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Numark, AXIS 9 Tabletop CD Player Product

axis 9 tabletop cd player product overview key features and benefits · touch-sensitive jog wheel for real time scratching · multiple dsp effects with direct access including reverse · saves up to 3,000 cue points in memory transferable to compatible units · ±6 12 25 and 100 pitch control · ±100 key lock with key control product description the axis 9 is numark s new flagship tabletop cd player featuring an enhanced interface that employs a touch-sensitive scratch wheel the axis 9 delivers incredible response with unprecedented realism in digital mixing and scratching an array of effects that can be used simultaneously and a built in beatkeepertm with autosynchronization the axis 9 will unleash the digital dj in you · built-in beatkeepertm with autosynchronization · 2 complete seamless loops with 3 hot stutter starts · adjustable startup and braking speeds · cdr compatible · recessed rear panel fader/remote start and relay · 48 seconds of buffer memory for anti-shocktm ·