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Catalog Phoebe Couture Glasses 2013

phoebe couture p237 49 lil neiman marcus taylor swift p233 p231 p237 p244 p212 p230 p203 p236 p243 p242 p307 p227 p218 p232 nordstrom nordstroms p308 p229 p240 p234 neiman p228 p241 p220 p213 p234 blk 135 p213 black 135 phoebe couture p215 49 18 130 pink brown light light gun eye glasses saks sak

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filled with whimsy bright colors and pretty patterns phoebe couture is the choice for girls who just wanna have fun featured style p242 brn phoebe couture styles are a favorite of young starlets like taylor swift and found in finer department stores like neiman marcus saks fifth avenue and nordstrom get the look 20 get more styles the latest news and exclusive offers nouveaueyewear

our five new styles for spring and summer add a little wow to phoebe s signature whimsy new looks jan p244 50-17-135 blk ­black brn­brown red ­red jan p307 51-18-135 blk ­black red ­red mar p243 51-16-135 blk ­black brn­brown pur­purple mar p245 51-17-135 blk ­black brn­brown pur­purple

p203 48-17-130 · 51-17-135 · 53-17-135 blk ­black/white polka dots brn­brown/teal polka dots red­red/black polka dots p218 50-16-135 blk ­black bur­dark red pur­dark purple p205 51-18-130 blk ­black brn­brown bur­burgundy p220 48-17-135 red ­red tor ­tortoise p212 48-17-135 blk ­black/teal cry ­crystal/pink tor ­tortoise/pink p225 stainless steel 50-17-130 blk ­black/mint green brn­brown/pink red ­red /gold p213 50-15-135 blk­black/red brn­brown pnk­pink p227 stainless steel 53-17-135 blk ­black/pink brn­brown/aqua pur ­purple/pink p215 49-18-130 blk ­black/silver pnk­pink sil ­silver/black follow us @nouveaueyewear on twitter for the lighter side of nouveau this tweet s for you 22 get more styles the latest news and exclusive offers nouveaueyewear

p228 48-16-135 blk ­black/pink red­red/tortoise tor ­tortoise p233 48-18-130 blk ­black brn­brown sil ­silver p229 50-17-130 blk ­black/pink blu­blue/magenta brn­brown/teal p234 51-16-135 blk ­black/teal bur­burgundy/pink tor ­tortoise/green p230 48-14-135 blk ­black/pink brn­brown/blue red ­red /black p235 49-17-130 blk ­ black/lilac brn ­ brown/pink pur ­ purple/silver p231 50-16-135 blk ­black/green pur ­purple/lavender tor ­tortoise/turquoise p236 50-16-125 blk ­ black pnk ­ pink pur ­ purple p232 stainless steel 48-16-130 blu ­blue brn­brown ros ­rose p237 49-15-130 blk ­ black/crystal ros ­ pink/crystal lil ­ lilac/crystal

p240 50-17-135 blk ­ shiny black/pink tor ­ tortoise/aqua p241 48-20-135 blk ­black/magenta eye rim brn­brown/blue eye rim tor­tortoise/gold eye rim p242 50-17-130 blu ­brown-to-blue/light gun brn­brown-to-taupe/light brown bur­burgundy-to tan/satin gold p308 49-17-135 brn ­ brown/light brown bur ­ burgundy/pink 24 get more styles the latest news and exclusive offers nouveaueyewear

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