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erkitchens.co.uk 3 contents designed to endure introducing english rose 2 ideas advice designed for living i’m delighted to be introducing the english rose collection as well as giving you a few suggestions and ideas along the way so that you can create the perfect kitchen for you when choosing a kitchen it’s really important to consider the quality of the construction very often people get distracted by the style and overall design of the kitchen but it’s the build quality of the cabinets that forms the foundation of your kitchen without durability it won’t stand up to the rigours of modern life 6 texture inspiration 34 accents patterns inspiration 74 our shaker range 8 our modern range 36 our traditional range 76 options accessories door collection 92 colour palette 96 visualise your english rose kitchen and if you need a little more peace of mind turn to sdjhzkhuh rxoooƬqgdxvhixojxlghwrex lqj a new kitchen this handy section will help make the process as straightforward as possible george clarke architect writer lecturer and tv presenter 5 colour inspiration the kitchens english rose kitchens are built to last the cabinets are constructed using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the very latest manufacturing techniques that’s why every kitchen is guaranteed for 10 years with so many fantastic styles accessories and lghdvdfurvvwkhiroorzlqjsdjhv,opfrqƬghqw you’ll have no problem creating the kitchen you’ve always wanted 4 a very british kitchen handle options erkitchens.co.uk visit our website for more information inspiration and videos with advice on how to create your perfect kitchen 99 100 handle-less kitchens 102 $bcjofu4qfdjĂdbujpo  make the space work for you 106 utilising your space 108 grass drawer systems 110 storage solutions 112 a place for everything 114 lighting shelving 116 sinks taps 118 worktops 120 the right way to buy a kitchen 122 more than just a kitchen 124 index and faqs 126 proudly made in britain 127