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erkitchens.co.uk 67 a lit tle inspir ation sitting pretty a when getting together with family and friends to enjoy good times and good food there’s no better place to do it than around the kitchen table as the true heart of the british home it’s worth investing some additional time and money to find a table and set of chairs that will complement your kitchen design beautifully and create a stylish and welcoming focal point choosing an english rose shaker kitchen is only part of the fun here’s a few suggestions to help you enhance and personalise your design ahead of the curve cutting corners isn’t always a bad thing in fact when you’re planning out a kitchen it can be a beautiful thing having a few curves in the right places can create a very elegant and contemporary look and on a purely practical level curvaceous cupboards and worktops can also help free up some valuable space in your kitchen and make it that little bit easier to move around shaker b c the art of kitchen design who says you can’t hang big and bold artwork in your kitchen it’s a fantastic way to add atmosphere and individuality to the room colourful food and drink-related prints work really well and there are thousands of stunning designs out there to choose from or why not be really brave and choose something a little more avant-garde it’s sure to get your guests talking where to buy a home candy welcome to the zoo print £45 b amara pop chart lab the cartography of kitchenware print £24 c amara pop chart lab the cocktail chart of film literature print £20 d furniture village eco dining set £1,435 all product information and pricing is correct at time of print copyright of all images is held by the manufacturers and suppliers of products d.