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performance advance curve kit hei electronic distributors with polished housings these 100 new distributors have all the reliable components they include a high -power 50,000 volt coil this high performance distributor produces a 50,000 volt spark through 7,500 rpm with true spark alignment for instantaneous response a high performance curve a premium cap with brass terminals and a low-saturation ignition module chevy v8 `74 85 66941bkc black cap 122.99 66941bc blue cap 122.99 66941rc red cap 122.99 ford 351m 460 distributor fits ford 351m-460 1974-80 high performance blue-printed design 66965 blue cap 126.99 ford 351w distributor fits 1974-80 high performance blueprinted design 66964 blue cap 126.99 releases hidden horsepower by optimizing ignition timing precisionmanufactured advance weights and 3 sets of advance springs enable customtailoring of mechanical advance curve not legal for sale or use in california 31041 gm/hei v8 distributors w vacuum advance 14.99 31042 gm/delco v8 points-type distributors 12.99 chevy v8 hei hi-performance distributor with out coil ignition electric fits `55 82 chevy small block and big block engines no rebuilt components 100 new it has a high-performance control module a hardened gear a capacitor that prevents radio static a high-dielectric cap with brass terminals and a premium rotor except where otherwise specified 66940c tan cap 99.99 66940rc red cap 99.99 66940b blue cap 99.99 66940bk black cap 99.99 utilizing the durable and dependable high energy ignition hei system pioneered by gm durable one-piece design the coil and module are mounted internally for easy one-wire hook-up by eliminating the stock-amc ballast resistor more ignition voltage results in improved spark resulting in more power 67186 232-258 inline 6 cylinder 169.99 amc hei street/strip distributor 290-304360-390-401 distributors hei distributors these are far superior to original oe distributors they operate without misfires up to a minimum of 7500 rpm they also produce 67 more energy in the coil and is 45 faster at getting the spark to the plugs d1000 d1051 d1101 d1200 d1201 d1350 chevy sb/bb black cap 191.99 chevy sb/bb red cap machined finish 226.99 olds v8 red cap 224.99 pontiac 326-455 black cap 224.99 pontiac sb/bb red cap 224.99 ford sb black cap 255.99 hei distributor chevy hei electronic racing distributor designed to meet the high performance demands of racing competition they include a high-power 50,000 volt high output coil this high performance distributor produces a 50,000 volt spark through 7,500 rpm with true spark alignment for instantaneous response 66941rm chevy sb/bb red 122.99 these high performance hei distributor produces a 50,000 volt spark through 7500 rpm offers true spark alignment for instantaneous voltage response a high performance advance curve plus a high performance coil and cap with brass terminals also includes a low-saturation ignition module for maximum spark intensity and high output coil 67088 67091 buick v8 215-350 cid 189.99 buick v6 odd fire 191.99 chrysler electronic distributor vacuum advance models each high performance blueprinted distributor is factory set with a high-performance advance curve includes an adjustable vacuum advance unit a premium tan cap with brass inserts for maximum conductivity and rotor 66990 273-318-340-360 127.99 66992 361-383-400 127.99 66994 413-426w-440-426 hemi 127.99 supplied with 50,000 volt coil and rotor the proform hei features a uniformly hardened polished shaft to maximize strength and reliability hei distributors also feature a hardened gear which has a final highly controlled cut for precision and endurance the proform hei features a cap and coil made in the u.s.a the shaft and gears are manufactured in iso 9000 certified manufacturing plants 66953 sb and bb pontiac 185.99 pontiac hei electric distributor with coil d100700 d100701 the new plug and play billet distributor for small and big block chevy applications is designed to provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation all at a price you can afford this distributor allows you to upgrade your outdated points or stock electronic distributor with a performance proven distributor that features the patented ignitor ii electronic ignition module billet distributor black cap 212.99 billet distributor red cap 212.99 flame-thrower® billet distributor flame-thrower® equipped billet distributors this 100 new high-performance distributor produces a 50,000 volt spark through 7.500 rpm easy 1-wire hookup low-saturation ignition module premium cap with brass terminals and high-power coil 67040 213.99 chrysler electronic hei street/strip distributor 273-318-340-360 performance custom-curved chevy hei billet distributor with coil choose from 3 custom-curved billet aluminum distributors calibrated for your specific chevy small or big block application equipped with premium red cap with brass terminals adjustable vacuum advance 50,000 volt high-output coil and low saturation ignition module h heavy vehicles ­ high load ­ low vacuum camshaft m medium weight vehicles ­ short duration ­ high torque cam most popular l light vehicle ­ rapid acceleration ­ typical race profile cam h chevy sb bb billet dist 149.99 m chevy sb bb billet dist 149.99 l chevy sb bb billet dist 149.99 plug n play billet distributors are designed for maximum ignition performance at a price you can afford our distributors are available with ignitor ii technology or the all new ignitor iii multi-spark rev limiting modules d130701 ford 221 260 289 and 302 excluding 5.0l 232.99 chrysler electronic conversion distributor kit this complete high performance distributor kit will convert your old point-type ignition to new electronic ignition includes distributor w high performance advance curve an electronic control unit wiring harness ballast resistor and detailed installation instructions 273-318-340-360 145.99 361-383-400 145.99 413-426w-440-426 hemi 145.99 66991 66993 66995 66996 66997 66998 chevy v8 .491 shaft 94400 bronze howards® 40.99 32100b bronze accel® 52.99 66961c iron proform® 26.99 chevy v8 .500 shaft 8471 bronze msd® 44.99 8531 bronze msd® 29.99 ford 351 c/m 400 460 8581 .530 msd® 41.99 ford 351w 8585 bronze .530 msd® 46.99 85852 iron msd® 19.99 67230 5.0 302 with .530 shaft bronze proform® 39.99 ford 289 302 8583 bronze 466 msd® 41.99 85833 .466 msd® 68.99 85832 iron 466 msd® 20.99 distributor drive gears 50 to order call toll free 1.800.831.0884 or order online