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frontlist 501 must-take journeys £25.00 hb 9780753732540 384 pages 235 x 190mm 7½ x 9¼ in bounty £9.99 featuring trips through mountains and expeditions through rivers 501 must-take journeys provides stunning photography and practical information to help you find a journey that speaks to your soul from the snowy arctic circle to the heat of the sahara you re sure to get going on an unforgettable journey 501 must-visit wild places £25.00 hb 9780753732557 384 pages 235 x 190mm 7½ x 9¼ in bounty £9.99 from canada’s yukon wilderness to the icy vastness of the antarctic 501 must-visit wild places provides a fascinating overview of some of earth’s wonders alongside many lesserknown marvels whether a keen explorer or simply interested in the wide world this book will tempt your sense of adventure 501 must-drink cocktails £25.00 hb 9780753732700 384 pages 235 x 190mm 7½ x 9¼ in reference cocktails whether served at a party or as a precursor to an

frontlist messages from angels £10.99 pb+flaps 9780753732649 128 pages 210 x 149mm 6 x 8¼ in bounty £4.99 a collection of 50 messages from angels to provide comfort and reassurance to your everyday life everyone needs a helping hand or word of guidance to help navigate their way through life s ups and downs amongst these 50 messages of stories visualisations prayers and meditations you will find will support and motivation for your spiritual journey dream interpretations £10.99 pb+flaps 9780753732663 128 pages 210 x 149mm 6 x 8¼ in bounty £4.99 a collection of 50 dream interpretations to aid understanding of your dream-world from flying through the air to being stuck at traffic lights our dream-world can be puzzling and profound these 50 dream interpretations of symbols and scenarios will provide you with tools to discover their meaning meditations £10.99 pb+flaps 9780753732656 mind body spirit 128 pages 210 x 149mm 6 x 8¼ in bounty £4.99 a collection of 50

frontlist 100 healthy recipes series £9.99 pb previously published 128 pages 210 x 149mm 6 x 8¼ in bounty £4.99 these colourful health books are jam-packed with easy-to-follow recipes expert advice and scientific explanations for why certain ingredients are so good for you discover which foods can soothe your ailments and find a recipe using it – all in one place healing soups recipes 100 healthy delicious recipes for body and mind 100 healthy recipes delicious recipes for body and mind bounty £4.99 warm hearty and healthy soups are the perfect pick-me-up for your body and your soul healing soups is packed full of recipes that flood your body with the key nutrients it needs why not try red lentil soup to boost your immunity or toasted pecan soup to build up your fibre intake this book tells you why certain ingredients are better for you than others and includes tips on nourishment relaxation and emotional wellbeing recipes 100 healthy healing vegetarian recipes 100

frontlist colour learn series £7.99 pb 96 pages 280 x 210mm 8¼ x 11¼ in bounty £3.99 work meets play with this fantastic children s series each book provides a basic introduction to a particular subject and encourages children to interact with the material by colouring it in as they learn colour learn colour learn prehistoric world 9780753732328 prehistoric world prehistoric world millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth today scientists have found fossils as long as 122 feet there is so much to learn about these fantastic creatures and now you can with colour + learn prehistoric world more than 200 fascinating facts colouring t rex had a good sense of smell it could smell a dead animal from miles away its teeth were as sharp as carving knives it had the biggest and strongest jaws of any known dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex about learn aurs s o din men cave hs t mammo ore and m how to say it tie-ran-oh-saw-rus rex the tyrant lizard king is the biggest land

battles of tolkien the dav i d day backlist the battles of tolkien £10.00 flexiback 9780753731093 256 pages _d 192 x 128mm david day an in-depth analysis of the major battles of tolkien s worls from the hobbit to the lord of the rings this work is unofficial and is not authorized by the _d tolkien estate or harpercollins publishers the battle of hornburg david day a an atlas of tolkien arranged in a handy a–z format this book explores and explains the creatures plants events and places that make up these strange and wonderful lands it is essential reading for anyone whoq loves tolkien’s works and wants to learn more avid ay about them d d 9780753729373 256 pages a dictionary of tolkien david day this work is unofficial and is not authorized by the tolkien estate or harpercollins publishers a dictionary of tolkien 9780753728277 272 pages this work is unofficial and is not authorized q david day by the tolkien estate or harpercollins publishers children s full of

backlist speeches that changed the world speeches that changed the world fairy and folk tales of ireland complete irish mythology ireland £16.99 pb heritage of ireland £11.99 pb £11.99 pb 9780753731116 £14.99 hb £15.00 flexiback £16.99 hb 9780753729199 9780753729205 192 pages 9780753729281 9780753730119 9780753727713 416 pages 560 pages 228 x 225mm 160 pages 192 pages 192 pages 210 x 145mm 210 x 145mm bounty £6.99 298 x 222mm 210 x 170mm 210 x 170mm bounty £4.99 bounty £4.99 bounty £7.99 bounty £4.99 what is my dog thinking what is my cat thinking dog training in a weekend shakespeare’s plays £9.99 hb £9.99 hb £12.99 pb 9780753726297 9780753726303 9780753726310 96 pages 96 pages 128 pages 230 x 160mm 230 x 160mm bounty £4.99 bounty £4.99 bounty £7.99 £8.99 hb miller’s antiques and collectables fact book choosing and keeping chickens 9780753724514 £15.00 pb £14.99 hb 208 pages 9780753730362 9780753730263 194 x

backlist bowl food b ow lfood bow l food £16.99 hb 9780753731222 144 pages 249 x 189mm bounty £6.99 o n e bow l r ecipe s to n o u ri sh yo urbo dy bowl food is everything together – a mixture of fresh ingredients combining new tastes and textures it is fun casual and easy and you can be as inventive as you like there is no need to separate your ingredients onto fiddly little plates just combine it all together and find a pretty bowl to serve it up m onkfish sweet potato curry sweet potato contains iron potassium magnesium and vitamin c for increased energy levels serves 4 1 put the lemongrass shallots chilli garlic ginger and oil in a food processor or blender and blend to a smooth paste prep time 15 minutes cooking time 20 minutes 2 lemongrass stalks roughly chopped 2 shallots roughly chopped 1 large red chilli deseeded 1 garlic clove 1.5 cm ¾ inch piece of fresh root ginger peeled and chopped 3 tablespoons groundnut oil 2 heat a saucepan over a medium heat add the

delicious gluten-free food diabetes basics veg out £17.99 pb £17.99 pb £17.99 pb £17.99 pb 9780753730966 9780753730942 9780753730782 9780753731086 240 pages 240 pages 240 pages 240 pages 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 backlist the australian women s weekly bounty £7.99 the family table • a collection of plaut quis as nulpa illate dio voloe soluptam modit • eat clean with superfoods low carb sugar free superfoods express family table £17.99 pb £17.99 pb £17.99 pb £17.99 pb £17.99 pb £17.99 pb 9780753730720 9780753729939 9780753726808 9780753729670 9780753729922 9780753730775 240 pages 240 pages 240 pages 240 pages 240 pages 240 pages 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm 290 x 235mm bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 bounty £7.99 with more than 75 million copies sold the as a nation we are battling an obesity

backlist the calligrapher s colouring book £10.00 pb 9780753731161 96 pages 248 x 248mm bounty £4.99 indulge your creative side in this beautiful book of letters and numbers from illustrator renee chin f day of the dead colouring book day of the dead colouring book day £9.99 pb 9780753730980 96 pages of the 248 x 248mm bounty £4.99 art craft hobbies pastimes dead an adult colouring title taking inspiration from the day of the dead a mexican festival that helps support the spiritual journey of loved ones who have passed on colouring book hamlyn 04/02/2016 15:22 dayofthedeadtxt.indd 4-5 30 03/03/2016

backlist classic works series £14.99 hb with jacket 210 x 145mm rudyard kipling mark twain thomas hardy 9780753728888 robert louis stevenson 9780753728222 9780753728192 864 pages 9780753728208 864 pages 736 pages bounty £7.99 640 pages henry james 9780753728215 charles dickens volume one charles dickens volume two the brontë sisters 864 pages 9780753728154 9780753728161 9780753728147 816 pages 784 pages 750 pages 9780753728185 complete novels complete short stories 864 pages 9780753724774 9780753724767 504 pages 992 pages d h lawrence favourite classics series jungle book alice in wonderland the hound of the baskervilles frankenstein £9.99 hb 9780753729694 9780753729717 198 x 126mm 224 pages 9780753729687 9780753729700 192 pages bounty £4.99 224 pages 208 pages £14.99 hb with jacket 9780753724781 william shakespeare 864 pages 9780753724712 oscar wilde 210 x 145mm bounty £7.99 1024 pages 33 fiction complete illustrated works