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new products swiss tooling stick duo splash coolant through sleeves for id boring with adjustable overhang mechanism ■choose from 2 coolant directions Ⅰ)for blind hole Ⅱ)for through hole ■no chip problems stick duo splash external coolant coolant hole no chip inside hole coolant hole chip packed material :4140 insert bar :shfs040r005s hole depth :.590 (15㎜) pilot hole :φ.201 ×1.102 l (φ5.1×28.0㎜ l) coolant pressure:725psi5mpa ■3 coolant connection options just rotated 180 degrees ① front connection example ② rear connection rc1/8 ③ sealed end for closed unit ② rear connection example adjustable overhang length hyper system ① front connection m6×1.0

new products swiss tooling 3d molded chipbreakers new  tbp tbpa-bm for back turning features ◦ single pass back turning offers excellent surface finishes ◦up-right type insert and screw clamping provides high rigidity ◦wiper flat on cutting edge offers stable surface finishes even under high feed cutting conditions ■ new bm chipbreaker ◦‌prevents the rough end face from hitting the chip .16 d.o.c (inch) ◦‌wiper flat on cutting edge offers excellent surface finishes .18 tbpa-bm .12 .08 tbp-bm conventinonal tool .04 0.0 superior surface finish 0 .002 .004 feed rate(z)ipr bm chipbreaker 1pass end face excellent surface competitor s tool od end face od ra:0.72μm rough surface ra:1.65μm rz :4.46μm rz :6.01μm material:304 ss (φ.630 ) 260 sfm feed x:.0008 ipr feed z:.0031 ipr .118 doc wet excellent chip control bm

new products swiss tooling  front turning chipbreaker quartet new yl chipbreaker cl chipbreaker ◦great combination of sharpness and toughness ◦covers extremely wide range ◦excellent chip control er gh er rp gen era l sh a am3 chipbreaker se rpo u p coolant through holder available amx chipbreaker hi ng to u ◦sharpest molded chipbreaker ◦excellent chip control ◦less tool pressure fin is ◦‌designed for very light depth of cut ◦all purpose chipbreaker ◦sharp edge with toughness depth of cut inch ◦exceptional sharpness .12 cl yl .08 .04 .02 am3 amx .002 .004 .006 feed ipr 8

new  shaper duo ■hexagon socket ■square socket ◦perfect fit for back spinde of swiss machine ◦achieves good corner edge sharpness ◦less tool pressure than rotary-broaching ◦easy to adjust for correct dimension ◦economical two-sided insert bar comparison chart of hex socket machining tool pressure cycle time pliability tool cost shaper duo ◎ ○ ◎ ○ ╳ △ ◦need to have tools for each socket size *can be off-set by over-wrapping operation △ broach tool △ ◦less tool pressure especially on small diameter parts ◦one size can cover several socket sizes process chart ① center drilling ② drilling pilot hole ③ chamfering ⑤ deburring ④ shaper tool shaper duo process chart number of passes hex standard tool pilot bore dia total doc /side estimated cycle time total pass /side roughing pass 0.025㎜ finishing pass 0.010㎜ iso 2936 standard

new  groove duo features ◦‌grooving and side turning tools with highly rigid design ◦‌3d design chipbreakers result in less tool pressure and excellent chip control ■side-turning ntk:gw chipbreaker competitor chip surface finish material:4135 500sfm .004ipr .040doc ■grooving ntk:gw chipbreaker competitor chip surface finish chipbreaker ■ for grooving side-turning gw ■ less tool pressure material:4135 500sfm .004ipr .275doc gv ■ tool pressure comparison when grooving 1800 ◦excellent chip control ◦good sharpness ◦s  ide turning capability ◦superior sharp edge cutting force(n) 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 gw gv competitor a competitor b competitor b

ntk unique tooling thread whirling features ◦ntk s unique patented design technology makes precise and correct inserts possible the first time without any redesign or remanufacture even if it is a multiple-lead thread ◦the sharper cutting edges produce a better surface finish and longer tool life than competitor s inserts form double-lead or multiple-lead with single pass patented double-lead threads triple-lead threads work bone screw worm gear work material ti-6al-4v eli brass work appearance insert appearance major dia φ.157 4.0㎜ φ.278 7.0㎜ minor dia φ.094 2.4㎜ φ.185 4.7㎜ lead [pitch×no. of lead .135 3.42㎜ 067 ×21.71㎜×2 .193 4.9㎜ 064 ×31.63㎜×3 ◦can reduce cycle time by more than half ◦ntk can achieve what other competitors cannot special item capability ◦even though almost all bone screw shapes are special ntk thread whirling inserts can make the correct shape of

ntk unique tooling ds-ach toolholders features ◦adjust centerline height simply with a wrench ① adjust centerline height easily 1 turn a screw clockwise patented ◦eliminate center boss on end faces ◦provide constant od dimension ◦adjust easily in machine wedge 2 adjustment goes down range of centerline height adjustment 3 insert edge moves up adjustment wedge ② optimized design reduces vibration improved chatter resistance ds-ach type conventional type 0 .008 tested cutting conditions 304 ss work material:304 ss holder:ds-sdul19-11-ach insert:dcgt32.508mcl tm4 cutting condition: 250 sfm .002 ipr .079 doc wet 2.76”70 ㎜ overhang excellent surface chattered how to use insert moves in an upward direction only see the instruction shown on the back page loosen wedge screw before making any adjustment ①‌install the holder slightly below centerline then take a facing test cut ②m

ntk unique tooling mogul bar high rigidity boring bars features ◯high rigidity minimal flat widths   reduce vibration ◯large clearance for improved chip evacuation ◯all mogulbar boring bars are coolant through steel shank carbide shank l/d≦5 l/d≦7 l:overhang d:shank diameter L:overhang amount inch recommended amount of overhang mogulbar 4.0 vibration analysis other boring bars 3.2 2.4 1.6 carbide shank steel shank 0.8 reduced duration of vibration l/d=5 .160 .240 .320 .400 .480 .560 .640 .720 d:shank diameter inch note assuming ‌ a 100n load is applied an equal amount of force was applied to both bars for vibration analysis boring bar used in above analysis s08h-stupr09d10-oh [cutting condition example  work materials alloy steel stainless  260 sfm, .002 .004 ipr, .004 .020 doc wet f chipbreakers evacuate chips backward ■ recommended cutting condition range depth

ul chipbreaker 6 corner insert for swiss machines features ◦first negative style insert designed for swiss machines ◦less tool pressure and good chip control reduce cost in swiss machining cuts like positive inserts 500 negative insert tng331 positive insert dcgt32.51 cutting force(n) 400 positive insert with sharp cutting edge is required for swiss machining with ul chipbreaker negative insert provides sharp cutting edge and more corners 300 200 100 0 ul zp cl am3 covers a wide range of cutting conditions with good chip control depth of cut(inch) 《304 ss》 260 sfm wet .120 zp .080 ★ .001 ipr .020 doc ★ .004 ipr  .079 doc ★ ul .040 zf1 ★ 0 .002 .004 .006 feed rate(ipr) toolholders for swiss machines available in ach(adjustable centerline height)toolholder

shifted toolholders toolholders for extended guide-bushing two major features 1. eliminate shims for turning holders when extended guide bushing is used especially in thread whirling 2. performs finish cut without retracting roughed section bar from guide bushing shim ◦feature 1 with ntk shifted turning toolholders gang tool post ◦feature 2 gang tool post typical turning no shims required during thread whirling operation with an extended guide bushing with conventional holders roughed bar comes out when retracted for finish turn wp series with shifted holders finish turn can be done without retracting the roughed bar wiper insert with iso style features ◦wiper shape provides superior surface finish ◦higher feed rate brings shorter cycle time and good chip control ◦am3 chipbreaker is now available with dcgt style ■ surface finish in general turning by inserts with wiper flat inserts with wiper slower feed rates create better

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