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» s pr inga ddi t ion s the scandi sense diet lose weight and keep it off with the life-changing handful method suzy wengel hailed as ‘the simplest diet in the world’ the revolutionary handful method from denmark will help you lose weight without calorie counting exercise or faddish ingredients t h e or igi nalbo ok hass ol d mor ethan 1 3 5,0 0 0 c op iesin de nmarkandhas be entransl at edinto 9 l a nguage s lose weight and keep it off with the grassroots diet sensation that has taken scandinavia by storm the revolutionary handful method that is hailed as ‘the simplest diet in the world’ the scandi sense diet is the intuitive way of eating that helps you to cut calories without counting them and adapts to your life rather than dictating it based on the principle of four handfuls of food per meal – proteins carbohydrates and two of vegetables plus a spoonful of fat – and you decide the ingredients no calorie-counting no hard-to-source

» f ood drink the ritz london the cookbook john williams mbe recipes from the legendary london hotel the ritz london the cookbook features over 100 delicious recipes such as roast scallops bergamot avocado saddle of lamb belle Époque and grand marnier soufflé and is divided into the four seasons spring summer autumn and winter the recipes reflect the glorious opulence and celebratory ambience of the ritz with seasonal dishes of fish shellfish meat poultry and game plus spectacular desserts along with dishes for breakfast tea time – and cocktail hour there are recipes that are simple and others for the more ambitious cook plus helpful tips to guide you at home praise for the ritz london the ritz r e s tau rant wa s h a iled by the sundaytimesas on e of thet op 10 0 a l on d on institut ion s i nc e 1 9 0 6 ‘the dining room has long attracted oldworld grandees and now enjoys a new stream of gastronauts eager to try williams’ “menu surprise”

» f ood drink eat korean f rom thef ou n de r of streetfo od our home cooking street food c om pa n y da-hae west bus a n bb q discover the delights of modern korean cuisine there’s a great buzz around korean food right now and it’s no surprise given the robust addictive flavours of the cuisine with more than 100 recipes this book offers a great introduction making korean cooking easy for any cook from korean store-cupboard essentials and classics such as kimchi japchae stir-fried royal noodles bibimbap korean mixed rice and mandu dumplings through to modern korean recipes including the irresistible bulgogi burger sticky spare ribs and the ultimate korean fried chicken this book is packed with inventive delicious recipes that will open your eyes to how great modern korean food is specification da-hae west was born in busan south korea but raised in england from the age of three her mother continued to cook korean food in england often using ingenious substitutions

» f ood drink the life of tea a journey to the world’s finest teas michael freeman and timothy d’offay documentary photographer michael freeman and tea expert timothy d’offay explore the terroir taste and culture of the world’s favourite drink this journey to the world’s finest teas captured in extraordinary photography brings alive the aroma taste and texture of this drink in all its many nuances and will give connoisseurs and casual readers alike a much deeper understanding of how great tea is created includes sections on botany cultivation processing methods and the impact tea has had and continues to have on culture the life of tea also follows michael and timothy’s travels in china japan india and sri lanka featuring the producers of some of the world’s finest teas and the characteristics that make these teas so sought after this book is the ultimate guide for tea enthusiasts following the journey from plantation to pot

wellness « my pregnancy journal a beautifully packaged interactive journal to help plan and record your pregnancy celebrate the ups and downs of your pregnancy with this interactive journal which invites you to record in detail this most extraordinary period of your life with annotated prompts for you to fill in for each week of your pregnancy storage wallets and sealable envelopes for keeping precious mementos and photo spaces for you to capture the changing shape of your body this journal will be a life-long keepsake  of all your special memories each chapter offers guidance on what to expect notes on your baby’s development during each trimester and reminders on what you need to be planning thinking about and preparing for specification alison mackonochie is the author of emma’s diary the royal college of general practitioners’ award-wining pregnancy guide as well as the practical encyclopedia of pregnancy babycare your baby’s first year

p op ularcu lt u r e reference « she did it anyway a midult manifesto for imperfect women annabel rivkin emilie mcmeekan the first book from the creators of the popular blog and telegraph column the midult ‘a place where we can connect unlock some joy deal with the worry and unlock the shame that mid-life can bring… a wry look at real life real wisdom and real information framed in fun.’ themi du lt ’ stele gr aphc olu mnhasarea de rship of 1.5 mill ion feel that middle-age is a label that doesn’t fit welcome to midulthood a generation-defining tribe where we are not our mothers ‘midulthood is a mood a movement a place where midult women matter where anxiety becomes if not fun then funny can’t face having sex with your husband worried you’re going to lose your house deranged about fertility feel like you’re employed by your life come on in… the water’s lovely.’ she did it anyway offers a wry funny

p op ularcu lt u r e reference « the official guidebook to the rules of golf the r&a the only complete and official guide to the updated rules of golf from the r&a following seven years of consultations the governing bodies of the rules of golf are about to implement the most comprehensive rules changes seen in the game for 37 years in a bid to make the rules more accessible and straightforward the r&a and usga have reworded every rule and made alterations that will affect the way every golfer in the world plays the game – some 60 million people the rules will be reduced from 34 to 24 and some of the changes will create ripples throughout the world of sport they include • reduction of ‘ball moved’ penalties • relaxed putting green rules • relaxed bunker rules • a bigger reliance on a player’s ‘reasonable judgment’ • reduced search times • the abandonment of the ‘furthest from the hole plays

» p op ularcu lt u r e reference cracking neuroscience you this book and the mapping of the mind jon turney know your own mind with cracking neuroscience and get a crash-course in the latest scientific knowledge of the workings of the brain for so long the brain was the great unknown of human biology an evolved complex of cells chemicals and electricity which eluded even the understanding of its own grey matter now in this comprehensive guide the most complicated concepts from across the field of neuroscience – such as memory addiction and mind mapping – are broken down into easily understandable bite-sized pieces to give everyone the chance to understand their own brain includes sections on • the anatomy of the brain • neurons synapses and axons – the building blocks of the brain • differences in male and female development jon turney is a science writer editor and reviewer with over 30 years’ experience he has lectured in

» p op ularcu lt u r e reference daily mail big puzzle collection £6.99 pb 464 pages 198 x 126 mm 200 puzzles the telegraph all new codewords daily mail big puzzle collection 978 0 60062 953 5 £5.99 pb 240 pages 198 x 126 mm 100 puzzles the telegraph all new codewords 1 the telegraph all new codewords 5 978 0 60062 493 6 978 0 60063 015 9 the telegraph all new codewords 2 the telegraph all new codewords 6 978 0 60062 606 0 978 0 60063 116 3 the telegraph all new codewords 4 978 0 60062 936 8 mail on sunday book of super sudoku puzzles £5.99 pb 240 pages 198 x 126 mm 150 puzzles mail on sunday book of super sudoku puzzles 3 the telegraph general knowledge crosswords £5.99 pb 240 pages 198 x 126 mm 60 puzzles 978 0 60062 465 3 mail on sunday book of super sudoku puzzles 6 978 0 60062 611 4 mail on sunday book of super sudoku puzzles 7 the telegraph general knowledge crosswords 1 the telegraph general knowledge crosswords 4 978 0 60062 497 4 978 0 60063 529 1 the

» ilex a rt pho togra ph y h at tieis on e say it with paper of thelea di ng p r ac t i t ion ersinthe wor l d fun papercraft projects to cut fold and create hattie newman discover paper’s true potential with this book full of exciting ideas unlock a new realm of possiblities with paper and discover new paper arts such as pop ups papercuts and 3-d shapes learn how paper can be used to communicate ideas how it can be photographed and lit to great effect and even how it can be animated develop skills in construction tessellation model making and scene creating while also working with scale and moving parts paper has never been more fun and intriguing projects include • animal masks • 3-d pig • lanterns • geometric mobile • paper food • pop-up greetings cards • paper theatre specification august 2018 ilex press £12.99 pb 9781781575314 128 pages 253 x 201mm 16600 words 200 images rights available world and many more hattie newman

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