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erkitchens.co.uk 141 english rose kitchens include great design ideas not just on the outside but on the inside too everything in its perfect place everything within reach easy to use and enjoy the fittings inside the kitchen units have a lot to say about whether you’re going to enjoy cooking or not if you have fast direct and easy access to all the contents of all the kitchen units then kitchen work becomes smooth efficient and far more enjoyable this is ultra-important for corner units which offer a lot of space but are often very difficult to access one brilliant solution to this problem is the lemans swing-out corner unit fitting from kesseböhmer a light touch swings the lemans trays out of the corner individually until they come to a stop with the contents right out in front of the unit you can check the whole contents at a glance and easily reach any item you want kesseböhmer storage solutions provide stylish practical and functional solutions meaning better organised and easier to access storage space • ‘softstop’ soft-close action is available on pull-out base units and larder units incorporating kesseböhmer storage solutions in addition to brilliant functionality kesseböhmer storage solutions stand for exclusive design and a high quality finish internal cabinet space is used more efficiently than conventional systems helping you get the most out of your english rose kitchen kesseböhmer stands for unparalleled user comfort and for a level of quality that sets standards worldwide • greater load-bearing capacity than conventional systems • solid bottom shelves available • greater level of usable space due to square edges on baskets • unique lemans corner storage solution – red dot design winner – providing full access to corner unit storage 1 pull-out larder storage 2 tandem larder storage 3 carousel unit 4 breakfront pull-out storage le mans pull-out corner storage you’ll certainly enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the lemans fitting and the elegant movement sequence the fluid sequence of movements is precisely defined and controlled by the fitting technology it combines two types of movement – turning and swinging the trays glide right out of the unit and back again in a series of supremely light and easy movements the shape of the trays have been optimised to blend light and easy movements with a maximum amount of storage area the flowing asymmetrical curves make people think of the well-known race track in france – hence the name 3 each lemans shelf can be moved independently from each other enabling easy access and can take a load bearing of up to 20kg experience the design every time you reach for a pot or pan the lemans design was awarded the red dot design award for outstanding design achievements 1 2 4 accessories easily loaded from the top lemans is the only corner cabinet solution to combine an extremely high degree of space utilisation with perfect overview with the shelves swinging completely out of the cabinet not only will all pots and pans find their place – but every one of them can be reached easily.