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texture tips texture texture is a truly exciting way to introduce depth and interest to any room especially the kitchen it’s all about layering complementing and using similar colours and tones whilst also playing with the textures to give a timeless and elegant feeling to your design texture can be used to create different shades of the same colour – useful when creating a monochromatic scheme understand how light will interact with any proposed textures before committing them to the scheme make sure you test this at different times of the day with both rexyveperhevxm½gmeppmklx always consider how texture impacts on your chosen colour scheme when using textures remember that how they feel as well as how they look is very important from multi-layered high gloss lacquered doors and gsqtpiqirxmrkwmpo]wexmrtemrxih½rmwliwxsgsphiv contemporary stone worktops or a warmer wooden breakfast bar it’s important to think of your kitchen hiwmkrewe[lspixeomrkmrxsgsrwmhivexmsr¾ssvmrk splashbacks and even the appliances using contrasting textures can add great depth and interest to any kitchen making even the simplest designs striking george clarke architect writer lecturer and tv presenter 48 49