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erkitchens.co.uk 5 de signed for living at english rose we do more than just make beautiful kitchens we create beautifully practical spaces that serve as the perfect focal point for the modern british home the kitchen is no longer just a room for cooking in it’s a multi-functional space that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family all of our english rose kitchens are designed with modern life in mind helping to restore a sense of dbmn sfăfdujohzpvsqfstpobmjuzboeusbotgpsnjoh the way you live because every family is unique there’s no such thing as a uzqjdbm&ohmjti3ptf,judifoouijtcspdivsfzpvŠmmĂoebo extensive range of styles from traditional to modern to everything in-between what’s more we’ve made sure every ljudifoibtuifăfyjcjmjuzupcfdvtupnjtfeuptvjuzpvspxo particular tastes :pvŠmmĂoebojotqjsbujpobmdipjdfpgdpmpvst Ăojtift xpslupqt  sinks taps and accessories that allow you to create a kitchen that’s as individual as you are and because we insist on using only the best quality materials and craftsmanship you can be sure that whichever kitchen you choose it will look beautiful for many years to come a very british kitchen at english rose we’re very proud of our british heritage not to mention our reputation for designing and manufacturing an outstanding range of durable high-quality kitchens all of which are made using the latest manufacturing techniques at our modern purpose-built factory in yorkshire but being british isn’t just about geography it’s about ibwjohbgpsxbseuijoljohbuujuvefboebobuvsbmăbjsgps ingenuity good british design has always set the trends and pushed the boundaries which is something we strive to do with every kitchen we create wherever we can we use british components in our english rose kitchens but to help ensure we maintain the highest possible standards we also source materials from around the world these are then combined and assembled in the uk to produce a superior quality kitchen backed by unrivalled customer service.