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Catalog Fleur de Lis Glasses 2013

fleur de lis brn 52 18 140 colmar l101 l102 l103 light saber bluing brands slv light browning gold wine tours browning silver purple gray black wine glasses glass wine fleure li fleur black wine glass

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classic style fleur de lis® is fit for the mature woman who wants a timeless look and subtle tasteful accents handmade details and colors from soft plums to rich browns give this collection an understated beauty all frames are designed to accommodate progressive lenses featured style turin blk/gld 28 get more styles the latest news and exclusive offers nouveaueyewear.com nouveaueyewear

jan avignon stainless steel 51-17-135 blu­blue brn­brown bur­burgundy mar l101 53-17-135 brn­brown gld­gold pnk ­pink jan l103 53-17-135 brn­brown gld­gold ros­rose mar l102 51-18-135 blk ­black brn­brown pur­purple blossom titanium 50-18-130 brn­shiny brown lav ­shiny lavender pnk­shiny pink bouquet stainless steel 51-17-135 blk ­satin black brn­satin brown gld ­satin gold bonjour 51-17-130 · 53-17-130 pur ­purple/silver red ­red/gold caspian 52-17-135 blk ­ black/gray inlay brn ­ brown/gold inlay pur ­ purple/gray inlay

clouds titanium 50-18-135 blu­light shiny blue brn­light shiny brown bur­shiny burgundy orly titanium 51-18-135 brn­shiny brown bur­satin burgundy lav­ lavender colmar stainless steel 52-18-135 brn­dark brown lav ­ satin lavender pnk ­ satin pink petals titanium 51-17-135 brn­satin brown pur­purple ros ­deep pink goddess 51-17-135 blk ­satin black brn­satin brown lav ­light lavender pompei 54-14-135 brn ­ brown/crystal pur ­ purple/crystal hypnotic 50-16-135 brn­dark brown/silver gld ­gold/silver pur ­purple/silver saber 53-17-131 bur ­ burgundy/silver cop ­ copper gld ­ gold/brown are you an eyewear aficionado find us on facebook we post new styles brand news fashion finds and more saint germain 53-18-135 cop ­ copper gld­ gold/black slv ­ silver/lavender

snowfall 53-17-140 blk­ satin black bur ­ satin burgundy pnk ­ satin pink sunshine 52-17-135 brn­satin brown gld ­shiny gold win­satin wine tours 54-15-130 blu ­ blue brn ­ brown pnk ­ pink turin titanium 50-18-135 · 52-18-135 blk ­black/gold blu ­ blue/silver brn ­ brown/gold

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