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kay unger new york is a sophisticated collection that captures the spirit and style of kay s exclusive designs women all over the world depend on kay unger to dress them with style and confidence kay unger new york brings that same authority in style to the world of eyewear donned by everyone from oprah winfrey salma hayek and tyra banks to the women of the today show and dancing with the stars featured style k151 blk get the latest chic looks kayunger.com

jan k142 53-17-135 blk ­black brn­brown slv ­silver mar k148 comfort fit 53-16-135 · 55-16-135 blk ­black tor ­tortoise jan k145 52-16-135 blk ­black brn­brown ros ­rose mar k149 51-15-135 brn­brown bur­burgundy nav ­navy jan k147 petite fit 49-16-135 · 51-16-140 blk ­black brn­brown may k150 52-18-135 blk ­black brn­brown lav ­lavender mar k140 53-18-135 blk ­black brn­brown bur­burgundy may k151 52-14-135 blk ­black brn­brown tor ­tortoise mar k143 52-17-135 blk ­black brn­brown pur­purple

k106 51-18-130 · 53-18-130 blk ­black/gold brn­brown/gold k115 51-17-135 blk ­black brn­brown red ­red k107 51-17-135 · 53-17-135 brn­light brown/brown sil ­satin silver/charcoal k117 50-18-130 · 52-18-130 blk ­black brn­brown k109 53-17-130 · 55-17-130 hrn ­black/horn tor ­black/tortoise k120 50-17-135 blk ­black blu ­blue red ­red k110 52-17-135 · 54-17-135 brn­brown/brown marble win­wine/wine marble k121 51-16-135 blk ­black brn­brown ros ­rose k113 51-16-135 · 53-16-135 pur ­purple/gunmetal tor ­tortoise/light satin gold k122 51-15-140 blk ­black brn­brown red ­red 12 get more styles the latest news and exclusive offers nouveaueyewear.com nouveaueyewear

let s go shopping find kay unger at belk bloomingdales macy s neiman marcus nordstrom saks fifth avenue and more k124 53-15-135 blk ­black/black white brn­brown brown pnk ­pink/pink k126 51-18-130 blk ­satin black gld ­satin gold k131 titanium 52-17-135 blk ­satin black brn­satin brown sil ­shiny silver k128 stainless steel 51-18-130 blk ­satin black brn­satin brown plu ­satin plum k132 titanium 51-17-130 blk ­black brn­brown bur­burgundy k129 53-17-130 blk ­satin black brn­shiny brown plu ­shiny plum k135 titanium 52-16-135 blk ­satin black brn­satin brown ros ­matte rose k130 51-17-130 brn­brown red ­red k137 52-15-130 blk ­black brn­brown red ­red

k137 52-15-130 blk ­black brn­brown red ­red k533 50-17-135 blk ­black brn­brown tor ­tortoise k138 52-17-135 brn ­ brown crystal pnk ­ dark pink/crystal pur ­ dark purple/crystal k534 50-16-135 brn­brown/gold bur­burgundy/silver wht­ivory/gold k502 53-16-135 blk ­ black/zebra brn ­ brown/tiger red ­ red/animal k536 52-15-135 blk ­black on crystal brn­brown on crystal ros ­rose k506 50-17-135 blk ­ black/zebra brn ­ brown/zebra pnk ­ pink/zebra k538 52-17-135 blu ­dark blue brn­brown bur­light burgundy k509 51-17-135 blk ­black/pink brn­brown/teal k539 52-14-135 blk ­ black/cream grn ­ olive green green tortoise red ­ red/tortoise 14 get more styles the latest news and exclusive offers nouveaueyewear.com nouveaueyewear

k541 51-16-140 blk ­black/purple brn­brown/blue bur­burgundy/copper k543 52-16-135 blk ­ black/blue brn ­ brown/peach red ­ red/light pink

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