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general information campuses with three campuses in kitsap and mason counties students have flexibility to take classes where they want and at times that work for their schedules in addition campuses provide on-site services cultural opportunities and student activities that create unique learning environments in addition to its campuses oc also offers classes and additional services at off-site locations as well as distance learning options to help students reach their educational aspirations oc bremerton oc’s largest campus is in bremerton washington and provides students with what is needed to pursue their studies in a resource environment comparable to most colleges and universities the bremerton campus offers a bachelor of science in nursing bsn bachelor of applied science in information systems bas is and bachelor of applied science in organizational leadership and technical management bas oltm an associate in arts degrees aa associate of science degrees as associate

academic information honors designations quarterly designations quarterly honors designations recognize scholastic achievement of oc students students who qualify for quarterly honors will receive a letter of commendation criteria for the awards include • completion of 12 credits at the 100 level or higher during the quarter for which the award is given • the grades for these credits must calculate in the overall gpa • grade point average requirements –– president’s scholars 3.9 4.0 college-level gpa –– dean s scholars 3.5 – 3.89 collegelevel gpa graduation designations the “graduation with honors” designation recognizes those students who have achieved a college-level gpa of 3.9 4.0 president’s scholars or 3.5 dean s scholars president’s scholars with a 4.0 gpa will be awarded the president’s medal president’s scholars may wear a gold honor cord and dean s scholars a silver honor

transfer planning art associate in arts aa fundamental to the development of fine art is the spirit and process of exploration the art curriculum encourages the process of discovery as it applies to perceptual and conceptual issues basic to the creative process the purpose of the integrated transfer curriculum is to provide a catalyst for students to widen their artistic awareness and versatility students who complete the associate in arts degree requirements and include many of the courses listed below will have a firm foundation in the fundamentals of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art which will support the creation of a portfolio students should work closely with an advisor at the baccalaureate institution they plan to transfer to before finalizing their education plan faculty contact weichman marie 360.475.7287 office art 143 mweichman@olympic.edu courses to consider when completing distribution requirements for an aa art 102 art history/ancient—byzantine

degrees and certificates organizational leadership/resource management 105 205 280 physical therapist assistant 204 political science &101 &201 &202 203 235 psychology 102 260 sociology &101 109 125 135 190 &201 230 271 301 319 information literacy technology accounting &201 &202 &203 american culture equity studies 101 102 160 170 american sign language &121 &122 &123 anthropology &204 &205 212 270 325 335, 350 art 117 120 206 225 226 267 268 biology 130 131 132 &160 &260 business &101 &201 215 330 business management 180 185 203 business technology 106 115 116 123 150 155 160 175 220 250 254 255 260 275 280 chemistry &241 &242 &243 &251 &252, &253 communication studies &101 &102 105 125 &210 &220 225 242 250 253 263 273 computer information systems 110 111 115 170 190 270 271 272 273 criminal justice 100 &101 &105 &106 &110 culinary arts 128 132 200 210 220 digital media arts 120 130 136 220 230 dramatic arts &101 201 245 246 247 248 253 281 285 286 287 early childhood

degrees and certificates a department or organizational unit with value-added knowledge skills and abilities related to communicating a well-conveyed message using digital media specifically via the web this program offers pathways into the computer information systems cis associate of applied science-transfer degree program outcomes upon completion of this program successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways 1 discuss and evaluate digital images using current photographic vocabulary 2 demonstrate ability to choose proper digital photography equipment for specific photographic requirements and situations 3 acquire and show advanced working knowledge of the general types of digital image manipulation software programs color calibration techniques and problem solving of print and digital photo correction situations 4 demonstrate advanced knowledge of various applications digital workflow color management and uses for

degrees and certificates option 7b heavy mobile equipment electrician option 7c high voltage electrician option 7d temporary services electrician option 7e electronics mechanic option 8 marine machinery mechanic option 8a heavy mobile equipment mechanic option 9 marine pipefitter option 9a temporary services pipefitter option 9b utilities service repair operator option 10 shipfitter option 10a sheetmetal mechanic option 10b temporary ventilation mechanic option 12 non-destructive test examiner option 13 weldor option 14 machinist option 14a production machinery mechanic option 14b toolmaker option 15 production machinery electrician option 16 electronic industrial controls mechanic program outcomes upon completion of this program successful students will 1 possess the basic skills to operate comfortably and effectively in an industrial work setting 2 apply critical thinking and technical abilities to resolve industrial and personnel problems 3 participate effectively as a team member

degrees and certificates 4 work as a team member involving multiple disciplines and responsibilities 5 use cad software to computer model mechanical components and produce a physical prototype of that model 6 analyze test and correct computer models and prototypes as required for function precision and tolerance 7 assist an engineer in the complete design process and therefore know that process required courses olrm tec-d tec-d tec-d tec-d tec-d tec-d tec-d tec-d 220 107 112 130 145 175 200 217 221 credits human relations in the workplace technical drawing blueprint reading construction materials and methods applied problem solving introduction to solid edge computer-aided design i computer-aided design ii 2d production drawing total credits required 3 4 4 3 5 4 4 4 4 35 technical design certificate of recognition this certificate includes an introduction to the core skills necessary for those wishing to advance an existing technical career with basic graphic communication

course descriptions course notes h=humanities h/sp=humanities/skills performance ns=natural science ss=social science cos 153– cosmetology lab clinic iii cr 13 wkly hrs 26 hours lab students perform salon services with supervision gaining hands on practical experience working in a training salon environment using knowledge and skills achieved from related instruction prerequisite cos 152 cos 181– esthetics lab clinic i cr 6 wkly hrs 12 hours lab students perform esthetic services with supervision gaining hands on practical experience working in a training spa environment using knowledge and skills achieved from related instruction cos 225– advanced hair coloring cr 2 wkly hrs 2 hours lecture color correction and advanced hair color methods to expand skill level and ability to combine multiple hair color applications prerequisite concurrent enrollment in cos 105 and cos 115 cos 154– cosmetology lab clinic iv cr 13 wkly hrs 26 hours lab students perform salon

course notes h=humanities h/sp=humanities/skills performance ns=natural science ss=social science math 098– elem/intermediate algebra for libarts cr 5 wkly hrs 5 hours lecture beginning and intermediate algebra for math in society algebraic expressions rational and negative exponents radical and rational expressions and equations linear and quadratic equations graphs and applications prerequisite math 090b within the last 6 years with a grade of 2.0 or above or satisfactory placement test score math 098i– integrated inter algebra for math&107 cr 3 wkly hrs 3 hours lecture part of imath course offering only algebraic expressions rational and negative exponents radical and rational expressions and equations linear and quadratic equations graphs and application prerequisite math 094 with a grade of 2.0 or above within the last 2 years or satisfactory placement test score math 099– intermediate algebra cr 5 wkly hrs 5 hours lecture second course in the sequence

faculty and administrators faculty and administrators oc employees a diverse group of faculty and administrators who are highly qualified and committed to the success of our students abbay mara l information technology operations manager a.t.a olympic college abel robert w applied physics/mathematics b.a b.s m.s university of washington m.s ph.d university of california los angeles adams bonnie l organizational leadership resource management d.b.a argosy university adams-nowlin sarah c english b.a m.a university of wisconsin ash kyoung h vice president administrative services ph.d colorado state university babbo gerianne m associate dean nursing diploma in nursing st vincent’s college of nursing b.s.n m.n university of washington babbo john m counseling b.a m.ed long beach state university baldwin theodore c chemistry b.s george fox university m.s university of arizona barbosa faviola g associate dean student leadership success bartlett lyndon r physical

index h nutrition 129 harassment/discrimination complaint policy 146-147 head start 30 high school completion/adults 8 43 history program 38-39 courses 116-117 homeland security/emergency management program 75-77 courses 117-118 honors designations 19 hospitality management courses 118 human services program 39 77 courses 118 substance abuse courses 118-119 humanities courses 119 o i independent study 95 industrial trades program 77-78 information systems courses 119-120 information technology computer lab locations 26 computer use 147 helpdesk 26 privacy statement 147 procedures/policies 146-148 intensive english courses 120-121 international students 7-8 26 integrated multimedia see digital media arts j japanese courses 121 k korean courses 121 l legal office professional program 58 libraries oc campuses 27-28 library research course 121 m manufacturing technology program 76-78 courses 121-122 marine science/oceanography 39 mathematics program 39 courses 122-124 medical