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nutone ventilation fans ­ installation guide nutone ventilation fans ­ sizing guide proper installation makes all the difference easy steps for choosing and sizing the right ventilation fan for your home determine which rooms could use ventilation and how much is needed spot ventilation is used in localized areas to remove moisture odor and airborne pollutants quickly most commonly used in the bath or powder room spot ventilation can also be used in a laundry room exercise area closet or bedroom wherever air should be changed frequently decorative and recessed models can be ideal solutions for these situations according to the home ventilating institute air changes per hour ach for comfortable and healthy living should be as follows bathrooms 8 changes kitchens 15 changes living/bedrooms 6 changes nutone bath fans utility fans and high capacity fans meet these needs calculate the air movement necessary for proper ventilation air movement is measured in cubic feet per minute cfm to

nutone ventilation fans ­ ultra silent tm nutone ventilation fans ­ ultra silent tm quiet is good virtual silence is better the nutone ultra silent series tm all to reduce operating noise an exciting new selection of high-style grilles will discretely complement your bathroom or make a bold design statement whether you choose a bath fan a fan/light or a combination heater/fan/light nutone has an ultra quiet solution for every concern there s a time for noise and excitement and there s a time for more simple pleasures the peaceful moment needn t be lost simply because your bath ventilation fan is uncomfortably loud the ultra-quiet nutone ultra silent series tm silence minimizing sound is best achieved by engineering the product correctly for real-world installations nutone s qtx series is designed with efficient blowers and 6 ducting that will not restrict airflow how quiet is ultra quiet a newer refrigerator generates about 1 sone while a normal conversation is about 2 sones nutone

nutone ventilation fans ­ ultra silent series tm nutone ventilation fans ­ ultra silent series tm ultra silent humidity sensing fan with sensaire technology sensaire technology detects rapid increases in moisture levels at the ceiling where steam and humidity naturally rises automatic shutoff saves worry and money a humidity sensing fan is ideal for anyone who leaves the house before humidity is properly vented with a fan this quiet you can t forget to turn it off when the job is done that saves energy and money tm ® ® nutone ultra silent series bath fans a bath fan needn t call attention to itself especially when you don t want it to overpower the design of your bath or powder room more important it shouldn t call attention to itself when it s working so we developed the ultra silent series to provide our quietest bath fans yet with an energy efficient option it simply does its job quietly in every sense of the word tm tm qtxen qtren and qtrn fan features · nearly silent

nutone ventilation fans ­ utility nutone ventilation fans ­ utility eliminate humidity or tobacco smoke from recreation rooms workshops or cooking odors from kitchens with these powerful utility ventilators all feature powerful permanently lubricated motors and rugged steel housings ceiling mount ­ vertical discharge model 686 wall/ceiling mount ­ vertical/side discharge model qt200 qt300 powerful solutions for problem rooms · 686 7 vertical discharge · white polymeric grille · sturdy brown-enamel steel housing is lined with sound-deadening foam for quiet operation · low rpm motor plugs into prewired junction box · motor and twin blowers dynamically balanced for smooth quiet operation · vents horizontally or vertically with 3¼ x 10 duct · duct collar with quiet backdraft damper included · installs easily between 16 o.c joist with slotted mounting bracket slots on housing sides provide alternative mounting · wiring knockouts located on top and back of housing model

nutone ventilation fans ­ in-line remote mounted in-line ventilation fans are quiet and efficient residential solutions the concept is simple mount a high-performance ventilator in an out-of-the-way spot and you get the power with virtually no sound install the housing in the attic or the basement wherever it s most convenient and discrete in-line ventilators features · energy-efficient permanently lubricated motors · high pressure centrifugal blowers easily accommodate long duct runs · designed for quick easy installation · hvi certified and amca licensed in-line fans radon mitigation · great solution for large open spaces · install in virtually any orientation model ilf120 · suitable for intermittent or continuous ventilation applications · removable panel offers easy access to the electrical connections y adapters only in-line fan kits · kits include all components to install a single dual point exhaust system except wall control wire and ducting · each kit includes fan

nutone ventilation fan/lights ­ decorative a beautiful balance of elegance and performance now you can ventilate while adding quiet elegance and exceptional design to your bathroom or any other room in your home the nutone series of decorative fan/lights delivers quality ventilation performance and complements your room with beautifully styled glass globe lighting these fan/lights are available in five corrosion-resistant decorator finishes oil-rubbed bronze antique crackle nutmeg satin nickel white and polished brass decorative glass light fixture/fans features · 70 cfm or 80 cfm models · polymeric blower wheel · 3.5 sones or quieter 2.5 sone models · rugged steel housing finished with electrically bonded epoxy paint · corrosion-resistant finishes · sturdy keyholed mounting brackets for quick accurate installation · beautifully styled glass globe · fits in 2 x 6 ceiling construction · plug-in lighting fixture and permanently lubricated motor · tapered polymeric 4 round

nutone ventilation fan/lights ­ decorative recessed lights are popular lighting solutions but nutone took it a step further by incorporating powerful ventilation in the same design our new fan lights disappear into the ceiling with other recessed lights so they are practical decorating solutions for any room in the house in the bath they control humidity and in a utility room kitchen or high-traffic family room they keep the air fresh and comfortable recessed fan light · high efficiency centrifugal fan delivers 70 cfm at 1.5 sones · trim matched to designs of major recessed light manufacturers · multiple units can be used in larger rooms · model 744nt uses a 75-watt bulb either r30 or br30 for standard applications · model 744flnt uses a 14-watt r30 shaped fluorescent bulb bulb included · ul listed for use over tub or shower when installed in a gfci protected branch circuit model 744nt also requires a par30l or par30ln type bulb · 6-3/4 high housing appropriate for new

nutone ventilation heater/fan/lights ­ ultra silent series tm tm nutone ventilation heater/fan/lights ­ ultra silent series tm nutone ultra silent series heater/fan/lights you could wait 15 minutes for your central heating system to take the chill from your bathroom all while it heats every other room in the house or you could select instant heat when it s needed with the qtxn line powerful heating light and ventilation are available at the touch of a switch and with our powerheat design you re assured that the energy converted to heat is efficiently delivered back to you tm qtxn heater/fan/light features comfort and convenience combined · heater/fan/light nightlight brings convenient comforting warmth to your bathroom · nearly silent operation ­ 0.9 sone 110 cfm fan · quiet high-output 1500-watt heater with exclusive powerheat design see below · 6 ducting for superior performance · bright 120-watt lighting two 60w incandescent bulbs tm · 7-watt nightlight capacity · fan

nutone ventilation fans ­ wall control variable-speed wall controls model cfvs-1n · variable speed control · 10.1 amps · unlimited fan motor speeds nutone ventilation fans ­ wall control timed wall controls model vs-66wh · 60-minute timer · separate on/off control · for two-gang outlet box · timer controls any nutone heater or ventilator · on/off section can be used for a separate light vent or heater multi-function lighted controls model 68w 68v p68w · two-function controls · two independent 120v 15 amp rocker switches 20 amps total · fits single-gang box · controls available in white w or ivory v · blister pack available p68w model 57w 57v 3-amp · 120v 3 amps · fits single-gang box · positive on/off action dial for variable selection of air speeds and sound levels · built-in radio noise suppressor · controls available in white w or ivory v model vs-67wh · 60-minute timer · separate on/off controls · for two-gang outlet box · timer section may control any

nutone ventilation fans ­ wall control selection guide 57w 57v 671r 672r 682nt 695 696n 8814r 8832sa 8832wh hd50nt hd80nt qtren080 qtren110 qtrn080 qtrn110 qtxen050 qtxen080 qtxen110 qtxen110s qtxen150 668rp 741brnt 741snnt 741whnt 741whflnt 744nt 744flnt 754rbnt 754snnt 755nt 757snnt 758nt 763rln 769rft 769rl 8663rft 8663rp 8664rp 8673rp hd50lnt hd80lnt qtren080flt qtren110flt qtrn080l qtrn110l qtxen080flt qtxen110flt qtxen110sflt qtxen150flt qtxn110sl 605rp 665rp 9093wh 9412d 9417dn 9422p 9427p 9905 9960 9965 qt9093wh qtxn110hl 686 8210 8310 qt200 qt300 p59w nutone ventilation fans ­ ducting accessories hu100 vs-62wh vs-63wh vs-66wh vs-67wh vs-68wh vs-69wh · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 61w 61v 66w 66v 68w 68v p66w p68w 69wl 69vl 72w 72v 77dw 77dv cfvs-1n dh100w · · · · ventilation fan/lights · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

nutone ventilation fans ­ product specifications bath fans 671r 672r 682nt 695 696n 8814r 8832sa 8832wh qtren080 qtren110 qtrn050 qtrn080 qtrn110 qtxen050 qtxen080 qtxen110 qtxen110s qtxen150 hd50nt hd50rdb hd80nt 80rdb hd80rdb 110rdb page 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 12 13 15 15 15 15 15 15 cfm 90 110 n/a 70 50 110 80 80 80 110 50 80 110 50 80 110 110 150 50 50 80 80 80 110 sones hvi up to certified sq ft 3.0 85 4.0 105 n/a n/a 6.0 65 4.0 45 4.0 105 2.5 75 2.5 75 0.8 75 1.3 105 0.4 45 1.0 75 1.5 105 <0.3 45 0.3 75 0.7 105 0.7 100 1.4 140 1.5 45 1.5 45 2.5 75 2.5 75 2.5 75 4.0 105 energy star no no no no no no no no yes yes no no no yes yes yes yes yes no no no no no no duct size 4 4 n/a 3 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 6 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 housing dimensions l w h 9 81/2 53/4 9 9 53/4 71/8 71/8 33/4 71/2 71/4 35/8 71/2 71/4 35/8 9 9 53/4 81/2 9 4 81/2 9 4 113/8 101/2 75/8 113/8 101/2 75/8 113/8 101/2 75/8 113/8 101/2 75/8 113/8 101/2 75/8 113/8 101/2 75/8 113/8 101/2