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innovative thread whirling 1p 2l 3t single ass double three ead screw imes faster app for ios app for android

threading thread whirling features new double-lead video is on ◦ntk s unique patented design technology makes precise and correct inserts possible the first time without any redesign or remanufacturing even if it is a multiple-lead thread ◦the sharper cutting edges produce a better surface finish and longer tool life than competitor s inserts form double-lead or multiple-lead with single pass patented double-lead threads triple-lead threads work bone screw worm gear work material ti-6al-4v eli brass major dia φ.157 4.0㎜ φ.278 7.0㎜ minor dia φ.094 2.4㎜ φ.185 4.7㎜ lead [pitch×no. of lead .135 3.42㎜ 067 ×21.71㎜×2 .193 4.9㎜ 064 ×31.63㎜×3 work appearance insert appearance ◦can reduce cycle time by more than half ◦ntk can achieve what other competitors cannot double-lead bone screw process example 1 1st thread whirl at taper part 2 rotate the bar 180°and whirl the

special item capability ◦even though almost all bone screw shapes are special ntk thread whirling inserts can make the correct shape of thread the first time without any redesign or remanufacturing ◦inserts will be delivered in 5 weeks after the order is received ◦within a 3 week time period expedite delivery is available with an expedite fee ◦basically ntk thread whirling inserts are ground with topping and coated recommended cutting conditions no of teeth 9 6 4 rpm 10 40 10 25 7 15 f 5400 14400 3600 9000 2500 5400 conditions main spindle whirling cutter 1500 4000 rpm same as thread lead feed rate bar stock faster rpm reduces machining time ~φ.400 φ ~φ.200 for cutter with φ12㎜ id ti-6al-4v eli 316ss titanium work material ◦formula for calculating thread whirling process time T(seconds)= 60 × thread length main spindle rpm × feed rate thread lead ex double lead 2 length .100

threading thread whiring system model location m432-viii gang l32/l32x l32x l20x m16 a20 a32 l20/l20x l32/l32x m20 m32 c32 l20 m20 m332 c12/16 m12/16 m12/16iii m20/32iii l20 m20/32 m20/32 k16 star spindle model btw-4000 btw-3000 btw-3100 btw-3100 btw-6000 btw-5000 btw-2000 gang φ φ φ φ φ type 3 quick-change no of φ type tooth (㎜) ntk thread whirling system stock twc9c0746hp1 ● 9 φ12 twc9c1040hp1 twc6c1040hp1 twc9c1040hp1-d16 ● ● ● 9 6 9 ±15° twc9c1037p2 ● ±15° twc9j1040p2 ±15° ±10° helix angle φ p.c.d mount adapter bolt 1 φ46 φ35 m3 φ12 φ12 φ16 1 φ33 φ40 m3 provided with spindle 9 φ12 2 φ37 φ30.5 cs0310m3 ● 9 φ12 2 φ40 φ32.5 h-m4 × 12 twc6p1620hp1-d9 ● 6 φ9 1 φ32 φ26 m4 provided with spindle twc9p1340p2 ● 9 φ12 2 φ40 φ32.5 m4 provided with spindle twc9s1640p2 ● 9 φ12 3 φ40

φ type 4 type 5 φ φ φ p.c.d φ φ p.c.d type 6 quick-change φ φ p.c.d type 7 machine make tornos model spindle make location spindle model deco 10/10a 224-1900 evo deco 10/10 242-1900 deco 13a/13e 226-1900 evo deco 16/10 243-1900 swiss st26 attachment tornos 246-1900 deco 20a 223-1900 deco 26a 225-1900 sigma 20 234-2750 sigma 32 236-2750 hasegawa js-1w - hasegawa - stock ±15° twc6to11542hp1 ● 6 φ12 ±15° twc9to10540p2 ● 9 twc9to12050p2-d18 ● ±25° 0° 20° ■spare insert holder cartridge twc9ha22594p2 φ p.c.d mount adapter bolt 4 φ42 φ32 cs0410m4 φ12 3 φ40 φ31 cs0410m4 9 φ18 3 φ50 φ40 cs0410m4 9 φ16 6 φ94 φ76 cs0620m6 ■spare parts no of tooth φ ㎜ twc6hp2 6 12 for type 2 and type 3* twc9hp2 9 12 for type 2 and type 3* twc9hp2-d16 9 12 for type 6 item number no of φ type tooth (㎜) ntk thread whirling system

threading basic insert grade zm3 ◦zm3 is our basic grade for ntk thread whirling ◦zm3 offers excellent surface finish ◦ntk can make inserts with other coatings to meet customers demands ntk experiences and solutions example for absolute flat on od for tiny thread single-lead double-lead double-lead ◦‌two insert combination brings absolute flat on od to meet the drawing ◦‌ntk s thread whirling system can machine small diameter multi-lead screws to spec with lower tool pressure by using several types of specially designed and accurately ground inserts on the cutter standard thread whirling inserts two-sided for iso style threads note must use thread whirling cutters with 12㎜ φdm dimension see page u18-19 to find φdm for each cutter screw head 60° screw head iso5835 ha iso5835 hb screw head iso9268 hc iso9268 hd metric dimensions item number iso standard e r4 r5 tw5835-ha1.5-d12 ha1.5 0 1.5 -0.15 0

application examples double lead bone screw double lead bone screw work material:ti 6al 4v eli work material:ti 6al 4v eli bar stock dia φ.375 number of start 2 bar stock dia φ.350 number of start 2 major dia φ.157 helix angle 28.5° major dia φ.180 helix angle 23.0° minor dia φ.098 hand of thread right minor dia φ.120 hand of thread right cutting condition main spindle speed (rpm) lead feed (ipr) ntk thread whirling cutting condition 15 speed of whirling cutter (rpm) 3,500 .217 result ok dramatically improved productivity cannot complete with single pass requires feeding stock   multiple times and two passes for threading each time competitor s thread whiring main spindle speed (rpm) lead feed (ipr) ntk thread whirling 12 speed of whirling cutter (rpm) 2,500 .200 result ok dramatically improved productivity cannot complete with single pass requires feeding stock

double lead screw in single pass video is on youtube north and south america ntk cutting tools usa a division of ngk spark plugs u.s.a inc ntk cutting tools mexico ntk cutting tools brazil carretera lago de guadalupe km 27.5 s/n bodega 3-a col san pedro barrientos tlalnepantla estado de méxico c.p 54010 tel +52-55-5317-5872 fax +52-55-5317-5876 rodovia professor alfredo rolim de mourasp-88 km.61 s/n bairro cocuera caixa postal 2540 cep 08780-970 mogi das cruzes-sp brasil tel +55-11-4793-8265 fax 55-11-4793-8270 a division of bujías ngk de méxico s.a de c.v 46929 magellan drive wixom,mi 48393 u.s.a tel +1-248-668-0100 fax +1-248-668-0200 japan head office a division of ngk do brasil ltda europe ntk cutting tools japan ntk cutting tools europe 2808,iwasaki komaki aichi 485-8510 japan tel +81-568-76-1538 fax +81-568-76-1288 harkortstr41 40880 ratingen germany tel +49