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07 oakley probation tm ® tm probation is our idea of a repeat offender instead of separate lenses it has a single contour of pure plutonite lens material the sculptural frame takes advantage of c-5 a lightweight alloy of five metal compounds probation is engineered for all-day comfort and when the heat is on the unobtainium sleeves on the stems are there to increase grip with moisture ® a c oakley crosshair 2.0 ® a probation $240 matte black black iridium polarized classic meets contemporary in crosshair 2.0 the latest rendition of a lightweight c-5 alloy metal frame that merges classic aviator design with a contemporary lens shape and subtle sculptural details tm ® b probation $240 toast bronze polarized ® ® ® b c probation $170 polished chrome vr28 black iridium a crosshair 2.0 $220 matte black grey polarized a c b crosshair 2.0 $220 polished gold bronze polarized c crosshair 2.0 $220 lead black iridium polarized b 08