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new lower price v8 conversion kits chevy s/b into jeep cj chevy sb 283-350 into jeep cj j series fits cj-2 3a 3b 5 cj-7 or j series brackets pads welding is required to install this kit 4100 64.99 ford s/b into jeep cj ford sb 289-302-351w into jeep cj fits cj-2 cj-3a cj-3b cj-5 cj-6 and cj-7 101 some utility series mount brackets pads welding required to install this mount kit 4101 73.99 · hedman hedders · aluminum conversion radiator · trans-dapt performance products motor mount kit part make year engine swap toc price 1816 s10 82-93 s/b chevy yes 551.99 1817 ranger 82-92 s/b ford no 640.99 1818a jeep cj72-86 s/b chevy v8 yes 543.99 1818cj eep wrang 87-95 s/b chevy v8 yes 607.99 2 wd only toc transmission oil cooler 1967-72 mopar engine swap kit for installing a chrysler 340-360 into an a-body with an original slant 6 4695 59.99 1982-97 chevy s10 swap mounts for installing a chevy sb v8 into chevy s10 2wd using stock 4.3l v6 mounting pads 4691 62.99 flowmaster s new super 44tm muffler with its 4 x 9.75 x 13 all black finish case using the technology seen in the larger super 40tm mufflers the super 44tm delivers a rich deep tone an improved flow path radius optimum internal flow and sound control all created with flowmaster s delta flow® technology it is the most aggressive deepest sounding highest performing four inch case street muffler flowmaster has ever built 942545 2.50 in c out c 69.99 942446 2.25 in o out c 69.99 942546 2.50 in o out c 69.99 943046 3.00 in o out c 69.99 943047 3.00 in c out o 69.99 942448 2.25 in o out o 79.99 942548 2.50 in o out o 69.99 9430452 3.00 in c 2.50 out dual 69.99 44 series mufflers ls1 vortec into an original older style sb chevy for installing a chevy ls1/ls6/vortec 4.8 5.3 6.0l v8 engine into a vehicle that is set up for a chevy sb v8 car with motor mounts with bolt holes that are 1-34 high and tabs that are 2-5/8 apart 4572 46.99 40 series mufflers the 40 series is the most aggressive sounding street and strip muffler in flowmaster s product line if you are looking for the original flowmaster tone the 40 series is the one the performance street and strip muffler will also generate interior resonance within the vehicle so if you want to really hear your exhaust system inside the vehicle as well as outside it the 40 series is for you original 40 series 42441 2.25 in o out c each 59.99 42443 2.25 in o out o ford mustang each 59.99 42541 2.50 in o out c each 59.99 42543 2.50 in o out o each 59.99 430402 3.00 in c out 2.50 d each 59.99 corvette super competition sidemount headers 1984-97 chevy astrovan engine swap kit for installing a chevy v8 into a `84-97 astrovan 2wd using stock 4.3l v6 mount pads 4696 69.99 super competition sidemount headers deliver the most aggressive style and performance for your early corvette `63-82 sidemount headers are built from lightweight 18 gauge tubing sidetubes slip directly to the collector for a leak free seal other applications available 2234hkr chrome header 987.15 65284hkr chrome side tubes 429.99 4 sidetube slip-in mufflers 21021hkr glasspack pair 177.99 fits 79-95 toyota 4wd 4cyl truck urethane bushings included not for tacoma trucks bolts to factory motor mount perches with no welding 4567 92.99 chevy sb/lt1 into 4 cyl toyota chevy 283-350 or lt1 into s10 s15 exhaust hoses chevy 283-350 or lt1 into s10 s15 2wd motor mount plates only 9926 68.99 soft conforming aluminum header gasket kits installs a sb chevy into `87-95 jeep yj wrangler bolt-to-frame crossmember requires no welding 4566 139.99 engine swap motor mount kits sb chevy 283-350 v8 into s-10 mounts bolt directly to 2.8l v6 mounts for a very simple install 9906 81.99 this heavy-duty lift plate bolts onto the engine block using the valley cover bolt locations kit includes the high strength welded steel plate hardened steel retaining bolt and mounting bolts that thread into the bolt that thread into the bolt hole locations typically used by the valley cover bolts 4151 59.99 ls1 engine lift plate proform s soft conforming aluminum gaskets easily conform to the header flanges for a superior seal 2 gaskets per kit 67921 chevy sb square port 22.99 67923 chevy bb round port 27.99 67929 chrysler sb 273-360 26.99 67921 ford sb round port 22.99 67933 ford sb square port 26.99 fits chevy 265-350 sb 396-454 bb comes with trans-dapt mount pads #9525 pr framerail width 24 to 37 .center to center between perches is 16-1/8 4840 75.99 universal crossmember mount kit turbo hedder muffler 14 case part inlet flange inlet size outlet size price 25660 3 3-bolt 2 1/4 2 1/4 49.99 proform s soft conforming aluminum gaskets easily conform to the collector flanges for a superior seal each kit comes with 2 gaskets and six nuts and bolts 67920 2.5 inch collector gasket kit 11.99 67927 3 inch collector gasket kit 14.99 67928 3.5 inch collector gasket kit 14.99 soft conforming aluminum collector gasket kits 82 to order call toll free 1.800.831.0884 or order online