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an optical forcefield 01 imagine yourself driving down the highway looking into the setting sun the glaring distracting and potentially harmful light waves from the sun are blasting your eyes now imagine the optical forcefield provided by oakley high definition polarized lenses these lenses let you see things differently better more clearly that s why they re the choice of the world s leading athletes there s endless potential out there you just have to be able to see it 02 unparalleled clarity of oakley high definition optics® hdo® oakley hdpolarized proprietary geometries high performance materials and state-of-the-art design and production techniques allow oakley to create eyewear that maintains optical correction for refractive power optical clarity and prismatic power the result is high definition optics® ­ the best optical performance on the planet maximum protection from harsh glare oakley hdpolarized sunglasses with infusion molding put harsh blinding light in a sleeper hold combine that with oakley s renowned impact protection and 100 blockage of damaging uv rays and what you have is an optical forcefield that shields your eyes from glare and protects them from the elements.