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erkitchens.co.uk 3 a kitchen range that’s made for you contents welcome to the english rose brochure i’m really excited to introduce their latest range of stunning flexibly designed kitchens and give you a quick outline of the useful information you’ll find across these pages introducing english rose one of the main things to think about when choosing a kitchen is how you and your family will use the space you want the design to complement your lifestyle as well as your tastes i’ll be popping up now and then with a few suggestions to help you plan a kitchen that works for you and if it’s inspiration you’re after you’ll find loads of ideas from the latest colour schemes finishes and textures to must-have design features ingenious storage solutions and those all-important finishing touches if the whole thing seems a little daunting don’t worry on page 6 you’ll find a handy step-by-step guide to buying a kitchen to help make the process easier and give you more confidence in the choices you make erkitchens.co.uk visit our website for more information inspiration and videos with advice on how to create your perfect kitchen with an amazing range of styles options and accessories i’m certain you’ll find an english rose kitchen that suits you and your way of living so take your time enjoy the brochure and have fun planning your dream kitchen george clarke architect writer lecturer and tv presenter 4 ideas advice the right way to buy a kitchen 6 reasons to choose english rose 8 the kitchens our modern range 10 our shaker range 64 our traditional range 96 features accessories door collection 129 colour options 132 handles 134 going handle-less 136 design features 138 storage solutions 140 cabinet specification 142 functional accessories 146 lighting shelving 148 sinks taps 150 worktops 152