56.48set 1962-71 ford sb v 429 460 56.48set 1965-79 pont and olds v8 114.08 set 1966-86 chry amc sb v8 56.40 set buick v-6 buick v8 350 400 59.84 set hi-rev lifters 98214 98212 howards cams street/strip valve springs are coiled and heat-treated in the finest facilities available valve spring single 1.250 in outside diameter 411 lbs in rate 1.160 in coil bind height set of 16 31.99 valve springs single 1.265 in outside diameter 4 25 lbs in rate 1.150 in coil bind height set of 16 46.99 performance street/strip valve springs valve spring compressor makes compressing the spring and removing the keepers a simple job because there is no need to remove

oem motor oil designed for today s high temperature high revving engines royal purple reduces friction resulting in 1-3 extra horsepower lower temperatures superior protection improved fuel economy and extended oil life sold by quart call for case discount 015205w20 8.99 015305w30 8.99 015405w40 12.99 0113010w30 8.99 0114010w40 8.99 0115415w40 9.99 04154 15w40 gallon 35.99 0125020w50 8.99 51020 0w20 5 quart size 42.99 51520 5w20 5 quart size 42.99 51530 5w30 5 quart size 42.99 51130 10w30 5 quart size 42.99 new item heavy duty motor oil allows your engine to run with less friction resulting in increased horsepower better fuel mileage lower temperatures and superior protection designed for extended drain intervals 01030 sae 30 10.99 01040 sae 40 10.99 extended life oil filter max ez max ez® is an advanced power steering fluid designed to maximize the life and performance of all power steering units max ez® is compatible and can be mixed with conventional power

sport shifter base can be trimmed to custom fit any floor neutral safety switch backup light switch lighted gear indicator black t-handle and cable 80776 gm ford and chrysler 178.85 hammer shifter shifter service parts 80629 80727 neutral reverse micro switch fits 80641 80670 80641 80642 80529 80670 80641 46110 and 80741 9.44 truck megashifter black plastic skirt 49.59 80668 shifter boot fits all megashifters 20.24 b&m s best selling low cost shifter the z shape eliminates the possibility of overshifting and missing a gear great for street or strip cannot be used with reverse pattern valve body 80681 gm ford and chrysler 164.67 z-gate includes neutral safety switch backup light switch lighted gear indicator and polished aluminum t-handle and cable can be used with reverse pattern valve body advanced ratchet control universal fit and chrome aluminum hammer-head handle can be adjusted to suit your driving preference 80885 gm ford and chrysler 185.39 hammer mustang

digital 6a ignition control the new digital 6a is supplied with the wiring harness and the components you ll need for installation the ignitions are compatible on 4 6 or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt negative ground electrical systems they ll accept trigger inputs from breaker points amplifiers and magnetic pickups 6201 replaces 6200 174.99 new high voltage coil-on-plug coils distributor bushing spring kits improved spark energy voltage output and higher rpm operation patented winding design and materials with bolt-in to factory connectors application ford `99-04 4.6 sohc `05-on 4.6 sohc `99-04 4.6 dohc gm ls1/ls6 lq truck series ls2/ls7 hemi `03-05 early model `06-08 late model single price 8242 46.99 8243 46.99 8244 46.99 8245 107.99 8246 88.99 8247 98.99 8256 55.99 8255 55.99 8 pack price 82428 345.99 82438 345.99 82448 346.99 82458 621.99 82468 562.99 82478 663.99 82568 417.99 82558 417.99 the msd distributor advance bushing spring kits are the same kits that

in abletin and avail sa me o shed poli eal chr r performer eps manifold for s/b chevy this is an outstanding high performance single plane manifold for the increasingly popular 351w is available in two styles conventional or with machined injector bosses small block chevy 52030 sb chevy v8 1957-95 polished 23° heads 217.99 52031 sb chevy v8 1957-95 satin 23° heads 160.99 52032 sb chevy v8 polished vortec heads 228.99 52033 sb chevy v8 satin vortec heads 174.99 big block chevy 53030 bb chevy polished rect up to 7500 276.99 53031 bb chevy satin rect up to 7500 211.99 53036 bb chevy v8 polished oval up to 7500 276.99 53037 bb chevy v8 satin oval up to 7500 211.99 53035 bb chevy w/dominator satin rect 211.99 pontiac 56030 326-455 pontiac v8 single plane racing manifold polished 271.99 56031 326-455 pontiac v8 single plane racing manifold satin 217.99 hurricane manifolds professional products manifolds cyclone the cyclone manifold is the ideal street

chassis kits quick steer chevrolet 78-88 chevelle malibu el camino monte carlo moog 2-outer ends es2033rlt 17.49ea 2-inner ends es2034rlt 17.49ea 1-center link ds909 46.99ea 1-idler arm k6187t 29.99ea 2-adj sleeves es2032s 7.49ea total 161.92 kit quick steer 9.99ea 9.99ea 22.99ea 10.99ea 4.99ea $83.92 kit for your application 1 call 1-800-831-0884 2 lookup online at let us build a chassis kit for your vehicle these are just a few examples of the kits that can be built by your sales person add on ball joints and bushings and receive similar savings ball joint kit 2 upper ball joint k5208 17.99ea 9.99ea 2 lower ball joint k6145t 17.99ea 10.99ea total 71.96kit $41.96 kit 02-06 chevy avalanche 1500 2wd 4wd 01-06 chevy tahoe suburban 2wd 4wd 01-06 chevy silverado 1500 non hd 4wd only 2 inner ends es3488 2 outer ends es3493t 1 idler arm k6534 total ball joint kit 2 upper ball joints k6540 2 lower ball joints k6541 total chevrolet 81-91 k10 v10 except 4.10 axle 4wd

originally designed to protect starters from heat versa-shieldtm can also be used to protect cool cans carburetors fuel pumps and many more areas of a car boat rv or heavy-duty truck it has also been found helpful for shielding electrical boxes and instruments from intense heat versa-shield can easily be cut to shape and attaches to itself with hook and loop material versa-shield will fit most starter assemblies simply cut off excess material with scissors or a sharp knife 010402 7 wide x 24 long 23.09 versa-shieldtm boom mats heat sheathtm is made from a hi-temp fiberglass fabric bonded to an aluminized material then sewn into a tube designed to slide over wires and hoses this product can be easily shaped to fit the tightest bends the heat sheathtm will reflect up to 90 of the radiant heat and can insulate against up to 500 degrees direct continuous heat easily cut to length with scissors or a sharp knife 010403 3/4 diameter x 3 length 10.13 010404 1 1/4 diameter x 3 length

accu-drive tensioners you wouldn t change your oil without a filter and you shouldn t change your serpentine belt without a new tensioner fact your tensioner runs out as fast or faster than your belt and a bad tensioner will ruin or greatly shorten the life of your new belt the primary advantages of a well-designed automatic belt tensioner are · maintains its correct alignment to the belt · automatically maintains correct accessory belt tension · automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations · eliminates need to adjust re-tension belts · prevents belt slip noise excessive belt wear · optimizes life of belt · provides for indication of correct belt length · provides indication of excessive belt stretch replacement · improves belt system alignment · extends accessory system component life don t see your application give us a call 49202 ford ranger 94-00 4.0l mazda navajo dx b4000 93-94 4.0l mercury mountaineer 98-99 4.0l ford explorer 93-00 4.0l 34.99 49203

801 lewis blvd 3147 sioux city iowa 51102 presorted standard u.s.postage paid northern auto parts vehicle weighing scale 5000lb proform s vehicle scale features weight for each wheel and total vehicle weight percentage weight is also featured the individual scale pads are 14 ½ x 9 ½ x 2 ½ with a 1,250 lb capacity per pad for a total scale capacity of 5,000 lbs scale is accurate to 1/10 of 1 features the scale also comes with a backlit display powered by 4 aa batteries durable carrying case also included 20 cables marked for correct pad front and rear percentages oversized easy to read display characters batteries included 67650 5000lb scale 683.99 call today for more details ac kits check out these new ac kits that take the guesswork out of repairing your vehicles air conditioning all the components that you need at a price guaranteed to be the best kits include compressors filter drier/accumulator seal kits and expansion valves 9611814 2001-05 gmc