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the retronaut guide to keeping pets the past like you wouldn’t believe wolfgang wild the first in a fascinating new series that takes an unconventional look at history millions are addicted to the retronaut blog one of the internet’s leading visual sites which shows you a past you never knew existed here in the first of a new series of books the site’s founder wolfgang wild brings together an astonishing and hitherto untapped collection of photographs from the hidden and forgotten corners of the archives often witty sometimes food for thought and at times even puzzling these images will make you marvel at the way we were the retronaut book of keeping pets is the first book to reveal how among other things people once thought it amusing to picnic with crocodiles and will appeal to anyone who enjoys laughing at cats on the internet wolfgang wild is the creator of retronaut a brand that shows ‘the past like you wouldn’t believe’ in 2014 wild

real life family photography capture love joy through the ages stages amy drucker take beautiful photos of the people who matter most this expertly written book reveals the secrets of successful family photography –without getting technical theoretical or equipment-heavy it covers all the fundamental techniques of composition exposure lighting and focus in an easy to understand way you’ll discover how to get baby portraits that will echo through the decades how to capture the key stepping stones in your children’s lives and learn how successful professionals elicit natural smiles and laughter in group portraits – no awkward family photos here and because every member of the family is important there are tips for great pet photography too specification h 222mm x w 217mm 144 pages paperback approx 15,000 words 250 pictures £12.99 publication july 2016 isbn 978-178157-297-9 • a fresh approach that will appeal to any beginner with a camera •

can i have a kitten colour construct and play with your new furry friend mina braun the cutest-ever activity book for all cat lovers make your own delightful kittens come alive in a variety of fun-packed ways with this lovely collection of constructibles simply colour in punch out fold and glue – no knife or scissors needed kuster and his friends are always getting up to mischief and they have the outfits to match their capers dress up your kittens create some finger puppets and make a cute model of your newest best friend instructions and helpful hints are provided throughout as well as some fun facts about your furry family can i have a kitten yes you can specification h 280mm x w 234mm 60 pages paperback approx 1000 words 100 pictures £9.99 publication august 2016 isbn 978-178157-288-7 • a range of cute projects for different levels of skill from an impressive kitten statue down to adorable and easy-to-make character finger puppets and dress-up dolls • a cool

wedding photography 101 capturing the perfect day with the perfect picture michelle turner a practical and expert guide to taking beautiful and memorable photographs of every couple’s special day long gone are the days of lining people up for predictable and stilted staged group shots – modern couples want photos and photo-books that will reflect their special day in creative and individual ways and allow them to re-experience it through the images in this book successful photographer michelle turner shares the secrets that have propelled her to the top of her game along with inspiring and illuminating images in a candid photojournalistic style you’ll have all the expert guidance you need to capture great images there is a wealth of information on the crucial practicalities of capturing the day from the moment the bride puts on her dream dress to the place settings and the speeches there is also essential advice on starting up and running a wedding photograph

the joy of iphotography take awesome photos on your smartphone jack hollingsworth the expert way to getting the best image from your iphone forget all the tech-talk about workflow and archiving apple have given us a camera that takes care of all this for us so now it’s time to take great photos this book will show you the best ways to approach every possible subject with your iphone offering tips as clear and simple as the iphone’s interface additionally you’ll see some great effects that you won’t find on instagram but which your followers will love specification h 198mm x w 126mm paperback 144 pages approx 15,000 words 150 pictures • beautiful clean and to the point this book will appeal to apple resellers just as much as iphone owners £9.99 publication november 2016 isbn 978 178157-356-3 • a sumptuous giftable product with a high-gloss ‘iphone’ raised from the elegant matt cover • contains a wealth of amazing and

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best seller light shoot 50 fashion photos chris gatcum h 255mm x w 235mm 144 pages paperback with flaps full colour throughout approx 33,000 words 150 pictures £16.99 isbn 978-1-907579-14-1 creative portrait photography natalie dybisz h 255mm x w 235mm 160 pages paperback with flaps full colour throughout approx 60,000 words 300 pictures £17.99 isbn 978-1-907579-90-5 lighting people rossella vanon h 255mm x w 235mm 224 pages paperback with flaps full colour throughout approx 40,000 words 350 pictures £19.99 publication november 2015 isbn 978-1-78157-246-7 shoot sexy ryan armbrust h 255mm x w 235mm 192 pages paperback with flaps full colour throughout approx 40,000 words 400 pictures £17.99 isbn 978-1-908150-33-2 the ilex introduction to photography haje jan kamps h 260mm x w 194mm 176 pages paperback with flaps full colour throughout approx 66,000 words 300 pictures £14.99 isbn 978-1-78157-986-2 the rules of photography and when to break them haje jan kamps h 260mm x w

querkles masterpieces thomas pavitte h 420mm x w 300mm 48 pages paperback full colour throughout approx 500 words 20 pictures £9.99 isbn 978-1-78157-241-2 querkles thomas pavitte h 420mm x w 300mm 48 pages paperback full colour throughout approx 500 words 20 pictures £9.99 isbn 978-1-78157-240-5 the 1000 dot-to-dot book wonders of the world thomas pavitte h 400mm x w 285mm 48 pages paperback full colour throughout approx 700 words 40 pictures £9.99 isbn 978-1-78157-337-2 the 1000 dot-to-dot book animals thomas pavitte h 420mm x w 300mm 48 pages paperback full colour throughout approx 700 words 40 pictures £9.99 isbn 978-1-78157-145-3 1505 2220 700 701 1506 702 819 1285 703 51 697 2222 813 695 2223 814 1531 345 1501 295 760 753 43 910 2215 694 805 1226 901 909 44 283 1529 806 344 1225 1223 2216 815 45 754 902 343 761 282 804 346 752 1528 1222 707 1502 812 1530 759 46 284 807 903 1224 342 341 706 823 55 696 908 294 285 755 904 1278 340 54 339 2217 2221 816 811 47 758 756 757

filmcraft filmcraft fionnuala halligan is a london-based film writer critic and consultant a regular contributor to trade title screen international for two decades she has also worked extensively in asia she attends all the major film festivals as a critic and has served on several juries and selection committees fionnuala has also worked on staff on the south china morning post variety and the hollywood reporter ken adam jim bissell rick carter ken adam john box nathan crowley cinematography mike goodridge tim grierson isbn 978-1-907579-53-0 £19.99 cedric gibbons dante ferretti featuring vittorio storaro michael ballhaus rodrigo prieto dion beebe and ellen kuras jack fisk editing justin chang isbn 978-1-907579-56-1 £19.99 featuring walter murch anne voase coates michael kahn tim squyres and lee smith costume design deborah nadoolman landis isbn 978-1-907579-55-4 £19.99 featuring mark bridges lindy hemming ellen mirojnick michael kaplan and janty yates featuring clint